The comforting combination of warm butter, fresh bread, and peppery cinnamon is a smell – and taste – like no other. We’ve rounded up eight recipes that take the iconic cinnamon bun flavor into other dishes. Think cinnamon bun cookies, cinnamon bun cheesecake truffles, cinnamon bun ice cream (are you drooling yet?) and even a vegan cinnamon bun cauliflower smoothie.

1. Cinnamon Bun Cookies from Wanna Come With

From the website: “Prior to adding the glaze, the cookie has a more subtle flavor. It’s okay, but in my opinion, the glaze adds a touch of extra sweetness that the cookie needs. It doesn’t overpower the cinnamon, but makes the cookie taste more like its namesake. The cookie has a bit of crunch, but is overall soft and tender. One of my coworkers declared this cookie “life-changing.”

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2. Vegan Cinnamon Bun Cauliflower Smoothie from Healthy Girl Kitchen

From the website: “This new recipe for my cinnamon bun cauliflower smoothie is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Before you judge, I want you to know that I was skeptical at first too. Cauliflower in a smoothie that actually tastes good?! . . . YES WAY.”

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3. Cinnamon Bun Apple Pie  from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

From the website: “This amazing Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie is absolutely the perfect recipe to share with your friends and family. This recipe is gonna be an incredible addition to any night dessert or any occasion where you need a dessert to blow away the competition with the amazing apple pie flavor topped with delicious cinnamon rolls on top.”

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4. Cinnamon Roll Cake from Eating on a Dime

From the website: “Whether you are making it for brunch, or for Sunday breakfast, your family is going to fall in love. I know mine did! My family loved it so much they ask for it on a regular basis!”

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5. Cinnamon Bun Cheesecake Truffles from Unusually Lovely

From the website: “The flavors melt together into a sweet, creamy cheesecakey center that can be liken to truffles purchased at a fancy candy shop. All from your own kitchen with no baking and minimal effort. ”

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6. Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream from Away From the Box

From the website: “This recipe is literally a cinnamon bun in a bowl, and borne from my love of cinnamon ice cream. My local grocery store has an “artisanal” brand, which carries a fantastic cinnamon flavor. But at $5 a pint, I’m gonna have to pass. Hard pass. My recipe is better AND cheaper.”

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7. Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal from Choosing Chia

From the website: “This Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal is filled with warming cinnamon spices and baked to fluffy perfection. It’s like enjoying a cross between a cozy bowl of oatmeal and a cinnamon roll for breakfast, all while gluten-free and naturally healthy!.”

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8. Cinnamon Bun Pancakes from Real Mom Kitchen

From the website: “Now these cinnamon bun pancakes with Maple Butter Icing are not your ordinary pancake recipe. This is a pancake recipe that brings you the flavors of a cinnamon roll.”

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Kirsten Clark is a high school English and Social Studies teacher, a reader, a runner, a writer, a lover of good food, and most importantly, a new mom. Kirsten lives in Vermilion, Alberta with her husband, and since welcoming a baby boy last December, she is embracing the new adventure of motherhood with all of its ups and downs. She occasionally blogs at, and posts regularly on Instagram @kirstenlanae. Find her on Twitter also.

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