Yeah, this one was a bit of a doozy.

I don’t know about you, but even though some cool things went down (like Lamar), I was a bit disappointed. Juliette instantly turning into a clingy-take-over-your-life girlfriend in one day? Too soon. But speaking of too soon, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s deal with the business of Teddy, Lamar and Tandy for just a quick second. Just the tip, just the little bit, just to see how it feels? I know, I shouldn’t look for excuses to go there but some of us need all the excitement we can get. Anyway, now that I’ve used the word “excitement” in the same paragraph as Lamar and Tandy, let’s get this over with unless you fell asleep, in which case I think that’s a novel idea for both of us.

Too Far Gone 1
[image via EW Weekly]

The girls signing for Lamar was nice, a bit too nice…whenever something warm and fuzzy happens on this show you know that you best brace yourself for impending doom. Rayna and Deacon finally have it out in the car? Booom. Crash. The girls sing a pretty song for Grandpa and Rayna looks at him all loving and shit? Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s going to die.

Why in the frickety frack would Teddy tell Lamar about Tandy’s duplicity in the first place? Isn’t she supposed to be testifying against him and scared he might you know, KILL HER? Rude. They were supposed to be kind of on the same team.

I don’t care about Tandy, I only notice that she’s annoying and her purpose in this show seems to only give support to other storylines so Teddy has something to do with himself. If she has some other importance, I am still unaware of it but by all means, feel free to point it out. Now that we might have Lamar out of the way, I’ll cross my fingers that Jeff is next. Sorry, I’m not sorry, Oliver Hudson.

Too Far Gone 2
[image via gofugyourself]

Rayna’s “This Time” video was pretty lack-luster for me. The song is dull, and I think we can do better. But that red dress? IWANTIT. I have never seen Connie Britton look so svelte and she wore that dress like she was doing it a favor. It should be framed with a photo of her in it right by its side. Wowza.

Sadly, we’ll have to settle for the screen grabs I did my best to get. You have my heartfelt apologies that I don’t have anything more…polished. Dear Internet, you can do better.

Too Far Gone 3Too Far Gone 4

Deacon and Megan. Why?

Am I the only one noticing the zero point zero chemistry factor here? Deacon calling her out on possibly being a tragedy junkie was rich, considering, but also in addition to, his being so ridiculously tantrumy. I hate when he does super stupid things that make him look like a total jackass. It makes me question why I like him so much since he’s such a Doo-Doo Head. Not only is it super disrespectful, but misplaced. She’s too busy tinkering in his kitchen to have time to bother with silly Teddy, who also is too busy being vengeful to fuck around with the likes of her. I sure hope we move on from this soon. And I don’t mean move on to the pseudo mushy stuff that went down at the Bluebird with the two of them. I mean, for real move on.

Like on to Juliette and Avery.

Her renovating his entire apartment…I get it. I have my own fledgling Interior Design something or other and his place was at the low end of Boho Chic, but too soon, girl, way, waaaaaay too soon. I love how he didn’t get mad, patronize her, or do any of the things that just about 95% of the living population with a penis would have done. He just smiles, says some pretty witty stuff, and gets to the guts of the bug. He knows she’s not actually decorating his apartment because she wants to move with him and OMGLETSHAVE100BABIESNOW!, but because she’s distracting herself from what she really needs to deal with. Good on him. Now I want to date his face. Damnit.

Deacon showing up and Juliete hitting the floor? One of the funniest scenes in this show ever. EVARR.

“She’s laying low….keeping her head to the ground”

 Too Far Gone 5

[image via myself, for Sweatpants & Coffee]

Well played, Avery, well played.

Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett.

I guess one should assume when you’re kind of odd in the every day that if you’re on teh drugs you’re going to be odder than normal so we’ll be sure to know that you’re doing them, right? Check. You’re even less right than usual, okay sister, we get it, but the Captain Obvious nature of your behavior this episode was only weird because it was how normal people would act.

“Say Hi to Gunner for me, Zoe, have a nice night” = Normal
“Zoe, it’s youuuuuu. Gah!!” [Runs out wailing and crying] = Not really normal

Now, reverse those two situations and you have Scarlett’s normal MO, so now I just don’t know what’s real anymore. Maybe I’m just tired. Pass me a pill, Scar.

Too Far Gone 6
[image via Crappy Screencaps by Christy]

But as a side item, you looked fab in Rayna’s video so at least you’ve got that going for you.

Addressing Zoe AKA The Elephant in the Room:

Am I the only one that felt strangely put off by the attention paid to Zoe straightening her hair? I liked it, it was nice, though I didn’t like that her face was made up so much more than usual.

Too Far Gone 7
[image via IMDB]

I mean, look at that girl? She doesn’t need make up. She’s naturally crazy beautiful. Straightening her hair and slathering her with make-up, and having people mentioning her straightened hair on the show leads me to believe I’m super supposed to notice it. What I found most interesting was how many people on the internet surmised that this was something done because she didn’t look “white enough” for the viewing audience.

You guys, I had to seriously stop and ponder this. My first reaction was, “Whoa overthinking things, folks”, however, immediately following that, I considered her back-up singer audition, what with her odd slow pauses and seemingly troubled facial expressions and all, and I feel a Zoe centered storyline is on the horizon. Now, I don’t necessarily think it will be about her hair per say, but I wonder if they will address how hard it might be for a country singer of color to make it in a white centered world, such as the one I imagine Nashville to be. I don’t have any formulated thoughts on this, other than those you just read. What are yours? Do you like Zoe’s new hair? Do you think she just wanted a change, or do you think it’s directly related with her trying to seem more mainstream? Either way, I’m on the edge of my seat to hear her sing.

Avery and Juliette coming out at the Bluebird was pretty cute. Can we all chirp in a collective “Awwwwww”! I win. Coming out is awesome. Will should try it sometime.

Yeah. I totally went there.

Speaking of Will, what he did to hot NotBoyfriend was a low, down, dirty shame. Otherwise I don’t have anything to say about him because I don’t like him, and I do what I want.

Lastly, Avery zinging Deacon by telling him to get his shit together? He’s just balls to the wall these days, that one. In case it isn’t crystal clear, Avery is now my favorite. Like, MEME’ing his quotes kind of favorite.

Too Far Gone 8

Boooooom. That just happened. It’s so on! New hobby alert!

I’m so excited for February 26th for the new episode to return. See you then!

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