It’s that time of the year again, and the frantic search for the perfect gift for Mom has begun. You want her to know how much you love her. but alas, macaroni art is no longer acceptable. Especially if you have kids and that’s their masterpiece to give her. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some awesome gifts that tell your Mom or wife or significant other, “ Go ahead, take a load off. You deserve every second of that half hour hiding from the kids in the bathroom.”( No need to lie. We all do it, and we totally get it.)

We’ve gathered up some of the cutest, most relaxing things we could find so all the caregivers out there can have some real relaxation.

Not just a Mom tote

“Not ‘just’ a Mom” Canvas Tote – $18

A washable canvas tote by OriginalteeToo on Etsy.

She’s not just a mom, she’s a multitasking wizard, boo-boo fixer, taxi driver, 5 star-chef, and champion boogey-man eliminator. Just a little reminder that there’s no such thing as “just” a mom. May be rocked harder with sweatpants and coffee.


“What’s Your Next Book” Spiral Notebook – $10 to $15

Super cute, spiral bound notebooks – all the options available here on Zazzle.

Who doesn’t love a good notebook? And the best part is that there are ton of customizable options for you to make it that special notebook for the mom you love. From short and sweet quotes to simple stripes to your own photos, the possibilities are endless!


Sweet and Simple Handmade Soap and Lip Balm Basket – $50

Chock full of adorably wrapped handmade soaps and lip balms from Cricket Cove Soap Co. on Etsy.

For a spa experience during the hundred times a day mom washes her hands, this is a really nice option. The basket comes with any 3 handmade soaps, 2 all natural lip butters, 3 small decorative handmade soaps, 1 bath product, 1 all natural loofah, 1 pine wood draining soap dish, 1 greeting tag, all bundled in a wicker basket. You get to pick the 3 soap scents, 2 lip balm flavors, and she’ll even fill out the tag for you.

Candle gift basket

Handmade Soy Candles $49.99

When you want your house to smell like all you do is launder and bake…these are almost as good as the real thing. Candles by Midnight Owl Candle Co. on Etsy.

This set is pretty awesome. You get 6 different types of candles ( 1 – 16 oz., 4 – 8 oz., and 1 set of 6 wax tarts) all packaged in a wonderful gift basket. You also get to choose from 19 different scents including Vanilla Chai Tea and Blueberries and Cream! My mouth is watering already! She will also add a gift tag (up to 50 words) for free.


Tea Time Out – $55

We’re loving on the herbal teas over at American Tea Room. They’ve also got your choice of white, black, oolong, and caffeine free.

Ready to wind down and call it a night? Or know a mom who would love a tasty tea before bed? At American Tea Room, you can find any flavor or type of caffeinated or caffeine-free tea your heart desires. They are available whenever duty (or a tea cup) calls.

badgerface beauty

For the Mama with a sense of humor and a love of bath sh*t… $ 24.99

This is the gift for the mom who sometimes must choose between a hot bath and murder. We love the badass packaging on even better products over at Badgerface Beauty. Their motto is “All the good stuff. No fake shit.”

Lay it on me! Hi, Margarita Foot Scrub and Kinky As F*ck Milk Bath! These are my spirit animals. Mix your love of awesomely inappropriate humor and all organic products. They’re also a good conversation starter when you have guests over.

bird necklace

Monogrammed Bird Necklace – $32 for 2 birds, $8 per baby bird

For the fashionable mamas who are always willing to go out on a limb for you (see what I did there?). Found at A Charmed Impression.

This is just one of the super cute necklaces that this store offers. From monogrammed birds to simple gold bars, there’s something for just about every style. They come in white and yellow gold plated, sterling silver, with your choice of birth stone and different options for both chain and chain length, as well. Consider this a gift that goes with everything.

chopping board

For the Foodie Mama in your life – $45

When making delicious food on a sub-par cutting board is getting mom down, Milk and Honey Luxuries have got your back.

This is a well-made piece of kitchen equipment consisting of solid maple. The laser engraving lets it double as a beautiful decoration in any kitchen. They have tons of beautiful mugs, cutting boards, and hand stamped spoons. A food lover’s decorating dream.

comp book pouch

The Book Loving Mama – $12

A pouch for all of your pencil and pen needs. It can also work as a makeup bag or clutch, and it’s from one of our favorite places, Out of Print Clothing.

This brings back the simpler days and the sweet feeling of a brand new notebook, full of possibility, except you can use it to carry much more than your thoughts and your vocabulary homework. And when you purchase this pouch, Out of Print will donate a book to a community in need. It’s a two-fer.


For the lady who LOVES her some Sci-Fi $50

An awesome cardigan from our friends at Her Universe who understand our love of fashion and geekery so well.

When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, sometimes you just need your “power suit”. You know, that thing that makes you feel like you are more than equipped to take on anything that the universe has to throw your way? This one’s for all the moms who love their cardigans and also love to let their geek flag fly high.



Dishes that will be an absolute HOOT! $64.99

A set of beautiful ceramic dishes from our friends over at Modcloth.

Whether you’re having a few friends over or just want to eat off the cutest owl face these plates will be your jam. They come in a gorgeous set of 6 glazed plates, all vintage inspired design, and in the best neutrals for any household. Plus, they all nestle perfectly to fit anywhere together.


For the French Press Lovers – $14.99

When making a whole French press is just too much, but you really want some because it makes you feel like a million bucks, the brilliant minds over at ThinkGeek have your back with this single serve model. You get the flavor and maturity that comes with using the press without having to throw the other half out because it is now ice cold. Even better, it’s dishwasher safe.

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