We can all agree that drama is exhausting. But let’s be real: sometimes, a dramatic overreaction just feels right. You don’t need to make sense; you just want to be accepted for the glorious hot mess that you are.

1. It’s important to validate your own pain.

Shampoo in eye guide dog meme

2. Sometimes you just want to be acknowledged.


3. So brave. So strong.

hen i have a cold goodbye world

4. I mean, at least I’m not an octopus.


5. Why does everything bad always happen to ME?


6.  Immediately assume the worst.


7. Embrace your true nature.

how extra i am

8. Dashed expectations are brutal.

shower is cold the attempt on my life has left me scarred

9. It’s all about perspective.


10. Take a stand. No matter what.

me-when-i-realize-i-overreacted-and-was-being-a-drama queen

11. How dare you describe me accurately?

nsecurities I feel so attacked

12. Don’t ask how I am if you don’t want to know.

I'm dying

13. It’s not me. It’s the universe.

It's the allergies

14.  Oops. Oh well.

Completely misread situation meme


If you hate me so much just tell me meme

16. I’m very expressive.

I'm sorry I bit you meme

17. There is no in-between.

jot that down meme

18. This is not an exaggeration.

eating someone else's leftovers meme


19. What is this “chill” of which you speak?

Chill never experienced that emotion

20. What are you even talking about?

dramatic me with rose between lips

21. Deal with it.


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