It’s no secret that we love Harry Potter here at Sweatpants and Coffee, so it felt appropriate to share just a few of our favorite Harry Potter memes with our readers!

  1. We’ve all been there…
  2. We hate it when he messes up our hair.
  3. Knock knock jokes for Harry Potter nerds!
  4. We’d pay good money for this sequel.
  5. Even our pets want in on the magic that is HP.
  6. HAHAHAHAHA, we may never think of him the same again.
  7. This is the kind of spam we want to get!
  8. Harry Potter puns!
  9. Admit it, you have this one saved on your phone to bust out in group messages.
  10. 4 stars, would watch!
  11. The prequel we’ve been dying to see…
  12. Exactly where we would go too.
  13. When fandoms combine!

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