Need some suggestions for your cocoa (or coffee) and couch time? Check out this list of Christmas movies currently streaming on Disney+, including classic favorites like “Home Alone” and new Disney+’s originals like “Noelle.”


Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader play Nick and Noelle Kringle, the children of Santa Claus. When Nick disappears weeks before he’s set to take the reins delivering Christmas presents, Noelle must find him and save the Christmas season.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

In this Disney animated sequel, the lovely Belle and her monstrous beau, Beast, are in the midst of the holiday season. While Belle has no problem getting into the Christmas spirit, Beast isn’t so easily swayed into a celebratory mood.

12 Dates of Christmas

Kate is a young woman who re-lives the same first date on Christmas Eve over and over again, starring Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

An animated retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic novel about a Victorian-era miser taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions starring Jim Carrey as Scrooge.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppets perform the classic Dickens holiday tale, with Kermit the Frog playing Bob Cratchit, the put-upon clerk of stingy Ebenezer Scrooge.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

A college student faces an impossible journey when he is left stranded in the desert, thousands of miles from home, with no money and only a few days left until Christmas, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel.

The Santa Clause, Santa Clause 2 and Santa Clause 3

When a man inadvertently makes Santa fall off of his roof on Christmas Eve, he finds himself magically recruited to take his place, starring Tim Allen.

Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation. One year after Kevin McCallister was left home alone and had to defeat a pair of bumbling burglars, he accidentally finds himself stranded in New York City – and the same criminals are not far behind.

Twas the Night

A mischievous 14-year-old boy and his irresponsible uncle almost ruin Christmas when they decide to take Santa’s new high-tech sleigh for a joyride, starring Bryan Cranston.

The Christmas Star

A counterfeiter finds the true meaning of the holidays.

One Magic Christmas

An angel must show a mother the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not just presents and materialistic things, but the people she cares about.

The Mistle-Tones

A talented singer forms a musical group and challenges her rivals to a competition on Christmas Eve.


A young woman discovers a Christmas-themed dreamworld inside a magical snowglobe.

Miracle on 34th Street

When a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing.


When the newly-crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice to curse her home in infinite winter, her sister Anna teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

A Christmas-themed special featuring characters from Frozen.

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