Have you seen the Ninja Narwhal? This elusive creature appears as needed to ensure that the highest quality coffee touches your lips without tainting them with the likes of flavored creamers and fancy foams (unless you like that). The Ninja Narwhal works together with the Coffee Unicorn to build long-lasting relationships with roasters all over the globe.


Ninja Narwhal Coffee Company was founded in October 2015. It started with a simple yet daunting mission: to find a cup that didn’t spill down the front of your favorite shirt or on your hand while you were trying to drink. Darold and Michele, the founders of Ninja Narwhal, frequently ran into this problem while on mini-road trips, so they came up with the “No Drip Sip.” Obtaining the funding to manufacture such a product, however, was no easy feat, and it dawned on them that this one product did not make them a company.


Check out the “No Drip Sip” Here

They needed to build a brand. First, The Coffee Unicorn was born to simplify the search for an individual’s ideal roast and bridge the gap between finding the roast and connecting with the roasters. The Coffee Unicorn gave customers an easy way to find what they want while providing the roasters with the freedom to sell and ship straight from their sites. The Order of the Ninja Narwhal was born.

The company practices social entrepreneurship and giving back to the community is a significant part of their business model. For every coffee subscription, 10 percent goes to the families in need. When I asked Darold how they chose the families they sponsor, I was a little taken aback by his response:

“The families we chose to sponsor were easy to come by. One of them is my niece who just went through her second heart transplant; one is my niece who was born with muscular dystrophy. And one is the nephew of one of my co-workers who received a traumatic brain injury, leaving him wheelchair-bound and speech-challenged just weeks after his wedding. We do believe that large organizations do great work (e.g. we attend James River Church in Ozark, MO which does amazing things) and have the flexibility to add them as appropriate in the future should we decide to do so. However, we believe that if people would just help the people who need it right in front of them, that those larger organizations would have a much easier time meeting their demand. For us, we didn’t need to go looking for families in need. We have those right in front of us and we are intent on helping do something about it. We stress social entrepreneurship to demonstrate that we plan to give back through becoming a profitable business.”

The Ninja Narwhals still need our help! With just a few weeks left in the campaign, the “No Drip Sip” still needs backers. You can check out the video below (click the link) to learn more. There’s also cool Ninja Narwhal merchandise to check out.

“No Drip Sip” Kickstarter

Multi-functional, driven by love and built with a purpose. Stay tuned for the second part of this review in which I will be giving their partners, Copper Canyon Coffee Company and Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee, a spin.

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