Your Greatness

Photo Credit: Keith Fujita

Did anyone ever tell you that you’re a revolution?
 That you are the answer to many of those questions you’ve been asking? That you are what you’ve been seeking?

Did you know that how you interact in the world around you makes a difference?

It’s true. You matter. You’re one of billions of people creating the world we live in, every, single day.

And because of this undeniable fact, you are immeasurably powerful. Oh, and your well being? Well, that matters – it really, really matters.

Nothing is more critical than the way we are within ourselves, because nothing affects our world more than the way we come to the table: how we interact, how we come alive or choose to dull our shine.

There are more than seven billion people on this planet. Can you imagine that? Seven billion bodies, personalities, and spirits walking around this earth, interacting, moving, gliding through personal dramas and triumphs, grief and great joy – and no one, not a single one of them is just like you.

Once you know this uniqueness, this rarity of who you are, how could you not want to cultivate, grow, and experience the entirety of who you are and reflect that back out into the world? The truest, fullest expression of you?

Looking to the outside world or external things to make you happy is kind of like depending on the weather. You could dress for a sunny day and get pummeled by the rain. But if you build yourself up from the inside out, whether by taking a break when you have too much on your plate or eating healthy food and getting fresh air and movement, you will feel different and be much more prepared for the storms of life.

As we perfect the latest technology and track ourselves like science experiments with calorie counters and mirrors that almost never reflect back to us what we see in the media, we must ask ourselves if the answer is much, much simpler. When you’re tired, take a break. No one is going to penalize you for lying face down on the couch for 15 minutes, or sneaking in a 10 minute walk around the block, filling your lungs with fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun.

The answers to resetting and rebalancing are all around us. And they often don’t cost a thing. When your computer is acting up or your TV’s not working, what do you do? You shut it down for a few minutes. You give it a rest. So why would you not do the same for yourself? Doing is not always the answer. But being . . . practicing just breathing and being can change your entire perspective and the course of your day.

It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being well. That could mean a green smoothie for breakfast and a delicious steak and wine at dinner. It’s about moderation, balance, and knowing what’s right for you.

Whether you’re religious or an atheist, if you know in your heart that there’s something more to this life than skin and bones, then you know there’s something living and breathing inside you, the temple well of your body, that expresses itself to the outside world all the time.

A funny thing happens when you honor that place inside you, that uniqueness that only you hold and can offer the world – you go from just surviving to thriving. And it doesn’t have to be this perfect kind of life. Because the big secret is – there is no such thing as perfect.

The idea is to be proactive with your health and well being not reactive. If stress accounts for such a large percentage of illness, it means you can actively prevent, reduce and manage it. You can shape and nourish your overall health with decisions you make at any given moment of any given day.

It means that if your physical health goes, you can continue to build up your mental, emotional and spiritual strength with positive results for your physical body. And vice versa. Science has proven that these elements of your body, of your well being are all interrelated.

And the magical part? The really, really cool part? Somehow when you do what lights up your being, what truly makes you smile, no matter how small, this thriving  not only helps you to survive what life throws at you . . . but it also helps you to actually come alive.

It’s vital for this world that you come alive because you are the only one of your kind.

Living bright means to shine from the inside out. To live from a place deep inside you that honors your true spirit and authentic self.

It’s filling yourself up so you can better give to others.

You're a revolution

Photo Credit: Keith Fujita

I truly believe that taking care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually is a revolutionary act. Gandhi knew this when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

The more we take full ownership and responsibility for our well being and happiness the more we reflect that well being, love, compassion, and kindness out into the world.

Everything you need is already inside you, you just need to shine some light on it, live well, and do what you can right now to let your best and most authentic self out into the world.

Let your life be your message.

Shake the Dust
“Do not let a moment go by that doesn’t remind you that your heart, it beats 900 times every single day and that there are enough gallons of blood to make every one of you oceans.” — Anja Mojgani

Living Bright is inspiration to see life a little bit differently. Whether it’s finding out why yoga isn’t just for hippies or exploring the benefits of chocolate cake and music therapy. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring and fitness doesn’t require a gym membership.



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