I’m a huge fan of the alpha male tale— when the hero of the story takes charge and is not afraid to break a few (or many) rules to get the girl and the job done. In a hot cocktail read, an alpha male is sometimes a must. Or a lust. Whichever you prefer.

BeastAn alpha male doesn’t have to be perfect— in fact, we like him more if he’s flawed and vulnerable at just the right moments. A few hot cocktail reads that have been on my radar these last few months star an alpha male who chases after the girl he most definitely should not have. But we want him to have her… oh, yes, we do.

One of my choices is actually a series of novellas which make up a complete story. My second choice is a pair of novels that could stand alone, but tells two parts of a story.

The Beast Series

Beast by Ella James is a four novella set that centers around former movie star turned convicted murderer Cal Hammond. Once a spoiled pretty boy, Cal is sent to prison for killing his girlfriend and two friends, and turns into a true alpha male running La Rosa Prison where he is simply known as “Beast.”

When the warden’s daughter, Annabelle, who once had a serious crush on movie star Cal, arrives to see her father, she is captured by the Beast shortly before a prison riot. Of course, they fall in love and if you fall down the rabbit hole reading the first short book, you’ll download the next three books to find out how the Beast and his ‘Belle end up.Beast2

Fair warning: these are billed as “Erotic Fairy Tales” and are not for anyone who likes realistic fiction. You will have to throw your suspension of disbelief off a cliff in order to just sit back and enjoy the deliciously tawdry ride. I read this series curled up on my couch shortly before Christmas, not worrying about work or my laundry or how much winter weight I was putting on. If you want to completely run away from reality— wrap yourself around Beast and see what trouble you can get into.

The first book in the series is free, so if it’s not your cup of tea— you can just move on to my next suggestion— he’s a Monster, but don’t be scared, he’ll hold you as you shiver.

The Monster in His Eyes Series

Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower is a two novel set that will pull you into the life of Ignazio Vitale, an alpha male who you won’t want to fall in love with, but you will. This series will keep you guessing as you try to unravel the mystery surrounding Ignazio and the heroine of the series, Karissa Reed.


She is equally strong and smart, and well matched for Ignazio. In the first book we learn about her past and how it is surprisingly tied to Naz.

Yes, even his nickname is hot.

You will have to read the second book in the series, Torture to her Soul, because unlike Monster, which is told from Karissa’s point of view, Torture is in Naz’s voice. After reading the first book and learning their story, the second book is a dream being in Naz’s head and getting to know how he thinks and what he really feels about Karissa. If you enjoy psychological dramas like the Consequences or the Crossfire series, you will love the Monster in His Eyes series.

If nothing else it’s a delicious escape as well as a fun excuse to enjoy just one more cocktail— because you know you want one. After reading about either of these alpha males, you’ll need one to cool off.

Recommended cocktail pairing: Hard Ginger Sweet Tea. Click here for recipe.

Hard Ginger Sweet Tea

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