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Making Us Laugh This Week | 12 Memes For Anyone Who Hates Mornings

By Shandle Blaha

Mornings are hard, you’re expected to be coherent and talkative but all you want is a few more moments of peace and quiet.

I feel this kid on a spiritual level.

Sleeping > Adulting.

Coffee before talkie.

Some people are weird.

Just five more minutes, please.

Can you kill an alarm clock?

The worst.

Can’t mornings start later?

Yoda is wise.

Sitting on the bed wrapped up is my favorite hobby.

Honestly, same.

Please, no, not again.

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Shandle is the Chief Operations Officer for Sweatpants & Coffee. She's a traveler, bookworm, movie lover and TV junkie. She quotes Friends in her daily life and takes her coffee extra sweet, preferably in the form of a PSL.

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