It’s okay to fall apart. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

There is a crack

“Superheroes have tough days, too.”

Sometimes, the way to move through sadness is to honor it. We connect at the places where our skin is the thinnest, and though it is scary to admit that you are having a rough time, it can also be the most freeing. Allow yourself to acknowledge your pain. Let it connect you to yourself, and if you can, allow yourself to be open and share your struggle.

Katie Lovebomb has traveled the US, first on tour as a performer, then years later, after battling chronic illness and losing a loved one to suicide, in a Pontiac Vibe. Both journeys had challenges but she found a way to include laughter and positivity. Her aim? To change the lives of all who paused in their busy lives to get to know the girl with the wide smile and pigtails. Now, she is dedicated to living in alignment with her purpose as a life coach, a transformational speaker and a writer. She offers programs to other chronically ill patients. Find her on, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


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