Merkaela is a quarterly subscription box company that specializes in products that are meant to guide you through a full body enlightenment. That can include products that enrich your body or practices that inspire your mind. We got to experience their Winter Alive Box and so will you! Isn’t it pretty?

The box you see is their “Deluxe” subscription box. Included are 7-10 premium hand-made products; like shea body butter and the Pink Lemurian Crystal Pendant. There are also options for a “light” box (including 4-6 items) and Vegan options for both subscription sizes. Merkaela-branded product in this box has been handmade at the Merkaela location in Florida. All of the ingredients they use to create these products has been sourced from ethical, organic suppliers here in the U.S. All of their products are 100% cruelty free. No need to worry about the woodland creatures out there. And all of their products are packaged in 100% recycled materials. Whether it is the glass containers, cardboard boxes, or metal lids, they are doing their part to waste as little as possible. And each box comes with its own affirmation and season playlist. Here is this month’s affirmation:


“I am Present. I am Whole. I am Creative. I am Capable. I am Harmonious.”



Every box comes with a description card that includes the items in your box with directions to lead you on your journey. In this Alive box each product was chosen for their therapeutic benefits. Like the Calendula Lemon Salt Bath.


Great for relieving muscle aches and pains as well as drawing out the toxins in your skin to reveal a smoother, clearer complexion. Your skin feels soft and supple post-soak. Like a detox for your skin.

Pink Lemurian Crystal- This dainty pendant is considered to be a “earth spirit” crystal in the metaphysical realm. It is supposed to help you find your spirit guide while using it during meditation practice. I haven’t used it as directed but I love the look and feel of it as a natural-cut stone and pendant.

Hibiscus Tea Potion- Although currently out-of-stock this tea has a citrus bite to it. It was something that reminded me of biting into a raspberry with a little bit of tang behind it. I definitely felt like spring had sprung on my taste buds.

Jasmine & Palo Santo Meditation ElixirI actually enjoyed this spray more as something to help calm my nerves at the end of a long day. The essential oil mixture’s benefit (according to the packaging) is to “fill you with fearless serenity to elevate your feminine worthiness”. Although I don’t know that it did that for me, I do know that it made me feel serene and would relieve some of the tension in my shoulders when I sprayed it around my bed before getting in. Just a clean, almost warm scent with just a hint of jasmine.


Peppermint Soap BarI’m a big peppermint person. I think it feels and smells fresh. If I was going to suggest anything to awaken your senses, it would be something minty like this. The actual scent is very subtle, not like throwing in a VICS tab our anything, but still has that slightly cool, tingly feeling. The soap has a little bit of texture to it so it feels like you’re getting a light exfoliation while you’re lathering up.

Tangerine & Sage Shea Body ButterI would say that this was my favorite. It literally feels like butter on your skin. And I mean that in a good way. It’s smooth and creamy between your palms, and feels like it is actually being absorbed while you’re applying. I did notice that it was slightly greasier than other body butters but I have found that with real organically-made body butters it just takes it a little longer to fully absorb. I love the scent. Its rich and citrusy but not overwhelmingly.

Sacred Sage Smudge StickSo if you ever watch or read anything about the paranormal you will have definitely heard of a house cleansing using a sage smudge stick. It is used to clean a space of negativity and make way for positivity. There are directions on how you can use it to cleanse your space, but I enjoy it as more of an incense for a short period of time. The scent can be slightly overpowering, and has a distinct smell that really absorbs into an area. Just something to keep in mind before you decide to light it all willy-nilly like a candle.

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