Since our launch, Sweatpants & Coffee has had the pleasure of working with some fantastic authors who have given us their words, knowledge, experience, and red pens.

Back in 2013, author and humorist Jon Ziegler tried to convince us he wasn’t a writer when he shared his first book with us, The How NOT To Guide To Parenting And Marriage by Jon Ziegler. Since then, he’s written another book and written several essays for us. He’s an honorary Sweatpants & Coffee staff member and is most definitely a writer.

Jon’s Books | Jon’s Essays

Author Kelly Wilson is part of our tribe. She writes with the perfect balance of hope and humor while tackling the toughest topics. Staff writer Rachel Drummond reviewed her novel Caskets From Costco and found it healing: “Reading Kelly’s funny and moving book gave me something that I desperately needed: a voice that reminded me it was okay to feel the way I was a feeling, a voice that showed me there was a way out of this depression, a voice that, in its own hilarious way, said, ‘Me, too.'”

Kelly’s Books | Kelly’s Essays | Kelly’s Website

Freelance writer, author, and friend Jordan Rosenfeld has been part of Team Sweatpants & Coffee from the start. She’s contributed her own columns, The Persistent Optimist and Creativity Break with author Rebecca Lawton, in addition to helping edit and curate other content. Jordan is the author several books including Write Free and Women in Red both of which are staff favorites.

Jordan’s Books | Jordan’s Articles | Jordan’s Website

Julia Park Tracey is a fantastic editor, writer and poet laureate who helped us grow. She’s published several novels including The Doris Diaries and Veronika Layne Has a Nose for News which inspired its own special S&C cocktail, The Veronika.

Julia’s Books | Julia’s Articles | Julia’s Website

 Do yourself a favor and check out the works of the Real Authors of Sweatpants & Coffee!


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