For some people, canceled plans are a disappointment. But for introverts, who might love people but find social interactions exhausting, they can be a relief.

1. You like being invited out, but you like not having to go out even better.

Neil Patrick Harris smile frown cancelled plans

2. It’s not that you don’t have fun. It’s just that, well . . .

introvert canceled plans fun can be very exhausting

3. And though you may enjoy other people, you also love having alone time.

I just adore my own company Marilyn Monroe introvert

4. There’s no stress or pressure to make conversation.

I do not have the talent of conversing easily pride and prejudice mr darcy introvert

5. You’re just fine on your own.

cat lady happy

6. If you do want to socialize, you can check on your computer friends.

shiba inu computer friends bed staying home introvert

7. A night in is a good time to try out new self-care rituals.

white cat makeup beauty

8. You can luxuriate in a nice, warm bath.

hedgehog floating water bath

9. There’s no one to judge your eating habits.

introvert blankie hamster eating carrot

10. You can catch up on your reading.

reading in bed introvert

11. You can pursue your hobbies.

cat doing needlepoint

12. Or you can just veg out in front of the TV.

couch potato cat recliner snacks remote introvert

13. You can do whatever you want. In your pajamas. Like a boss.

Jessica Day Zooey Deschanel New Girl dance pajamas

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