The hours of 5-7 p.m. are known in my circle as a happy time.  It is a time when the flocks of workers are released from their daily grind and looking to let loose; for an affordable price. The time I’m talking of is, of course, happy hour.

Many people enjoy the perks of this ancient Parisian custom, once known as l’heure verte, or “green time.” It was created to give people a period during the day to relax and have a drink of absinthe, no judgment. Over the years this tradition has evolved into the happy hour we all know and love.

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Another enjoyable pastime we have in America is coffee dates: meeting up with old friends to catch up on the latest gossip over a steamy cup of coffee. Being an avid lover of both activities, I stumbled upon a life changing epiphany this last St. Patrick’s Day. Since St. Patty’s is a holiday known for drinking, I partook in the festivities by taking my liquor with a twist: by pairing it with a hot cappuccino to get the party started.

Nescafe offers a wide variety of flavors and blends of coffee that do everything from tickling your taste buds to tantalizing your nerves. I got together with a few friends and enjoyed these coffee blends that catered to everyone’s liking; House blend for those who wanted their coffee mild, French Roast for the adventurous, Hazelnut and Vanilla for the ones that enjoyed their coffee flavored, and added some Irish liquor to really bring out the taste in the coffee. It was the perfect combination of coffee-time and happy hour!

This opens up a whole other section of the happy hour menu. Latte lovers can turn to the creamy, frothy and absolutely delicious caramel latte and combine it with some Irish whiskey to enhance the buttery caramel flavor. The Chocolate Mocha is the answer to every chocoholic’s prayer; give it an edge by mixing in a little Irish ale.

Coffee dates are always great because it allows people to get together with their loved ones and enjoy a few laughs and stories, and there is nothing better than a hot cup of espresso to get everyone talking. Made from 100% Arabicas, the espresso is a class on its own, but combine this intensely rich coffee with some Irish cider and it becomes irresistibly yummy; you won’t be able to stop the merry laughter!

The Dolce-Gusto coffee maker is the crown jewel of Nescafe, and it creates a perfectly brewed cup for you in less than a minute. This signature coffee has a medium-dark roast and a smooth richness with a wonderfully refreshing taste and comforting aroma.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

This St. Patrick’s Day opened my eyes to the beauty of pairing a steaming frothy cup o’ coffee with the ever comforting Irish liqueurs. It is something I will be sure to repeat next happy hour session.

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