Like just about every other mother on the planet with a life, I am busy. I’m a single mom, I’m attending school full-time in pursuit of a master’s degree, my son is super involved in extracurriculars, blah, blah, blah. Of necessity, I’ve been working on compiling better meals, organized shopping lists, planning ahead, etc., and therefore I’ve turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes this goes well, and sometimes it really, really doesn’t.

Dinner: if Pinterest’s Weight Watchers Skinny Beef Chimichangas and Chicken Quesadillas hooked up and had a baby, that’s what this would be.


I give you . . . Quesachangas!

I cut up boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cooked them in olive oil with:

1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 packet taco Seasoning
1 yellow onion, slivered
1 serrano pepper
1 jalapeƱo, diced

After cooked, I spooned the mixture into soft flour tortillas and sprinkled with shredded cheese, then closed the ends and rolled burrito-style. Finally, I grilled each side of the Quesachangas until golden brown, cut in half, and served with ranch. They were so bomb.

Our next contestant, was so not. See this photo? Shit looks good, right?
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You’re thinking, “Oooh . . . I can do that.” Oh, yeah? I’d like to see you try. You make those, and they turn out like that, and I will tip my fedora to you. Then I will totally call my friends and tell them I hate you because I’m jealous and spiteful. I kid, I kid. Okay, I wasn’t really, but I love that we can be honest with each other. So, here’s a pretty photo of what I tried to put in these babies.


What could go wrong?

It’s all fun and games until the rolling and dipping begins, and then everything falls apart-literally. I made some with cream cheese, strawberries, and bananas. Some had Nutella and bananas, some with bananas and dark chocolate chips, and some with ALLTHETHINGS.


It’s all going to hell.

The results are bullshit, but edible enough.


I feel betrayed, Pinterest.

My kid said they were decent, but he knew that if they were as good as I intended them to be they’d be delicious. I think I’ll keep that guy.

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