If you’ve made it to the end of another week of chaos, struggle and general WTF-ery, we salute you. From the couch. With our glass of wine. However you choose to spend your Friday night, we hope you enjoy it.

1. That feeling when you realize the weekend is almost here

Red Bull racing on sand dunes

2. On the inside, you feel like this

George Michael sassy

3. You and your friends just want to celebrate making it through

Womens soccer team hugging

4. And when the day is done, you feel sweet, sweet relief


5. Because now you can take a breath

Cat on the couch sighing

6. And finally RELAX

couch potato

7. Junk food for dinner? Why not!

New Girl Schmidt eating pizza

8. Maybe some delicious beverages with friends

Girls night in

9. Or just some quality alone time

Daria cardboard box

10. It’s your Friday night and you can rock it out however you like



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