Do you pride yourself on being able to play the theme to “The Love Boat” on the oboe? Are you interested in painting a portrait of your family pet using only M&Ms? Does the idea of asking a total stranger to hug you while wearing a Boba Fett costume sound like a dream come true? Then Sweatpants & Coffee needs YOU! We are looking for people who have no fear, no hesitation, and yes, sometimes no pride, to join our team for GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen! You’ll partner with us and our international play-to-win team members beginning on August 11th. Our goal? To collect as many of the hundreds of items and complete as many of the hundreds of actions that Supernatural’s Misha Collins has deemed the most worthy of your time. You might be asked to donate clothes to a homeless shelter. You might be asked to wear a skirt made only of beef jerky. No matter what you’re asked to do, we promise: it will be an adventure like you have never had before.

How can you join? Easy. Make a short video of yourself telling us why you’d be a good team member. Share your favorite party trick, or show us your weirdest collection. Help us understand why we need you. (We’re talking a you-in-your-bathroom-using-a-smartphone type video, though if you are able to recruit Michael Bay and show us some CGI explosions that would be pretty bad-ass–and please save that favor for the hunt. We just might need it.)

Send your video to us at Sweatpants & Coffee by August 4th so we can see if you are just the kind of crazy we’re looking for. And who knows? If we win, YOU can join us and Misha and his team in Vancouver, CA for a seance and a “special Viking-related surprise” (admit it–you’re dying of curiosity about that one, too.)

Help us break another Guinness Book World Record. Raise awareness for Misha’s charity, Random Acts. Be a part of something wacky, wonderful and one of a kind. Send us your video, and join our GISHWHES team!

Submit your video on Instagram and be sure to tag it with #SweatpantsandCoffee! 


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