Nanea Barbara Impala

Nanea and Barbara with the infamous Impala (also known as the Metallicar).

You know what it feels like when you meet someone who loves a TV show much as you do, and you know you can geekgasm all over the place, confident that they won’t think you need psychological help for feeling so passionately about people who don’t really exist? Imagine being in a huge convention hall filled with those people. Welcome to the Salute to Supernatural Convention, day one. Our founder, Nanea Hoffman, and I are attending Creation Entertainment’s premiere Supernatural fan event in Burbank, California. Three days of indulging in all things Winchester, meeting cast members, attending panel discussions, getting photos with the stars and, delightfully, meeting members of the Supernatural Fandom Family from all over the world. Star of the Day? Definitely Osric Chau, also known as the prophet Kevin Tran. He is an adorable pixie of delight–sweet and funny, modest and grateful. Also? He rocks a princess dress. Because he’s Kevin Frickin’ Solo.

Kevin Tran, Princess Bubblegum

Osric’s panel was a blast. He offered answers to questions as both himself and Kevin Tran. He gave his thoughts on everything from whether Kevin (and Osric) think his mother on the show, Linda Tran (played by the wonderful Lauren Tom) is alive or dead, what he wishes Kevin had as a superpower, and, sadly, what he thought the ultimate conclusion to Kevin’s story would be. I was able to ask him about what he thinks his character does when he’s not onscreen. His answer was both informative and delightful.

We were able to both take a photo with Osric and get his autograph. The photo was hilarious. Nanea wore his Rapunzel braid, and I was able to hold his replica murder pan. (Fun fact? It weighed approximately eleven thousand pounds.) During the autograph session he was generous and kind, touched by thoughtful comments on his performances and charismatic with everyone he interacted with in line, taking the time to talk to all of us for a moment. Before this convention, I loved Kevin Tran. Now? I love Osric Chau.

Photo Nov 22, 6 49 14 PM

The best part of day one was making friends with the people in our seating row. In immediate vicinity alone there are people from the States, Canada and Australia. During an informal poll conducted by master of ceremonies Richard Speight, Jr. (aka The Trickster/Loki/Gabriel) we learned there are people in attendance from almost every continent. The fandom, which has undoubtedly kept the show on the air for nine years now, has devoted members that circle the globe.


Angie from Melbourne, Australia


Brooke from Brisbane, Australia

Brooke from Brisbane, Australia

Daughter and mom: Bethany (left) and Jennifer (right) from Australia's Gold Coast.

Daughter and mom: Bethany (left) and Jennifer (right) from Australia’s Gold Coast.

We met Tyler while signing up for that evening's karaoke party and had to talk to him about his awesome contacts

We met Tyler while signing up for that evening’s karaoke party and had to talk to him about his awesome contacts

All in all, it was a great first day. Stay tuned for more updates!


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