Recently, kittens have invaded our household. We lost two of our beloved older cats earlier this year, and so we thought it would be nice to surprise our daughter with a kitten for her birthday. Kitten. Singular.

However, we were soon persuaded that it works out better if you go for the kitten two-fer. We figured it would be better for our remaining gentleman cat, a dignified man of 11 years, because that way they’d bug each other and leave him be. Plus, we are total saps and can be easily talked into stuff.

As part of our cat parent duties, we’re all spending quite a bit of time with the little ones so that they get used to us and to their new environment. I had forgotten how completely nuts kittens are, but we all agree it’s very cool to have these tiny creatures in our lives who are so completely enthusiastic and fearless about everything.

Kitten Meditation_edited-1

I’ve spent a lot of time on the floor in our master bath, which at the moment is a kitten nursery, watching these fluff-balls careen off the walls and attack bits of string and feathers. Sometimes they let me hold them, but mostly they’re really busy investigating everything. It’s nice to just sit and be with them. I like their style. I’ve decided I’m going to try to achieve Kitten Mind. I want to be open and playful and utterly absorbed in the present moment. Thus, I present to you . . .

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