It’s October, so you know what that means…it’s time to pick out your pet’s costume for Halloween! While we sincerely hope they enjoy dressing up and all the extra attention that entails, some of these costumed critters do make us question the outfit choices being made.

Seems reasonable to me.

Great. Now that jingle will be stuck in my head all day. Doesn’t really get much cuter than this.

When you know you look better than all of your feline friends.

The wig might be a bit much.

This pirate is so cute, you won’t mind walking the plank.

Thor, God of Thunder, you never looked more majestic.

Muggles? Puggles? Nope. It’s Hairy Pugger!

This cat is taking his pilot’s job very seriously.

The only thing missing is a rider dressed as Queen Daenerys from Game of Thrones!

Step away from the lion. He does not want to snuggle.


A more appropriate costume has never existed.

Collies. The only dogs patient enough for this level of ridiculousness.

I want to be in ALL the houses!

Julie Bond

Julie Bond is a voracious reader with eclectic tastes running the gamut from YA lit, to psychological suspense, and anything dog-related, of course. You can find her haunting her favorite San Francisco Bay Area indie bookstores. Email her at


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