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Possibly the Most Heartwarming Twitter Thread Ever

We’re huge fans of kindness, and strangers on the internet inspiring each other with their stories. Here is one of the most heartwarming Twitter threads you’ll read about acts of kindness.

A writer named Nicole Cliff posed a simple question to her followers:

And BOY, did Twitter deliver. We dare you to try to read these without tissues.

This story about how one night in a bookstore:

This story that could have been about road rage but wasn’t:

This story about someone noticing another person in pain:

This story about a man who heard a woman being body-shamed:

This boss who gave an employee the space to grieve:

This man who gave up his seat on a flight for a young mom:

These young women who showed solidarity to little girl who was being teased:

This woman’s parents who stopped to help a pregnant woman on the side of the road:

Getting blessed by a crowd of construction workers:

Sometimes you just need a hug:

This couple who offered encouragement to a stressed out family:

This man who helped a person having a mental health issue instead of calling the cops:

Thank you, Nicole Cliffe, for helping to restore our faith in people. So, now we pose the question to you: what is the kindest thing a stranger has done or said to you?

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