In a changing world, full of uncertainty, it’s easy to feel lost and disconnected. Many Americans are feeling that in the wake of our recent election, just as surely as others are celebrating. Whatever your beliefs or political leanings, it is unlikely that you were left unscathed by this extremely divisive election cycle. Musician, singer, and songwriter Shannon Curtis decided to do something.


Thus, the Roaring Flame video project was born on social media. Shannon, an independent artist known for her best-selling House Concert Book, thrives on an intimate relationship with her fans. She and her husband, Jamie Hill, regularly engage in cozy evening live broadcasts from their Facebook page, frequently greeting regular viewers by name and letting them know what is going on in their world, whether it be an upcoming backyard concert or a decadent dessert the two recently discovered. It’s about connection as much as music.

In an effort to channel her worry over what might be in store, Shannon focused on what she could do. What action could she take? The answer came in the form of song and community. On Saturday, Nov. 12, she and Jamie put out a call on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in a video collaboration. She’d written “Roaring Flame” earlier in 2016, and the lyrics and sentiment seemed to fit perfectly with current events.

Roaring Flame
by Shannon Curtis

So the world’s on fire
But still here we are
Holding open hearts
To the roaring flame
Burning hot and higher
This is who we are
We are open hearts
We’re a roaring flame

No more waiting
For something to happen
We are making it every day
No more praying
For something to save us
We are burning to light the way

So the waters rise
Grieving mothers cry
We do not stand by
Drowning in our fate
Take your one hot life
Make it burn so bright
Fire with fire we fight
We’re a roaring flame

So the world’s on fire
But still here we are
Holding open hearts
To the roaring flame

Words and music by Shannon Curtis
Published by Shannon K (ASCAP)
all rights reserved; lyrics reprinted by permission

Would people be willing to send in pictures of themselves holding up signs showing what they would be doing to move forward? The responses poured in, and by Tuesday, the video was live. In it, you’ll see the faces of people from across the country, from all walks of life.

Shannon wrote:”In 48 hours over this past weekend, our community rallied in force to contribute their voices to this video project. Their contributions are their commitments to specific action toward living their hearts out loud. So, our question for you is …What will you do? Please share this video with people you know who need encouragement that we are a brighter, hotter, higher flame.”

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