I’m a big fan of gummy bears and other chewy, gummy candies (sssh, don’t tell my dentist). The trouble is, a lot of them have about a million calories so treating myself to a bag derails any success I’ve had eating healthy for the day.

Pink Panda also has a deep love of gummy candies and they’ve created a low-calorie gummy that actually tastes just as delicious as anything you’d find in the candy aisle. They offer fruit flavors in Gummy Bears, Treasure Chews (gem-shaped), and Astro Blasters (sour). I got some to try out. They were out of Gummy Bears so I didn’t get a chance to try those, but I loved the Treasure Chews. The chewy consistency was spot on, and the fruit flavor was delicious. The Astro Blasters were way too sour for me, I thought my eyes were going to pop right out of my head, so I had my son try them because he was laughing at me.  He thought the lemon was extremely sour but tasted like a real lemon and not artificial lemon extract, and liked all the flavors, so maybe I’m just not the target audience for sours.

All Pink Panda products contain only 3 grams of sugar and 90 calories for a 1.8 ounce bag.  That’s the whole bag, not just a portion of it!  Pink Panda retails for $29.99 for 12 bags, and you do have to order from their website because they aren’t available in stores at this time.  Pink Panda gummies are vegan, kosher, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Find out more and order products at www.pinkpandacandy.com

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