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Making Us Laugh This Week | 15 Memes for Bookworms

By Shandle Blaha

It’s no secret that here at Sweatpants and Coffee we love our books and these memes make our bookworm hearts go pitter patter.

1. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

2. When the author kills off your favorite character.

3. Just keep reading. Just keep reading.

4. Don’t be a monster!

5. No issues, please.

6. Shh, I’m busy. 


8. Challenge, accepted. 

9.  I work out 7 days a week! 

10. Weekend #goals. 

11. That’s the dream.

12. It’s probably both, tbh.

13. All I do is read, read, read.

14. Just one more chapter…

15. I’ll come back for you!



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Shandle is the Chief Operations Officer for Sweatpants & Coffee. She's a traveler, bookworm, movie lover and TV junkie. She quotes Friends in her daily life and takes her coffee extra sweet, preferably in the form of a PSL.

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