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Hot Cocktail Reads | Veronika Layne Gets The Scoop by Julia Park Tracey



There’s nothing I love more than an unapologetic, delicious chick lit novel with a sassy heroine, well-developed characters, and a compelling story. Oh, and hot sex. Veronika Layne more than meets these expectations. Julia Park Tracey knows how to give good fluff. You won’t be disappointed.

Veronika, an intrepid reporter for a local newspaper, is basically who I thought I’d grow up to be, except I’d have been in New York, not the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s witty, sharp-tongued, tenacious, and under that tatted up, pierced exterior beats a heart of gold. When a larger syndicate buys out the small town paper she works for, she finds herself reporting on pets and seniors instead of big news. However, when she discovers that a new development is going up over an ancient Native American burial site, she refuses to let the story go. Go, Ronnie! (Sorry, she hates that nickname).

This is a fast, enjoyable read with a plot that keeps you engaged and a main character you find yourself rooting for all the way. Plus, did I mention the hot sex? Veronika Layne Gets The Scoop is a perfect guiltless pleasure Hot Cocktail Read. Pour yourself a signature Veronika Cocktail and enjoy.

WP_The Veronika Cocktail

The Veronika

  • 1 oz. cherry brandy
  • ½ oz. light rum
  • 4 oz. cola

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Serve over ice. Cheers!

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