Personal Essays | Letting Out the Novel Within

The time was now. The day was today. My novel had been trapped inside me for far too long. I could no longer suppress the literary greatness within. I had to get it out. I think everyone has a story in them waiting to come out. Writing it is just a matter of fighting through the lack of time to devote to it, the tediousness of transferring ideas into sentences and chapters, and the fear of one’s efforts being rejected; these are the mortal enemies of novels. But I would conquer these foes, and the beginnings of my novel would be delivered, kicking and screaming, into the world on this very day. My motivation was at a level that could only be described as epic. The basic storyline for my book had been floating around in my head for years, so I felt confident that the rest of the details would fall into place without much effort. Besides, I had written many short stories, so how much harder could a novel be? It was basically a short story with more words. I took my seat at the computer desk with my cup of coffee, spiked with a novel-writing shot of … Continue reading Personal Essays | Letting Out the Novel Within