While I love all animals, I do consider myself to be a “dog person.” It isn’t that I don’t like cats, because I do. I’m just allergic to them, so loving them has to happen from afar or involve allergy meds beforehand. Dogs are another story. I love big dogs, small dogs, short dogs, and tall ones. I love senior dogs and puppies. I love purebred dogs and mutts.  While I currently share my home with a couple of rough coat collies, my foray into dog ownership began with a mixed breed dog named Shadow, my constant companion for 14 years.

It’s fun to look at mixed breed dogs and try to figure out just what an amazing combination of dog breeds went into the creation of that one-of-a-kind, canine companion.  Mutts have definitely found a home on Instagram where their pictures fill my feed and my soul.

Here are my ten favorite Instagram accounts dedicated to those lovable mixed breed dogs. Be sure to share your mutt’s picture with us and let us know your favorite mixed breed canines on Instagram.

Willow ain’t nothing but a hound dog mix but she’s absolutely perfect whether she’s on an adventure with her humans or playing in her own yard.

Missoula is a stunner; those blue eyes will captivate you with their intensity. While the owners note that Missoula’s mother was an Australian Shepherd, dad most certainly was something else entirely.

Levi must be some sort of terrier mix, but the main thing you need to know about him is that he’s owned by a cat named Hodge. Oh, and he looks dashing in a bow tie.


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Blue is a psychiatric service dog, who also happens to love squirrels and doesn’t mind getting dressed up.

Hazel is a pint-sized redhead who often gets mistaken for a fox. No surprise really with those ears and that tail.

Chance and Leo are brothers, bonded for life. Mom may have been a sheltie, but whatever their parentage, these two take cute to an entirely new level.


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Samwise is a cattledog mix who also happens to be a cat-loving, adventure-seeking, therapy dog.

Phineas had been slated for euthanasia before being rescued and finding his forever home in 2018. Short of leg and long of ear, Phineas is one lucky dog.

Thor might be a shepherd/pit bull mix, but one thing’s for sure. He’s 100% lovebug.

Lilly B is a self-described ball addict, living her best life in Paris, France.

Julie Bond

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