National Puppy Day may come just once a year, but you can enjoy these puppy-centered Instagram accounts every single day! Celebrate all the cuddles, kisses, wiggles, and whines with us as we share our favorite IG accounts devoted to the most delightful stage of doggie development…puppyhood!

An entire account devoted to puppies? I think yes.


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NAME A BETTER DUO I’ll wait. @boris.and.doug

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For a plethora of puppies so cute, your cheeks will hurt from smiling, check out


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Smol little snowBULL! @thorbullyboy #Bulldog #BulldogPuppy #EnglishBulldog For more adorable dogs follow @roverdotcom.

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Floofy, fuzzy, goofy, and smooch-worthy, you can’t find anything cuter than


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For your daily dose of head tilts, little yawns, and napping puppies, look no further than


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Her eyes 😍📸 @dodgerandrosie

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Golden Retriever puppies are entirely irresistible as this account clearly proves


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😍🤓 @olivia_e_alecrim

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And if you prefer your puppies with a few wrinkles, look no further than

Are they fluffy puppies or bear cubs? You decide

For your daily dose of puppy videos, check out

Whether you like Beagles, Spaniels, Labradors, or mixed breed puppies, they are all charmingly represented here

While not technically puppies, these Shelties look like collie puppies to me, so I’m a sucker for this account

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