National Dress Up Your Pet Day is celebrated annually on January 14 and has become a day to celebrate all pets and bring attention to the growing pet fashion industry.  Whether you and your pet like to wear matching ensembles, or if your pet is a solo fashionista, this is your day to celebrate!

Here are a few guidelines to make it safe and fun for your pets: First, remember that any costume your pet wears must not hinder their ability to walk or move, should not cover their eyes, and should be something that they happily are willing to wear. Forcing one of your pets to wear a costume when putting clothing or accessories on that pet causes anxiety, is counter-productive and potentially dangerous. Animals wearing costumes when they don’t enjoy it are more likely to act out or display their frustration in aggressive ways. Second, keep in mind the age and tolerance level of your pet. Puppies and kittens can be chewers, so make sure their outfits don’t have a lot of dangling adornments that could be choking hazards if chewed or swallowed. Finally, all pets should be supervised while wearing their fashionable accessories to ensure their safety.

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of “Dogs On Instagram,” you are really missing out. Filled with all sorts of amazing dog photos, including some fabulously fashionable canines, this should give you some inspiration for that perfect ensemble.

Dogs on Instagram

And “Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture,” by Leslie Mosier features Mr. Social Media himself, Doug the Pug, and his custom closet full of doggie couture.

Doug The Pug

Thanks to my work in pet assisted therapy, I have many four-legged friends who are more than happy to dress up to entertain and bring smiles to the people they visit. Here are a few…

This is Mokey. He chirps and trots back and forth, getting very excited when it is time to dress up!

Photo courtesy of Patty Guthrie

Although she has since passed away, Aribella loved wearing her dresses and crowns for her pet therapy visits, almost as much as she loved flirting with the dogs around her.

Photo courtesy of Debbi Peters

This is Trini. She has a closet that puts Carrie Bradshaw to shame. Her dresses are amazing and spark a great deal of envy among her canine peers.

Photo courtesy of Karen Davis

And last but not least, one of my favorite pictures. All three of these dogs have long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but they were all more than happy to dress up and show off.

Photo courtesy of Julie Bond

Julie Bond

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