One of my constant challenges, and by challenge I mean “thing that is an incessant pain in my ass because I keep having to relearn this lesson,” is letting go. I am not a let go kind of person. I am a hold onto things kind of person. I keep stuff. Clothes that no longer fit or are unsuitable for wearing if you are not in a nightclub from the 90s. Cables that belong to devices I no longer own. Regrets for stupid things I did when I was a child. I keep all of it.

However, as anyone who has a closet knows, it is impractical to go through life hanging on to everything. You run out of space in your head and your heart and your dresser drawers. You can’t think properly or find what you really need when you really need it. You are oppressed by clutter, both literal and figurative. I know this, and yet I am overwhelmed at the thought of saying goodbye to these cumbersome yet familiar burdens. I need incentive.

As it turns out, Disney show tunes and booze work pretty well for me, in terms of motivation. Thus was the Let It Go Cocktail born. Are you tired of that song? Bite me. Let go of your world-weary preconceptions and judgments and just enjoy. LET IT GOOOOOOOO . . .

Let It Go Cocktail recipe

1 oz. Godiva white chocolate liqueur
½ oz. Blue Curacao
½ oz. light rum
½ tsp. sugar (optional, for rimming the glass)

Combine liqueurs. Pour into glass rimmed with sugar. Set on counter. Go to your closet and dump everything you haven’t worn in the last year into a large bag. Designate for donation to your nearest charitable organization. Reward yourself with cocktail and dance party.


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