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  1. julie

    sounds like my cup of coffee! I would love to read this book

  2. Audrey

    I like that. I’m a real person too. Hooray for lacking perfection.

    1. Jen Violi

      Thanks so much Audrey! I’ve been traveling for a few weeks, taking my mess on tour, as it were, but it’s good to be back home and see your lovely comment. xoxo

  3. Aurelie K Jordan

    Hello Jordan,

    Thanks so much for this wonderful post! I will certainly be keeping my eye out for new posts here!


  4. Aulii

    Thought I would struggle to write for 10 mins with the boys video game marathon going on in the background but I ended up going for almost 20! Thank you! Looking forward to more.

  5. Jeanine - the Baking Beauties

    Lyndsay, I absolutely LOVE you! Your writing is amazing, you have courage like no other, and that chicken – oh, I’d LOVE to have that chicken for dinner tonight! Fabulous!

    1. Lyndsay Wells

      Awww… thanks so much Jeanine – and thanks for popping by! We Canadian Cookies are a fierce bunch and I am proud of you right back 😉 I love a lemon cream sauce over chicken. Mr. Kitchen Witch loved this one too.

  6. Debbi

    I need to hear more! I have Zumba that’s been out of the box a couple of times. I did better going to the class, but my significant other (Mr. Athlete himself) did Insanity and our little girl does it with him. I just HATE working out to a television. Please tell me it’s so much better than my expectations because after I pop out this last kid I’m going to need something so I can go surfing in Costa Rica one day. Yay goals, and yay cruises!

  7. Lyndsay Wells

    Ba ha ha ha ha!!! Richard this is why I love and adore you so much. Oh, and I own the complete “Hip Hop Abs” program for similar reasons 😉

  8. Theresa Bollman

    Hi Lyndsay, I must first say that I agree totally with everything Jeanine said; your courage is inspiring. So many of us have felt as you have, but have missed the opportunity to share our experiences with those we might have helped or encouraged. I know I have, but I feel myself getting more brave, thanks to you.
    Now Lyndsay, I had a great belly laugh over your underwear epiphany in the “big box Store”. I too remember the day I turned in my “B52” card and liberated my poor abused bosoms. Now when I turn a corner, my breasts and I enter at the same time. Remarkable! 🙂
    I’m so glad I found your site and blogs; it’s a bright spot I look very forward to.
    I’ll e doing your chicken soon…wish me luck. xo, Tess

    1. Lyndsay Wells

      Hi Tess 🙂 Thanks so much for following me here to Sweatpants and Coffee! I always enjoy hearing from you. And thank you for a good laugh – you are a gem. Good luck with the chicken – I think you’ll really love it.

  9. Brenda

    I just started Focus T-25! It’s great, your workout is done in 25 minutes!

  10. Lyndsay Wells

    I have made so many of your cocktails Nanea but my absolute favourite is the Strawberry Shortcake. I’m catering a small pool party on Sunday and will be serving that as dessert 🙂

    1. Nanea Hoffman

      Oh, that sounds like it’s going to be a delightful brunch!

  11. Amy

    The five second rule is thown out the window.

  12. Theresa Bollman

    LOL…I like that “Full-bodied” message 🙂

  13. Theresa Bollman

    God Bless that wonderful young man! God is good. I’ll bet there were TWO very happy moms that day.

  14. Dawn Herring

    Your post provides a most intimate view of how journal writing truly enabled you to reconnect with yourself so profoundly, enhancing your view of life and relationships with those you love. It is truly a testament of the empowering dimension journaling can provide. How uplifting and inspiring!

    I have chosen your post, Journal to the Center of Yourself, for the #JournalChat Pick of the Day on 7/15/13 for all things journaling on Twitter; a link will be posted on the social networks, on my blog and website Refresh with Dawn Herring, and in my weekly Refresh Journal:

    #JournalChat Live is every Thursday, 5 EST/2 PST, for all things journaling on Twitter.

    Thanks again for sharing this heartfelt testimony of the power of journaling.

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    Your Refreshment Specialist
    Host of #JournalChat Live and Links Edition on Twitter
    Author of The Birthday Wall: Create a Collage to Celebrate Your Child

  15. Inez Stefanski

    I am so glad I found your site. I really found you by mistake, while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a useful post and an all round inspiring blog. (I also like the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute, but I have added your website to my favorites, so when I have time I will be back to read more. Please do keep up the awesome job!

  16. Karen

    Wendie, you always bring a smile to my face! Stealing time at Starbucks to be with your ink and paper lover is as good a place to write as any coffee shop or home office – at least you wouldn’t have to resort to locking a door to get some me time at ‘Bucks! Personally I prefer Dunkin to Starbucks, but any port in a storm! At home, I don’t have anyone competing for me-time (except for some pesky dust bunnies who insist on taking up residence but who are easily banished with my sock mops!!) so I rarely need to escape. But if I did need to escape I’d probably go to Panera cause I prefer food to coffee and Panera has some really delicious desserts!!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      I’ll have to try Dunkin’s or Panera Bread. I think I just like someplace clean and comfy and that I don’t have to clean- and where food and coffee can be easily found. Ha ha!
      Whatever works for you is the best place to start:) Thanks so much for reading and commenting Karen:) Aloha, Wendie

  17. Linda Stein

    Seems odd to me that anyone would look down on anything that stirs the creative juices, even if that juice is Starbucks coffee. Seems to me you’re the one who’s on the right track. Maybe those folks screaming about writers block and the difficulty of looking at a blank piece of paper (or laptop screen these days) should find their closest Starbucks and get to work, eh? Maybe quite, solitude, nice decor and good, if over priced, coffee is their answer too.

    Besides… didn’t JK Rowling write the first Harry Potter in a coffee shop? Seems to have worked out pretty well for her, eh?

    Keep writing Wendie! ALWAYS a pleasure to read everything that Starbucks coffee hath wrought! {HUGS}

    1. Linda Stein

      That should be quiet….not quite! Damn fingers!

    2. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Linda- thanks for reading! I think everything worked out pretty well for Jo Rowling so I’m never going to stop writing in coffee shops- and where ever else I can find some peace and quiet. 😀 Thanks for commenting! Aloha, Wendie

  18. Cian Taaffe

    I’ve never understood why people turn up their nose at writing in a coffee shop.
    I tend to be most productive when writing at Starbucks, less distracted than I would be at home.
    I also enjoy writing in bars every now and again. Sitting there with my notebook and sipping on an ice cold pint of lager tends to get the creative juices flowing.

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Mmmm writing in a bar:) That would be great- and you’re right- if it’s not too busy and noisy, you could find some quiet time there as well. Thanks for the tip! Aloha, Wendie

  19. Maile Alau

    Hey thats me thats me!!! Thanks for the love!

    1. tomi

      Thank you so much, Lyndsay – it was very difficult to write, but I’d recommend the exercise to anyone.

  20. Lisa Lisa

    Who cares where you write as long as you get the work done! I don’t know if I could do it at Starbucks just cuz I’d probably get distracted people watching instead. Haha! But props to you!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks Lisa! I try and get the work done:) You’re right though- there are times when it’s nice just to sip lattes and people watch. Thanks for reading and commenting:) Aloha, Wendie

  21. Jessica

    That was beautifully put Tomi. Such a firecracker.

  22. Jessica

    It’s like you’ve been in my brain. Love it.

  23. Wendie Burbridge

    I love Sugar Love! I have a Sugar Love cap and 2 of Khym’s hoodies, one black and one chocolate, and I get compliments on them all the time. They are so perfect for a casual dressy look- I’ve worn them to restaurants, and out shopping, as well as on my most recent cross-country plane trip. They look great and are super comfortable. Thanks for the review:)

  24. Wendie Burbridge

    I drink black tea by the gallons. Now- I can also get my happy hour on with my favorite beverage. Ah well, the move toward becoming a lush was inevitable:) Thanks Nanea!

  25. Dina

    So different feeling “vibe” than other pieces I have read from you- LOVE It can’t wait to read more ;=)

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks Dina:) Appreciate you reading and commenting:) Glad you like the piece and the writing. Aloha, Wendie

  26. Lisa Lisa

    Awesome and inspiring to those that want to start their own line – like me! I just tweeted the link to try and win too. Looks comfy!

  27. Ana Parks

    Great clothing, so comfortable! The baby blankets and clothes are adorable!!!

  28. Jonathan

    Are there not different roads to the same destination? Why do so many feel the need to judge others for their journey? Leave them alone, Wendy! Now do steal some ‘me’ time and enjoy a skinny vanilla latte on me!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks Jonathan for reading:) I have no idea why some people feel the need to judge anyone- ain’t nobody got time for that! 😀 But whatever, right? I’m moving on and looking forward when I steal some time and have that skinny vanilla latte:) Thanks for commenting! Aloha, Wendie

  29. Lynnette

    So, Wendie! Your Muse resides in a Starbucks! That’s actually pretty cool because you can travel all over the world now and find your muse waiting for you!

    There’s a little coffee house in Missoula, MT called Liquid Planet – very hip and chic, and filled with people sitting on couches and chairs with their lattes and laptops – all doing exactly what you love to do in Starbucks! Seems there are other writers out there that need a special place away from all the commitments in their busy lives to just be able to WRITE! You are not alone, Wendie!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Lynnette! Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s nice to have a muse wherever you set your laptop:) And you’re right- it’s everywhere now! Liquid Planet sounds lovely! Will have to visit there one day- hopefully I can find the same somewhere like that to pitch my writing tent. Mahalo for reading and commenting! Aloha, Wendie


        i sharted in my sweatpants because of the laxative laced coffee! not nice!!!!

        SIGNED,,, UNICEF

  30. Ashley

    I would tell myself to have follow your dreams don’t let insecurity hold you back cause now I regret it!

  31. MB

    Hi Wendie, of course your sentence “I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “why would anyone want to leave beautiful Hawaii?” totally made me smile because Hawaii is one place I would love to visit.

    My “rock” is New York – another quite popular destination for many. I live thirty minutes north of New York City. Yet, this is a rock that I’ve often tried to get away from. After really traveling to a few places to get away (Scotland, England), I’ve changed gears and stayed “in State”.

    I stayed on my rock!!!! I just made it a bit larger. My most recent vacations have been way upstate New York more than 5 or 6 hours from where I live (by car) to visit the Finger Lakes Region.

    I laughed OUT LOUD when they called me a “Down Stater”. I had never heard that term – “they” were always upstate, but I didn’t know my type had a name. Those folks up there talk funny too — they say CAW-FEE. I say COFFEE. Though they would disagree because I talk just as funny to them.

    So it started with learning I was a “down Stater” – met with leery nods because I live so close to New York City (OMG – that can’t be good, right?). In reality, I consider myself a country kid because I don’t like the city really except for special events. I have horses, dogs, a barn and garden. But all of that took lots of explaining to my new “upstate friends”.

    There’s an amazing Menonite community — they all literally travel by horse and buggy on main highways. Where I see bike lanes, up there — the shoulder of the road is reserved for families and their horses. The farms are welcoming and stunningly maintained. Families join together for the most AMAZING farmside markets that are open to the public. Behind which, the horses are tethered with their wagons and buggies.

    To share just a bit more about the NY Finger Lakes Region — it is breathtakingly beautiful. The waters in the lakes are crystal clear and blue. Lake Keuka is my personal favorite lake; Seneca Lake is the deepest and was used by the Navy during WW2 to practice submarine maneuvers. YES, it is that deep and big! And yet, you can still see almost clear to its depths.

    The wineries are superb and are making a phenomenal impact internationally. New York State Finger Lakes wineries are rated extremely highly with an incredible history.

    So, before I talk “too much” – I found out something startling. Sometimes, you need to make your rock bigger and investigate all its special nooks and crannies. You might never know what you will find!!! 🙂

    ~ Mary Beth

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Mary Beth- I love how you “made your rock a bit larger” 🙂 I’ve done the same! I love all your details about being a “down stater”- and where you live sounds wonderful. I am so looking forward to seeing more of our great country- and I definitely plan on getting near where you are. I have friends there and I’ve never been! 🙂 So thank you for the ideas and a glimpse into your special place. Thanks so much for sharing:) Aloha, Wendie

  32. Kathy Lynn

    Hi Wendie! As you know I pretty much try any way I can to get back on your rock, but I totally understand you feelings. People always talk about how beautiful the desert is and how lucky we are to live where it’s warm (yup, it’s warm–113 degrees one day this summer ). Sometimes Tucson seems like a little island in the desert and I can’t wait to go somewhere. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures.

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Kathy! I know you had a great time when you visited the Big Island- and I look forward to seeing your beautiful desert! I’ve been to Phoenix- but I Tucson seems like a different kind of paradise:) Thank you for enticing me with yummy goodies. Can’t wait:) Thanks for reading and supporting! Aloha, Wendie

  33. Stacey Herrera

    Painful and beautiful in the most brilliant way.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  34. Karen

    Hi Wendie! As you already know, I’m a native NY’er, Brooklyn to to be exact! (Mary Beth welcome to the world of “downstaters” – first heard that expression when both my niece and nephew attended SUNY Albany!) NY offers a plethora of things to do and see from Broadway to Binghamton and everywhere in between. I work in the heart of Times Square and had a tourist tell me that he’d never, ever seen anyone eat and run the way we do! A businessman had just bought a “dirty water dog” – a hotdog to you non-natives, shovel it in his mouth and jump into a cab! Welcome to the City that Never Sleeps!

    I think it’s only natural to want to expand your horizons and travel and see and learn different things. The world is huge with lots of adventures and experiences calling! I’ve done some traveling, I’m far from a world-weary traveler but haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii. It is on my bucket list. The 1st time I heard the expression “off the rock” was when my career Navy nephew’s friend told me about her experiences about living on Hawaii at Hickham AFB and how she longed to get “off the rock” but couldn’t usually afford to. I would never have imagined anyone wanting to leave there! Then you came along and wow, I learned that there is life beyond Hawaii!! Whod’a thunk it! Every so often, I dream of retiring and moving to Hawaii (truthfully, the dream of moving to Hawaii is a probably a lot more realistic than my ever retiring, sigh.. :-)!)

    I love the idea of this page and am really looking forward to reading and sharing and learning about the travels of others!!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Well, Karen- I can’t wait until I get to experience NY through your eyes:) I’ve never been- and I’m sure you’ll show me the beauty that is Brooklyn! It’s true- getting off the rock has always been a goal of mine- to see things I never dreamed of- or only dreamed of- when I was on my island- but there are other islands I’m dying to see:) Thanks for reading and supporting me and my writing:) You rock! 😀 Aloha, Wendie

  35. Maddy Rico

    I know you’ve heard the phrase, “the grass is always greener in somebody else’s yard.” Being a Jersey Girl all of my life, I never thought traveling anywhere outside of the tri-state area, was possible. Never say never.

    Since graduating from high school, I’ve traveled across the pond to London, been to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, traveled across America several times by car and been to O’ahu, Hawaii twice.

    Next on my bucket list of greener pastures, the National Parks of the U.S.
    Finding your green pasture doesn’t have to involve flying 10 hours on an airplane. It could be right in the next town or state. You just have to get out there and find it for yourself.

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Oh Mads! The National Parks are on my list too! We’ll have to share our experiences for sure. And one day- I’ll get across the pond to London and Europe as I’ve never been. Thanks for your comment! Love hearing about your experiences- and so glad I got to meet you in Hawai’i:) Hope to see you soon! Aloha, Wendie

  36. Gina Fontillas

    Aloha Wendie! I love that – no matter where you are – you’re just a click away! Though I’m happy to be home in Hawai’i, I have wonderful memories of experiences that would not have happened if I’d never left. I’m looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Honi honi, Gina

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks so much Gina! Though I miss you and Benny and Kanoe- I’m getting to see a lot of new things, experience new places, and learn so much- I can only do all of this, of course, with the support of my friends- Like YOU!- and family. Thanks Gina for always being in my corner:) XO Aloha, Wendie

  37. Patricia

    I love to travel too! It is so great to get out of your comfort zone and explore.

    Travel also makes coming home so much sweeter 🙂

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Patricia! I agree- coming home is always sweet. I basically say that home is where my husband and son are– but traveling is always a wonderful experience. Thanks for reading and commenting:) Aloha, Wendie

  38. Deb Young

    HI Wendie! I’m anxious to hear about your travels! We love a good roadtrip and try to stay off the interstates as much as possible. We’ve discovered a wonderful little town in Colorado called Ouray . It’s in a box canyon surrounded by towering peaks. It’s also known as the Jeep Capital of America. We rent a jeep there and hit the trails. There’s no road too steep or narrow for my husband to try driving on! Hair-Raising!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Deb- I saw your lovely pics- soooo cool! I told Chief about it (he was born in Manitou Springs at the base of Pike’s Peak) and he knew of it- but has never been. So now… we add that to the list! Thanks hon:) And thanks for sharing your adventure! Mahalo for reading and commenting! Aloha, Wendie

      1. Deb Young

        I love Manitou Springs too! Went there on our honeymoon and a few times since.

        1. Wendie Burbridge

          OH, it’s my dream place to live. We almost bought a house there- but there were no jobs:( we love it there- except Chief can’t do snow anymore. Maybe we could one day have a summer home there? LOL Chief grew up eating Patsy’s salt water taffy and playing games at the Penny Arcade. I should write about that place too! Thanks Deb:) XO

  39. Andrea

    I always enjoy reading your articles Wendy! I have been lucky enough to see a lot of the states (I’ve been to 38 out of the 50 and have been able to travel to Mexico and Bahamas). I have been lucky enough to be able to “get off my rock” and move a few times. Born and raised most of my life in different areas of Northern IL (I’ve experienced both the city life and country life there), I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few years living right outside our Nations capital and at a good age to be able to experience and appreciate D.C and surrounding area (my favorite is Annapolis). Through friends have been able to spend time in the Southern states, enough time to appreciate the southern lifestyle and how different things are from the Northern states and the Eastern states. I fell in love with AZ about 10 years ago and 3 years ago made the move across country. I absolutely love it here. I think we have the best of all areas here in AZ. Desert in the Phoenix area, forests full of trees and snow up in the Northern areas like Flagstaff. In between the desert and the mountains of forest we have clear mountain lakes. AZ is also home to one of the most beautiful cities (in my book), Sedona. The most breathtakingly beautiful red rocks around!
    Most of my life I dreamed of Hawaii, It took me 30 years to get your home of O’hau and it didn’t disappoint. Another trip this year to HI and next year I’m hoping to hit the Pacific Northwest and then the Northeast states, they are the only 2 areas of the country I haven’t been able to travel too.
    Looking forward to more of your travels Wendy!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Andrea- I’m so glad you got to Hawai’i and I have been to your home state once- just for a conference- but it was really cool- the heat was interesting- but everything was so beautiful. If you ever get a chance- visit Volcano on the Big Island- it reminds me a little of your desert. Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing! XO Aloha, Wendie

  40. Lynnette

    Hi, Wendie! “Home, home on the range”! That’s me, alright! But I never would have expected that, being a 5th generation Californian. Of course, i wanted to get off my personal rock that was called San Bruno Mountain in those days! I met my cowboy while on vacation in Montana and I’ve been living on the prairie ever since. It’s not exactly a rock, and it’s big! Really, really big!

    But I succumbed to the travel bug when I was just a girl – my parents loved road trips. We never went too far, mostly just up and down the Pacific coast. I did go to Mexico in high school with my Spanish class, and after college, toured the British Isles with my parents. After working a few years, I took a cruise to the Mediterranean, taking in Venice, Greece, Turkey and Israel.

    After marrying my cowboy and having three children, trips out of the prairie consisted only of vacations back to San Francisco to visit the grandparents. Now that the kids are all grown up, I can start scratching that travel bug again! I keeping swimming back to your rock, Wendie, because I absolutely love it there! But I also want to get back to Europe, and Egypt! I have a passion to ride a camel and visit the Great Pyramids.

    I actually live fairly close to Yellowstone Park -did a day trip through the Lamar Valley and saw some beautiful scenery and wildlife earlier this summer. Mt. Rushmore is only a couple hours from me — in the opposite direction.

    Have to add, my children all have the travel bug, too. Taking them to California every summer introduced them to the world beyond their prairie, and now they are constantly plotting new places to go and trying to figure out how to get “Mom” to take them! (I think I did my job of broadening their horizons a little too well!)

    Looking forward to more of your travel stories in the future, Wendie!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Lynnette:) Thanks for reminding me about Yellowstone- Chief is dying to get there. I am too- we’ve been close, but never quite made it. We love your hometown area esp San Francisco. You’ll have to help me when I write about my favorite California spots:) Thanks so much for reading and commenting and ALWAYS supporting! XO Aloha, Wendie

  41. Nadia (Fanmisa)

    Wow Wendie ! A lovely article ! It’s funny because my dream would be to move to Hawaii #justsaying lol

    I’d traveled a lot since I’m young, but living in France, I actually visited all the countries around, and almost never went out from Europe.

    I spend 9 months in the USA after my HS, and had the chance to visit a lot of cities and amazing places there during week-ends or holidays, and so far, it is the best year I spend of my entire life !
    Travelling opens your mind and makes you meet different people, and discover new horizons, new culture. You grow up and win in maturity during every single travel you can do during your life.

    Mahalo for this Wendie !

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Nadia- well, my dream is to perhaps visit you in France! That would be amazing! 😀 I agree with you- Traveling completely opens your mind and makes you discover all kinds of new things. And it is endless… don’t you think? Love your thoughts! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting and I hope one day you’ll get to see my home and I’ll get to see yours! Aloha, Wendie

      1. Nadia (Fanmisa)

        Aloha !
        Whenever you wanna come to France, you know where to find me 😉
        I absolutely agree with you, when I came back to France after the 9 months I spend there, I was another person, much more mature, and I just had an amazing time with amazing people from all around the world and I’ll never forget this experience ! As soon as I can I’ll come to visit you, it’s a done deal trust me 😀
        Mahalo ! – Nadia

        1. Wendie Burbridge

          Well, I know I’ll need a guide in France! Can’t wait:) Mahalo Nardia:) XO Wendie

  42. Linda Stein

    Somehow Wendie, you are always able to cut right to the heart of a subject and you always get me thinking deeper about whatever your subject is. The hallmark of a great writer! It’s why I enjoy reading your work so much!

    There is that old saying about the grass being greener and I think we all, at one point or another want to make it to the other side of that fence. I was born, raised and still live in Philadelphia. All joking aside, it’s a wonderful city. Full of culture, entertainment, restaurants, sports, an entire new country full of history, and a diverse population to rival any city in the world. People make the decision to spend their vacation money here year after year and yet, like you, I crave to be somewhere else. I have traveled a bit, mostly cruises to the Caribbean but the furthest I’ve ever been from Philly is my one, extraordinarily wonderful trip to Hawaii. You’re right! I can’t imagine anyone wanting to ever leave there. I knew I wouldn’t want to leave before I even got there and being there only cemented the feeling. When (you’ll notice I refuse to say IF) I win the lottery I know where I’m going to move.

    But I do understand the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else when you have spent your entire life in one place, even if others consider that place paradise. Kind of like living in that guided cage. I am so happy you have been able to follow your dream. Keep dreaming, keep traveling and keep writing. Those are the things that make you happy and by extension makes us happy because through your writing we are able to share it with you. You’re making it to the other side of that fence and happily the grass is a lush wonderful green! Aloha sistah!

    1. Linda Stein

      Oh and I almost forgot! The USS New Jersey is still sitting across the river waiting for her Chief to come visit! <3

    2. Wendie Burbridge

      Oh Linda- you’re such a gem:) Thanks for your comment- you always “get” me- and then state it in such a lovely and sincere way- so love that about you:) Thanks for giving me the best compliment about my writing! Mahalo nui loa:) I’m SO looking forward to the roadtrip to Philly to visit you and the USS New Jersey! You know Chief will LOVE seeing his ship again! I know how much he loves the USS Missouri and that’s because they are sister ships. But to be on his first ship his first time at sea when he first joined the Navy? Wow. We’ll have to make that happen:) XO Mahalo sistah:) Aloha, Wendie

  43. amyjane

    I traveled some in my youth. I’m from Alabama (where I met you!) but my family visited St. Louis every summer to visit relatives. When I was eight, we drove to Wisconsin for a cousin’s wedding. at nine we drove out to Yellowstone, at eleven we went to D.C. and at thirteen we drove to the Grand Canyon.

    I went to Italy with friends over Y2K (and we made it back!) Then France, Germany, Austria & Switzerland in 03 (right after the war started), Hawaii in 05, Israel & Jordan in 06, London and all over Scotland in 09 and then a tour of five national parks in 2011.

    But the funny thing about all of this is, I never would’ve done it had my parents not kicked me out of the house the day after I graduated from high school and had me move in with my Aunt in Tennessee. They could see I was too introverted and afraid to take risks. How right they were! I think the traveling I’ve done has taught me so much about myself and what I can handle, but more importantly, it has shown me there is so much more to life than the small little area of the globe that I inhabit.
    Looking forward to reading more from you!!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Amy:) I feel the same way as you do- like I there’s so much more to see and do if I just get out of my comfort zone:) Thanks for sharing your experiences! I hope to see a lot of what you have seen- many of those countries are on my dream travel list:)
      It was so nice to have met you! One thing great about traveling too is all the folks you can meet on your journey:) Aloha, Wendie

  44. Auli'i

    Great article! I also have been moving myself and my family to a paleo lifestyle. I look forward to reading about your journey as I navigate my own. Good luck!

  45. Robin Lyons

    I liked a pin on Pinterest that Nanea had recently pinned, I thought since we had similar taste in that pin I’d check out her boards. Then I wondered what Sweatpants & Coffee was all about so I checked out the website. You had me when I landed on the Lava Flow recipe, I knew we had similar taste then. From there I had to Like S&C on Facebook and let you know I love the site, look forward to the future.

    1. Nanea Hoffman

      Thanks, Robin! So glad you found your way here. Welcome. 🙂

  46. Karen

    Great advice! Now, not to only listen to it but to heed it and use it!

  47. Rarita Vanesita

    You echo a lot of what I had felt in my early twenties, the insecurities and the disillusionment and not being able to create myself, or this idea that I had to create this persona, and inability to do so hindering my ability to live a life. Thank you for the read, I truly enjoyed this post.

  48. Lyndsay Wells

    I LOVE that you’re recapping this season. Like you, I had to check it out with men involved! Awesome!

  49. Linda Stein

    Wow…Guam sounds like an amazing place and I totally agree with you about vacations. My most favorite mainland place to vacation is the Outer Banks of North Carolina just for the types of reasons you state. There is plenty of things to do there if you want to go look for them but they’re not screaming in your face like so many vacation destinations. I remember the first time we took our daughter to Disney we felt like if we didn’t do EVERYTHING we were missing out on the experience and by the time we came home from vacation we needed a vacation!!! We were exhausted.

    That’s why I love the Outer Banks. If I want to do something there is no shortage of things to do but if I just want to VACATE on my vacation I can do that too without feeling like I’ve missed anything. I go there because it is relatively remote and not super crowded. When I go to the beach there is always a fairly wide distance between us and the next blanket over. I can sit back and enjoy the sounds of the water and the sea birds, lose myself in a trashy novel and vegetate.

    I kind of think about it in one of two ways. There is a TRIP and then there is VACATION. A trip is like Disney, tons of stuff to see and do and it’s exhilarating and exciting and a ton of fun and positively exhausting. Then there is vacation. I can take a vacation at home if I have to because as long as there is quite, rest, no schedule, good food, good company and peace…I have vacated my life and can relax.

    Although I’ll probably never get there Guam sounds like an amazing place to do just that. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you again! ♥

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      ohhh Outer Banks, NC sounds like a place I need to get myself to soon! Thanks Linda:) I’m with you- sometimes we go on a Trip and sometimes it’s a Vacation! And I usually want a Vacation! 😀 Awesome distinction. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your experiences. Love that you could relate to my time in Guam. It really is special that we can find these tucked away gems and find places to relax and just BE:)

      Thanks Linda- for reading and commenting and for your wonderful support! Aloha, Wendie

      1. Linda Stein

        The Outer Banks are really awesome. As soon as I cross over the bridge into Dare County and smell the sea I can feel my entire body de-stress. I’ve been begging Den to let us move there for decades! LOL

        Being down south now, it’s totally doable for you Wendie. If you DO go, head down to Hatteras Island in the Southern Outer Banks. It’s a bit more remote than Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills where there are more condos and actual hotels. Hatteras Island is mostly all individual houses with plenty of space between them. The beaches are never crowded and to the north of Rodanthe (yes, as in Nights in Rodanthe) there is a 26 miles National Wildlife Refuge called Pea Island Reserve where houses are not permitted. Walking on that beach is like going back in time. Not a soul in sight, nothing but sand, air, water, birds and peace. There is another almost 30 mile stretch to the south that’s the same. Ahhhhhhhhh I feel the calm as I type!

        If you ever want to go let me know and I’ll give you all the info for the realtor we use when we go. I use them every time.

        1. Wendie Burbridge

          Wow- that sounds amazing Linda! I will definitely think about that for a new place to go! Mahalo for the info:) XO Aloha, Wendie

  50. Dina

    OOOh I want to go now!!! never thought Guam in a million years but now I have to add it to my bucket list!!! thanks Wendie!!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Dina! I know it seems like a different kind of add to a Bucket List- but I really loved it there. I hope you get to one or more of your tropical dream destinations SOON:) XO Mahalo for commenting and supporting! Aloha, Wendie

  51. Kathy Lynn

    Ahh Guam, the place where my husband learned the difference between wasabi and guacamole (the hard way) while seated next to the Lt. Governor at a formal dinner. Good times. I didn’t get to go but I want to, even if it is just for the snorkeling. I think I would need to stay a while to recover from the 17 hour flight. Ugh. I am like you, I plan too much for vacations. I love the days where we just get up and not have any agenda. I am enjoying the “mini-vacations” that you are posting. Thanks for the great article and pictures.

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Kathy-
      Whoops! Wow! That must have been a tastebud shocker for your husband. Yikes- Wasabi would really shock you when you think you’re getting a dab of Guac. LOL I hope he recovered okay:)
      My hubs and son went snorkeling at Gab Gab Beach and they said it was amazing. I’m not that brave, but I’m sure you would enjoy it. The beaches really are lovely- and warm. I know 17 hours is long- but you could stop in Hawaiʻi and catch a breather:) And don’t plan when you hit Guam- believe me, just drive with your swim stuff in the car and stop at a beach and then go find food- it’s not hard and not far- you can’t get lost! 😀 And then again- if you did get lost- no harm, there’s another beach, and another restaurant around the corner:) Lazy days make for perfect vacations:) Thanks for taking the time to comment Kathy! Aloha, Wendie

  52. Lynnette

    Guam, you say? Well, of course I have a story! The neighboring ranch was sold to a new family a few years ago. The older son was retiring from 18 years in the Navy (get this, stationed at Pearl!) he moved his wife and 3 daughters from Hawaii to Montana…and his wife, Helen, was Guamanian! What a delightful lady! The hardest thing in the world for her was learning to drive, and being so far away from the ocean! She loved to talk about her homeland and her family. She was always telling me to go visit Guam! It sounds like I should! The family moved on a few years back, but they’re still in Montana.

    Now, your idea of a vacation sounds wonderful to me, but this is where my husband and I differ in opinions. He HAS to be doing something all the time, all the time! He’ll happily drive all over an area to find things to see – he doesn’t golf, and he really doesn’t swim, but he loves to explore! He’s an “off the beaten path” kind of guy! But I like spa days, longggg lunches, a little shopping, and, of course, a good trashy novel, too! So, actually, Guam sounds like a perfect compromise for us! But it is kind of far away from Montana…

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Well- if you get to Hawai’i- Guam is not too far- and your hubs can explore and explore and explore- and leave you on the beach to read and relax:) Love your story about your Guamanian friend- it is different being an island girl living away from the ocean- I can relate to that. I’m hoping you can get to visit Guam at some point- maybe just you and the hubs and no family with you- that may make it an extra special “get away”:) Thanks for reading and commenting Lynnette! Aloha, Wendie

  53. tracey

    Nicole IS pretty awesome.

    And the line about wiping your own ass? PERFECT.

    1. Kelly Wilson

      Thanks! Good dumps and wiping your own ass is a very good day indeed.

  54. Marlene Herself

    I have a sign that someone else came up with. It says, “If you are here to see me, you are welcome any time. If you are here to see my home, make an appointment”. I too often hide from people but mostly because they take so much energy that can be better used creatively. Those that nurture creativity, know what to expect in my home. Carry on with the mess.

  55. Berrak Sarikaya

    With as much as social media has given me, I have been finding myself more in the moment when I’m enjoying my life, instead of trying to document every second. Being in the moment is so much more fun, especially when I’m with people I love.

    1. Nanea Hoffman

      Amen, Berrak. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m storing the memories in my heart. They don’t need to be sent out into cyberspace. Unless my lunch looks particularly awesome.

  56. Tracy B.

    You are so right about what the show is missing. They need guidance, they need training, and in my opinion they need Kelly to shut up. I can’t stand her.

    How did Tyra think Mike was going to magically turn into a model. He is a hot guy, I see what she sees in him, but give the guy some help.

  57. Off The Rock | How to Travel Like a Rock Star

    […] months, and have seen some pretty incredible places. I’ve been to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Seoul, Guam, Virginia Beach, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Las Vegas, Orlando, Colorado and parts of the […]

  58. Off The Rock | How to Travel Like a Rock Star

    […] like wearing jeans and prefer sweat pants, maybe wear yoga pants. On my last plane ride, I wore a Sugar Love long sleeve hoodie with jeans. I was comfy and it looked good. I always wear dark colors because […]

  59. Karen

    Hi Wendie!

    Though I’m not traveling as frequently as I once did, all your suggestions are great! There’s nothing like being prepared. I have an artificial knee and even though I’m ready w/the hospital issued card stating that, invariably the alarms sound and the looks on the faces of the people behind me are not so priceless! The looks are even better when I’m traveling w/my sis, who has an artificial hip! Talk about fire-works and death stares!!! Usually the agents are pretty quick and the people relax when they realize I’m not the uni-bomber!!

    I’ve learned over the years that less is definitely more. I haven’t been to any place so remote that I couldn’t buy the one thing I forgot or didn’t want to bring. It’s really a very freeing experience to not have to lug tons of stuff. I keep my 3-1-1 bag ready an updated so I’m ready to go at a moment’s notice (well, almost :-)!)

    You’re so right about dressing! Have some pride people! I cringe when I see some slovenly passenger because I just know that they’ll either be my seatmate or close enough for me to smell! UGH! I have a pet peeve that you didn’t mention! I hate when you sit behind some clod who just has to recline in your lap. Really! Have some courtesy folks!

    Traveling is great and I love it! All this talk has got me thinking of where my next adventure will take me! Oh, you take your Danskos (they’re great shoes!) and I’ll take my Clarks and we’ll meet in the middle!

    Happy Trails!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hey Karen:) thanks for sharing your story about your travels! I definitely concur with “less is more” and don’t dress like a slob or like you’re ready for bed! I almost wrote a paragraph about how you can always buy what you forgot until once we went somewhere and we didn’t have a car and it was 2 bus rides and then a taxi to get to WalMart! LOL So, now if I know we wont have a car, I pack a few extra things in my suitcase. 🙂 I’ll have to try Clarks! I have heard good things about them as well:) Thanks for sending me searching for new shoes- like I need another pair! LOL Again, thanks for reading and commenting! Aloha, Wendie

  60. Angie

    Hi Wendie,
    I love this and laughed out loud when I read that sentence about Paris Hilton’s pillow and about your readers having a brain to entertain themselves. I’m not so sure that Paris would like your comment but she probably wouldn’t understand your implied message about those brains, anyway 🙂

    But seriously, I think I’ll reread this article when I finally get to travel again because you’ve given a bunch of great advice – especially for people like me who are sligthly “out of practice” at travelling by plane.
    Even though I absolutely love travelling (not to all countries and places though), I just haven’t been able to travel much for the past 10 years or so since I lost a better-paid job.
    But nobody can take the great memories away that I have from travelling to wonderful places in the past – like Australia, various places in the U.S. (where I even lived for a year) and, of course, Europe where I was born and still live today. I can totally understand why you love travelling and exploring new places – and I fully agree with that quote you shared on Facebook about the world being a book – It’s so true!

    Keep up your great writing – I particularly love reading stuff about travelling! And I hope you get to travel a lot in the future, too, so you can write about it and share your experiences and memories with us.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip wherever you may go next!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Angie-
      I am really hoping one day to come to your “neck of the woods” so to speak. I’ve never been to Europe and I really would love to see that part of the world too. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment- it’s nice to get your input as I was mainly going off of traveling within the US– but I do know that international travel can be different depending on the country. So thanks for chiming in and adding your experiences:) Aloha, Wendie

  61. Lynnette

    Great advice, Wendie! I’m sending this on to the gal I went to Italy with- she actually bought another carry on for all the stuff she had to have on the 10 hour flight to London! I do have to say, though, most of her snacks were necessary as there wasn’t much she could eat on the plane’s menu, having a severe case of Celiac disease!

    One thing I can suggest thanks, to personal experience, is to be mindful of leaving the blingy tops in the suitcase until you arrive at you destination. My story (of course I have one!): I’ve been through security umpteen times and have learned to almost completely disrobe before going through the scanner. I’m very good at it by now. Except last summer – island hopping from Kaua’i to Oah’u – it was hot and I put on a nice little print tank top for the short trip. Go through the scanner -sirens go off! Do it again, more sirens! Very nice TSA lady takes me to the side, gets out her wand, smiles and tells me I’m good to go, but next time keep the rhinestone studded top in the suitcase! Boy, did I ever feel stupid!

    Another courtesy on a plane-be mindful of stinky feet when you take your shoes off during those long flights! After 2 weeks in Hawaii, my husband’s Sanuks were just a little ripe. I almost keeled over when he took them off during the 6 hour flight to Seattle. Sad thing was, he was sitting in the middle – I don’t think the girl sitting on the other side of him enjoyed her flight very much!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I’m going to have Rock Star status the next time I travel, for sure!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Lynnette!
      What great advice! I never thought about the blingy top being a problem. Great tip:) And as for the feet… I’ll have to keep that in mind for me and my family when we travel next.
      As for snacks- if you have a food allergy or special diet, by all means make sure you have what you need- I have no problem with that.. and some folks think the food is terrible or too expensive, so bring your own- I would just suggest be careful that it’s not fish or something that can smell up the whole plane LOL
      Once on a flight to Narita a local Hawai’i family brought bentos with fish cake and salmon and all kinds good smelling food- but very fishy smelling- and many people complained. The flight attendants were not happy because on international flights you don’t pay for your meal in economy like on domestic flights in the US. So they didn’t need to bring their bento lunches! But they just didn’t know- it was their first time flying anywhere except for an occasional interisland flight. So- you live and learn right? I’d take a smelly lunch, and even smelly feet over anything more dramatic (and scary!) happening on a flight:)

      Thanks Lynnette! Love your comments and your support! Aloha, Wendie

  62. Gina

    Wendie, Wendie, Wendie…how I so enjoy your writing! Whether you’re providing great instructional material like this or breaking down an episode of H50, it’s always such a pleasure to take a few minutes to read what you’ve put together. I laughed out loud so many times while reading this piece [the Bloody Mary homicide victim was a priceless moment for me:)] I am definitely keeping this in a safe spot to break out the next time I’m traveling because I know it will come in very handy. Thanks so much…and keep up the great work!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Gina;)
      Thanks for liking my sassiness- it comes in handy when you are writing a “list” of things to do- which could sometimes be boring. Such fun to write about traveling and hear about other peoples own experiences. Thanks so much for enjoying the piece and for commenting:) Aloha, Wendie

  63. Kathy Lynn

    Okay, okay, I’ll try the Danskos!
    Thanks for all the great tips, you are my travel role-model. 🙂

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Kathy Lynn-
      You must try them! I love them, and if you wear them with pants, they look like boots. All my friends say, where are your boots? They are so cool and sturdy and comfy. I can’t express my love enough! LOL Let me know when you do and what you think. Thanks so much for liking the tips and for reading:)
      Aloha, Wendie

  64. dee

    i agree with all of them 🙂

  65. Wendie Burbridge

    My friend Karen @huntress62 sent me a pick of her cool travel bag- It was a present from her daughter.

    She packs this for a flight as her only carry on and she says it fits under her seat nicely:) She says “I pack it light for air: small make-up bag, brush, netbook, external HDs, iPod, book, snack & spare shirt.”

    And I love the skulls!

    Thanks for the send Karen!

    Aloha, Wendie

  66. Lyndsay Wells

    Phil is a dog – which is probably why he’s been my favorite since day 1 – along with Marvin and Corey. I love these recaps Richards, almost as much as the show!

  67. Sarah

    I love reading recaps that pretty much say the same things I’ve been thinking (like who is that buzzy guy and why is Sara freeman helping with the wedding – I thought she didn’t even leave the house….)

  68. Wendie Burbridge

    My ovaries actually DID explode. #lesigh

    1. Erin

      Mine too! And I’m already pregnant!

  69. laurie

    you are an inspiration and one heck of a good cook, and writer!

    1. Lyndsay Wells

      Thanks so much Laurie – that means a lot to me! xoxo!

  70. Theresa Bollman

    LOL! You brought back some fun memories. Though I was always too shy (or was it insecure?) to ever be a pursuer (overtly), my gfs and I could sure make a 3 day conference over “the real meaning” behind a 5 or 6 word conversation one of us had with the men of our dreams. Much later, when I met Lee he had served in Viet Nam, was a real grownup, and knew how precious life and time were. No indecisive little boy playing games; he knew what he wanted and went for it. We met in April, got engaged at Christmas and were married a year from the day we met. Glad you and I both found ourselves great men who knew how to take the wheel 🙂

    1. Lyndsay Wells

      You said it Tess 🙂 I loved reading this – thank you for sharing some of your love story here – it is beautiful.










    1. Lyndsay Wells

      And I love you right back Idgy. Towanda! xoxo!

      You bee charmer you 😉

  72. tomi l. wiley

    Thank you, lovely ladies. Just re-read this and opened a fresh – but necessary – wound. Hugs and red balloons to all.

  73. Robyn

    Good reading! Good eating! Thanks, Lyndsay!!

  74. Staci Rivera

    Richard, I loved your play by play recap. I think the best part of watching this show is making fun of it. I hope to read more of these in the future–
    I loved the comment about random scores- so true!
    And I agree, they are setting up Jourdan for a win. So sad, especially when Cory is actually a talented model- I would hire him any day.

  75. Sweatpants & Coffee

    This is wonderful, Barbara! Finn is such a special kid. (Edit: Should clarify that this is Emily. I didn’t realize I had signed in as admin.)

  76. Shellie

    I loved reading these comments from Finn. My special boy is 23 and cannot express his feelings very well. I am going to buy him the book Finn mentioned and see if it helps. Thank you so very much for posting this.

  77. TK

    I now have a desperate need for a drink shaker after reading this.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      It’s worth buying one. 🙂 Let us know if you try this recipe!

  78. Wendie Burbridge

    Seriously- nutella and alcohol? I’m done. Delightfully sinful!

  79. Wendie Burbridge

    Thanks for sharing this Barbara! As a mother of a son who tests far below his grade level yet looks years older than his classmates, school is not always an easy place for him. Thank you for allowing Finn to share his story and for being so candid- I think this could really help other kids and other parents. Mahalo nui! Aloha, Wendie

  80. Vanessa

    Ah Jen… how precious and necessary! I feel that there’s something happening in the world that is taking away from us the ability to just be and saunter (love that word too!). What happened to just a good stroll, ramble… no, we have to speed walk, job, run, do marathons! What’s happening!
    Thanks for the reminder… For me it’s about checking the Smartphone less often (is it really that smart? I don’t think so.)
    Yay to Fall…. I just want to hibernate and have come coffee – for here, please.

    1. Jen Violi

      Thanks so much Vanessa! And my apologies for the delayed reply. October felt a little bit like a runaway train :). I hope your October and first days of November have left plenty of time to saunter… xoxo

  81. richard

    Okay, I’ll admit: I gave up on Supernatural about a season or two ago. It all just started to feel kinda same ol’ same ol’. But this really made me think about diving in.

    And no, not just for Cas in his boxers.

    Well, maybe.

  82. Frances

    Welcome fellow Sam girl =) I loved the premiere as well. My favourite scene was with Sam and Death, because, as you said, it was so nice to see Sam be recognised for all the good he’s done. I also loved the pilot callback.

  83. stormyssong

    You pretty much hit all the same high notes I did about this episode. What a roller coaster ride! And…thank you for those words about Tahmoh Penikett…he has been an idol of mine for years now! =) I am SO looking forward to where this season takes us. It’s going to be wild.

  84. healyn rushing

    Love per waited for this own all the DVDs it’s like eating chips can’t just eat one

  85. Cjames

    I completely agree. At this point, the only one pfofiting from this show- is Tyra!

  86. Hulagurl

    Don is the only one that caught my eye from the beginning! I don’t want to choose any of the remaining whiners but now I guess I’ll have to go with Nina.

  87. Kylie

    I am realising more and more why I was so drawn to you and your blog all those years ago on MySpace.

    I have just recently started working on trying to block energy myself. Working on meditation and visualisations. Being an energy empath is exhausting. It is hard to explain to people why you are so easily excitable when good things happen to other people and why you get really low at other times. Difference is, for me, it’s everyone I come in contact with not just people I know and love.

    Happy, sad, angry or any other emotion you can think of, I draw everyone’s energy into my own aura and I suffer for it, badly at times. I end most days with nothing left to give and I am trying to work on blocking my aura from absorbing it all.

  88. ConKnee

    I loved this episode and reading your recap makes me happy. My favorites are 4, 7, 9.

    1. Barbara

      So glad to hear you liked it! I am a huge SPN geek, and I love reliving each episode.

  89. Amanda

    I’m a HUGE horror fan and I was totally not aware of Fear of the Dark, so thanks or the heads up!

    There are so many movies I would want to throw out there but I know I should just name one. So, I will stick with my specialty, which is small screen terror. There are so many classics, but I think the guaranteed crowd pleaser would have to be Trilogy of Terror. Karen Black takes on 4 roles in 3 short films in this wacky anthology. While she is definitely a draw with her lazy eyed beauty, it is really her co-star in the third segment that gets everyone so freaked out. The Zuni Fetish doll in the segment titled Amelia is the stuff that childhood traumas are made of!

    I first saw Trilogy on the afternoon movie on our local channel in the late 70s (I was about 7 or 8). I accidentally walked in on the Zuni doll segment and stood there in absolute horror as that little beast chased Ms. Black around her super groovy apartment (the kitchen wallpaper is incredible!). It was then that I knew I did not want to go near another horror movie, at least until the next one came on!

    And that’s my recommendation! Have a great Halloween!

  90. Glenda Hickey

    Pumpkinhead for sure. Lance Henriksen and the creepy way the hillbilly kids chant “Punkinhead”

  91. Deborah

    Love your list. Trick r Treat definitely makes my Top 10. I’ve never seen Fear of the Dark but I’m going to make a point of seeing it now.

    Amanda mentioned Trilogy of Terror which is another one of my Top 10. That final shot of Karen Black crouching in her apt driving a knife into her floor? EEEEK!

    My top 3 picks:

    The Fog (1980) – I’ll never forget the feeling of panic I experienced as a kid as Stevie Wayne (Adrienne Barbeau) reported over the airwaves the progress the fog made through the town, street by street. Nothing will beat the final scene with Father Malone (Hal Holbrook) and Blake.

    Pet Sematary – The whole concept is creepy as all get out but my favorite part of the movie is Gage’s call to his father. “First I played with Jed, then mommy came and I played with mommy. We played daddy. We had an awful good time. Now I want to play with yoooooooou.” Scary little bastard.

    Prom Night (1980) – A fun slasher. Some of Bob Guza’s best work. I’ll never forget those kids and that chant “The killers are coming” over and over, followed by “Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill” I really hated those rotten kids for causing Robin’s death and I was rooting for the killer in the ski mask the whole time. LOL!

  92. TK

    I became a member of NaNoWrMo years ago but life got in the way before I could do anything. Now, out of college and with a stable job, I think I am as ready as I’m going to be. I have no plan, no title and no outline. I’m just going to go for it. Maybe next year I’ll plan. The pressure of it all always held me back. I think there is something free and thrilling about writing without any idea what your words will bring to life.

  93. chris tevyaw

    when I was 15 and saw the exorcist, that cured me from being a scary movie “fan”. The Ring, Chainsaw (original), Saw movies, Hostal, Hills Have Eyes, Rob Zombie movies, April Fools Day. Guess I’ve watched more than I realized!

  94. Mike Garvey

    Yowza. The rimming mixture sounds even hotter than the drink!

    And yes, I know damn well what I just said there.

    1. Arthur Sacramento


  95. KarenBlueEyes

    Is this to be drunk like a shot… Throw it back? Or is it a sippin’ drink to savor and/or sweat through? Ha! But serious question.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      Karen, you shoot it! Like Dean Winchester would. 🙂

  96. Lynnette

    Very cool (feeling a chill here) blog, Wendie! I love ghost stories but haven’t actually gone on a ghost tour! There is a ghost map for my nearby town – Miles City, Mt., and an occasional ghost tour. I might have to take the tour one of these days!

    I HAVE been to Alcatraz, and agree 100% about the spooky feelings one gets from the moment you disembark from the ferry. Even though you know the inmates were incarcerated for a reason, you can’t help but feel sadness, dread and hopelessness – residual sentiments from those inmates’ souls, I’m sure!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks Lynnette! You should check out your local Ghost Tour and let me know what you thought/what it was like. Would love to hear about other places and stories. There’s one in Birmingham that I want to check out:) Alcatraz is by far my favorite place from this list. It was a dream come true to visit- and it did not disappoint. Listening to the former inmates narrating the history and stories of the place was so cool! Thanks for sharing your experience! Aloha, Wendie

  97. Dina

    Well now I know your the brave one! Don’t know if I could go to all those places and not be completely freaked out! although I adore and have gone a few times to Salem- Witch trial central ;=)
    Great job!!!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hey Dina! It was definitely spooky and SO interesting! I’m glad I did it- better than just taking a regular tour when visiting a new spot. I would really like to check out a Birmingham tour or even head to Savannah- I hear there’s a lot of ghost stories in that town. I would love to check out Salem! I have a special fondness for The Crucible and it would be so cool to see and hear about the actual events of one of my favorite pieces of literature. Mahalo for sharing! Aloha, Wendie

  98. Linda Stein

    Like really like ghosts stories too Wendie but I’ve never actually been on a ghost tour either. I think I’d be fascinated but part of me is scared, not of the ghosts, but of the fool I’ll make of myself when I screech with fear if something as innocuous as a dust ball should flutter by me. I think I’d die from the embarrassment. When my daughter was about 13, she taped up a picture of Linda Blair from the Exorcist on my bathroom mirror. She’s almost 24 now and STILL loves to tell the tale of how my 2am scream sent the cats scattering under the furniture in search of cover! I think it took 2 hours before my heart managed to return to some semblance of normal. ROFL

    Philadelphia, being an historical city, there are ghosts tours all over Old City and around the Revolutionary War era sites. They also have ghost tours at Eastern State Penitentiary, an old prison that has been closed for decades but still stands, like Alcatraz, a relic of history and ghosts. At this time of year they turn the place into “Terror Behind the Walls” a Haunted Halloween Attraction on the eery ruins. I hear it is quite frightening. After living here all my life, I still haven’t conjured up the bravery to give it a try! Maybe if you ever come to visit we can go and cling onto each other. LOL

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Ohhhh Linda- you just give me more and more reasons to come and visit you!!! I am dying to visit Eastern State Penitentiary- I’ve seen many shows about it and then I could say I’ve been to TWO prisons that housed Al Capone! 😀 And like you- I’d have screamed bloody murder if someone posted a pic of Linda Blair from the Exorcist TOO! AHH! LOL That would have freaked me out! But that would be something my son would do to me too, just to hear me scream! LOL Thanks for sharing your stories and ideas:) Aloha, Wendie

  99. Brandi

    If you haven’t seen it, Skeleton Key. There were point that scared the hell outta me & the twist caught me completely by surprise!

  100. William

    One of my favourite memories growing up in Central Ohio was Friday night “Chiller Theatre” with Fritz the Night Owl. Not only is Fritz the greatest host, “Chiller Theatre” would air the greatest, cheesiest B-Movie horror flicks. One that stands out to me was “The Creature from The Black Lagoon”… 3D!! I remember putting on my cheap cardboard 3D-glasses and having my young self totally freaked out! Ah, memories…

  101. Mickey

    Charlie can be in every episode as far as I’m concerned too!

    The idea of Oz did seem preposterous, but I never worry, because they have pulled off every preposterous premise before, in epic and spectacular fashion.

    Another of my favourite moments is when Sam is rushing into the doorway and abruptly turns into Zeke mid-stride. The change is so dramatic and it really turns on a dime.

    I also loved the last line, because it did so many things: it resolved Sam’s home issues, it answered the question about Charlie’s return, and it tied everything in to the Oz story.

  102. TK

    Please tell me there is a GirlGeekCon somewhere in Illinois too. I’ve always wanted to go to a comic/anime/sci-fi/fantasy convention, but I’m intimidated. What if my cosplay sucks? What if I don’t cosplay? Scariest of all, what if my cosplay rocks and all the men treat me like I’m not a “real” geek. I’ve heard so many horror stories. The world needs more GirlGeekCons

    1. Berrak

      TK, GGC is in Seattle BUT have you looked into the Chicago Comic Con? When I went to the Emerald City Comic Con last year for the first time, I didn’t have a costume. I went for the experience. From what I observed and heard, even at a big convention like that, there weren’t men who treated women as posers just because of their cosplay being awesome. In fact, I think you would get a lot of respect.

      I suggest going to a convention to get the feel of it. Don’t worry about cosplay your first year. I didn’t. It’s a lot less intimidating that way and I promise no one would look down on you for not being dressed up.

      Next year though? You bet I’ll be dressed up, but I’ll be doing it for me, not for them.

  103. Mary Ann Hooker

    I had and “experience” while at Alcatraz. We went on a class field trip in college to do some research. The visit was shortly after the end of the sit-in era.

    We entered the large area that had been the visitor center. Just as we were about to go into the next section, a large piece of the ceiling fell and landed next to where I was standing. None of us felt good about the project we were about to do, and this just added to the unease.

    The other spooky thing showed up in a photo I took at a wedding. The Greek Orthodox wedding took place in this old stone church on the outskirts of London. I had taken a picture of the groom standing at the altar. I took it to show his friend that couldn’t make the wedding.

    I picked up the slides and I was reviewing them so I could put the pictures in sequence. When I looked at the picture, there was a visible green aura next to the groom. There was definitely one more entity in the wedding party that day!

  104. Amber

    I love this. Talking about it helps so much. It’s makes everyone who deals with this stuff feel less alone.

    On a personal note, earlier this year I had a bout of severe vertigo brought on by Labrynthitis which triggered the longest period of anxiety I’d ever had. I’ve had panic attacks for years but this was just sort of nonstop. I told my husband that I’d suddenly become the love child of Lucille Austero and Buster Bluth. It was hilariously comforting.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      Amber! That sounds awful, but thinking about a Lucille II/Buster love child had me giggling hysterically. I must Google Labrynthitis. I, too, have had debilitating vertigo in the past couple of years and I totally get how that could trigger panic attacks. My body definitely went to Def Con 1 when I’d have an attack.

      – Nanea

  105. Tammy Allen

    i learned a valuable lesson about myself from reading this. I have complex PTSD as the result of serious sexual trauma as a child and young woman. I’ve always blamed my depression and anxiety on that. But I think many of those things happened because I was depressed and terrified. I was naive and I didn’t know about sex. My mom told me it was something you have to do when you get married when I was about 14.
    Now my mind is blowing up because I’m trying wrap my head around this possible realization and thinking about bad things and starting to panic. Thanks for writing this – gotta stop thoughts now.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      It makes so much sense that depression and anxiety would make a child vulnerable to abuse and manipulation. And then of course, that would trigger more anxiety and depression. PLEASE do not blame or punish yourself. Talk to someone. <3

      - Nanea

      1. Tammy Allen

        I have had so much help. I am so happy to be on my cocktail of drugs. I have done more work on myself than 99% of the population. That could be an exaggeration but when you say ” I could do most everything that I normally did, but it took 20 times the effort.” I can relate.

  106. Linda

    Nanea, thank you for writing this. My almost 20 year-old daughter was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder 2 years ago. She’s in therapy and has been on several different medications. She had a nightmarish experience with Zoloft. She’s now on Klonopin and it has made a huge difference. She still struggles but it is much more manageable. My daughter had a lot of shame about what she was going through and her scars from her cutting, and her suicidal thoughts. Some of her friends knew some of it, but nobody knew all of it. She recently told it all to all of her sorority sisters and it was very cathartic.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      Linda, I hope your daughter can get past the shame. There’s nothing shameful about having a glitchy operating system. She didn’t ask for it, and she’s handling it the best she can. I hope she continues to get the support she needs. It’s wonderful that she was able to tell her sorority sisters. She’s probably helped other people just by talking about it.

      – Nanea

  107. Tawni

    I understand this so very well. Your words on this subject earlier this year gave me the strength to finally go see a psychiatrist, get officially diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, get medication… and get my life back. You have my eternal gratitude for this gift, and all I want to do now is to try to “be the Nanea for another anxious Tawni” and pay it forward. 🙂

    You are an amazing human with a huge heart, and a constant source of inspiration to me. Thank you so much for writing about this. The more we write about it, the less stigmatized these very real chemical imbalances and brain disorders become in the eyes of the general public. Love you, friend. xoxoxo.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      You honor me, friend. <3 I agree that we need to keep talking about it. I mean it when I say I want this topic to become totally commonplace and boring. It's just another body part, ya know? You have to maintain it the way you do the rest of the meatsuit.

  108. Angie

    My daughter (adopted) has Manic/Depression and is medicated for this. She has a 3 year old son who she desperately wanted and is a great mom. She deliberately decided to be a single mom because she didn’t think she could co-parent with anyone (she has control issues as well). Lately, she is completely focused on having another child. When I quietly questioned her about it she says that she needs the postpartum euphoria. I wasn’t sure what she was speaking of until I read your article.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      Angie, it sounds like your daughter has a good awareness of herself and her condition. I wish her well in her parenting journey and in managing herself. I would be cautious about her seeking the postpartum euphoria as a “fix” because it is inevitably followed by a crash.

  109. Stacey

    Thanks for this. I am Bipolar with a touch of panic and anxiety and I write about my struggles with the disorder which helps me cope, helps others understand what’s happening to me and helps others who may be going through the same thing.

    I think this sort of post is extremely important and I’m glad you wrote it.

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      Thank YOU, Stacey. The more people who share their experiences, the better.

  110. Jenn

    Wonderful look at an episode that can be overlooked as just silly (the voices not working didn’t help) The acting was great, Ackles doggy-Dean was spot on and Padalecki’s transformation was brilliant (My daughters favorite moment was his embarrassed little dosey-doe getting into the Impala during the Pigeon Incident.)

    I was wondering if we were going to get slammed with a big reveal at the end, which often happens in light eps- I thought perhaps it would be the eps that Sam was going to find out about Zeke. I haven’t decided if I’m disappointed about it or not.

  111. Michael

    FINALLY….someone has the balls to approach the bigger questions in this world!!! I think Cory will win too. This comment seems anti-climatic now.

  112. Lisa

    Hey Richard! Avid GH watcher and tweet follower! Ugh…can’t say that I’m enjoying this season of ANTM. I usually wonder why I’m still watching. I can’t stand watching Kelly drool over Marvin anymore. I’m sure she’s the reason that he’s even still on the show! I’m not sure if this is how modeling is in the real world but it seems to be even more over the top every season. Are they really doing catwalks that you need to avoid falling in water or walking down the side of a building? Oh…and I HATE BrianBoy. Someone please fire him. I have always liked both Jourdan and Cory…but I’m hoping she takes it. Sorry for the negativity but although I like Tyra, she seems to be more of a cartoon character each season. Thankfully, this season, she seemed to tone it down a bit but we got a few extra terrible model wanna-bes make it a less than satisfying season. I tried to google the results so I could just be done with it but can’t find a spoiler anywhere. It’s tightly under wraps! Thanks, Richard!

    1. richard simms

      Lisa, I have to agree with you about Kelly keeping Marvin around… and I suspect he’ll be the one axed at the top of the episode!


  113. Jo Heckel

    The Road to Nowhere, Ozzy Osborne

  114. Liz

    Oh Death by Jen Titus!

    1. Chris Martin

      Better than Ralph Stanley’s version?

  115. Natasha McGreal

    She’s not there – Santana or Highway to Hell AC/DC xxx

  116. Barb

    I would add “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

    1. Kayla

      Yes, or the Shinedown version of it

  117. Shannon

    Back in Black by AC/DC, when Dean got the Impala rebuilt in second season, awesome and so perfect!

    1. Sherlock

      And season 10. He definitely comes back in back.

  118. Lisa

    Man in the Wilderness by Styx

  119. niccolyte

    my favorite music cue is O Death, but i agree Renegade is the 2nd best in TV history. Simple Man and Back in Black are definitely on my SPN playlist.

  120. Nikolay

    Blonde – One way or another

  121. Tesia Sloan

    I’m all out of love, Hot blooded, Cold as ice, Back in time, and A well respected man, just to name a few.

  122. Lucilla

    Silent Lucidity by Queensryche, Back in Black by AC/DC and O Death by Jen Titus … my favourite from SPN too …

  123. Marie-Michèle Ricard

    Spirit in the Sky
    Knocking on Heaven’s Door

  124. Connie

    In da Gadda da Vida

  125. Patty

    Back in Black by AC/DC

  126. Mirza

    Maybe the BEST song to go would be Night of the Hunter (30 secs. to mars)…..has anyone wonder why this song hasn’t been used in the show????

    1. Kjpshifter

      Because its not classic rock. Don’t get me wrong. I love 30stm. They r one of my favorite bands but they aren’t classic rock…yet.

  127. Val

    That was a great post! Just had to mention a Real product made in Canada and sold all over the US.It’s called “Moose Tracks” and has different combos of popcorn,chocolate treats,etc.The large chocolate “droppings” are fabulous! I recommend getting them if you can find them!

  128. Barbara

    Could not have asked for a better experience if I tried!

  129. Barbara

    Wonderful review, just finished the episode and I couldn’t help the little tear that formed. Young Dean was fantastic and I loved Dean and Timmy!

  130. Étoile Filante

    Great review and they truly were ten great moments. The moment with Sonny in the diner really got to me, Sam’s speech at the end, and Dean’s themesong when Sonny tells him his dad’s there… by god, it was emotional, but oh so good! 🙂

  131. Jen Violi

    Somehow I missed this when it first emerged, but I’m so glad I found it now. I don’t think there are ever enough reminders for women to be ardently on their own sides and to always make sure “lovable” goes with “hot” and “mess.” At least I always need them. Thank you for sharing both the grit and the sparkle of who you are. It helps everyone.

  132. Karen Luxton

    Terrific idea, well presented and very useful! No one better, I believe, to do a column like this!

  133. Dana Lee

    I have about a 30 song set list. Some of my favorites not listed: “We’re an American Band” (Ghostfacers episode), “Fly by Night” (Pilot), “Hey Man Nice Shot” (Skin), “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” ( Swap Meet), “Bad Moon Rising” ( Devils Trap ), and “Space Oddity” ( Clap Your Hands if You Believe).

  134. Reneé

    Hehehehe…. Love it. =)

    I totally remember watching Sam sign his name on the annulment/divorce papers and thinking “ah ha! It’s Sam not Samuel!!”

    But what really prompted me to comment was a random thought that came up with this list. Why is it that goddess’ seem to figure out something is really wrong with Sam?! This is the second one!! (Maybe they don’t run into gods, and/or maybe they just are not as appealing to gods) 😉

    Anyway, I thought it was an interesting ‘ah ha’ for me and would drop a line. =)

  135. catherine anderson

    “Gives you Hell” by All American Rejects

  136. NB

    Not in the show, but : Cherry Pie (by warrant). Complete Dean song.

    1. danamac448

      Cherry Pie was totally on the show in The Song Remains the Same, when Dean wasdreaming of being in the strip club with three girls dressed like an angel and a devil and Anna interrupted his dream.

    2. Tabitha

      Actually it is in the show (I know because I agree with you- it says Dean Winchester all over it) but it’s only there for one short scene when he is dreaming.

  137. Wendie Burbridge

    This is BEYOND awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience and your pics! And VIDEO! NICE!

    I agree with you Barbara- once you attend a con- or any fan event or tweetup for your favorite show- you become a BIGGER fan. As someone who writes about a television show every week, and have not only attended but thrown my own fan events for the show- there is nothing more thrilling than hanging out with like minded folks. I was so stoked for you and Nanea having the chance to meet your favorite actors and to be able to take pics with them. Absolutely the best! Loved your coverage and your dedication to all of us who got to live vicariously through you both. And kudos on being on top of it to get them to also promote Sweatpants and Coffee! Thanks for sharing such a great time with all of us:) Aloha, Wendie

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Aww! We love you, Wendie! And we love reading your inside scoop about Hawaii Five-0, too! xo

      1. Carley

        Hi, my name is Carley and I’m going to my first Salute to Supernatural event this summer! I just have one question…When everybody shows up at the convention are they already in their cosplay outfits? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works but I thought I’d ask somebody who knows their way around! And also, any other advice would be welcome! 🙂


  138. Brigitte

    Thanks for sharing the fun and pics! Can’t believe you were able to get close enough to hug the boys! Wow…. I think I’d melt 🙂 What an awesome experience that must have been!

    1. Barbara

      I get it, Brigitte! It was very exciting and they were beyond wonderful–kind and funny and charming. The best part is that I am a Sam girl and Nanea is a Dean girl, so it all worked out very well.

  139. Mindy

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I GEEKED out over all your photos (which are all amazing and awesome!) and over the videos you posted. Literally squealed at some of them cause of how awesome they are, like the one with Jared and your Sam converted shirt (total fan girl over here as well lol). How awesome! You have me convinced that if my husband and I are ever given the chance (if the US Military ever decides to let him be home during one 😉 ) to go to either a comic con or a specific con for one of our many fandoms, I will definitely lean towards a specific one if at all possible.

    How fantastic of a trip and how amazing for you to share it with everyone! 🙂

    1. Barbara

      Thanks so much, Mindy! I hope you get to experience a con like this one. It was amazing and totally worth the time and money spent. And then some!

  140. GKY

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I really want to attend a SPN Convention. I will make it to one and I know that even if I go by myself I the journey to and from will be the only time I’ll be alone because I know I will be welcomed and accepted by my SPNFAM. I think you are so right about a show specific con. And I would love being in the mist of others who share my love for the show.

    I will be following your site going forward in suport of my SPNFAM.

    1. Barbara

      Thank you so much for your support! We have a lot of great SPN articles here for you to enjoy, as well as other wonderful content too! You will definitely not be alone at con. I met many who attended solo and made tons of friends.

  141. mikha

    This is beyond awsome!!! I super love supernatural and their cast (even the crew). How I wish they will have meet and greet or convention here in the Philippines! ♥♥

    1. liezl

      YES Supernatural Convention in the Philippines or at least somewhere near! I scream HELL YEAH! 😉 ♥

    2. Barbara

      Thanks, Mikha! I will cross my fingers for you that the boys head out your way.

  142. jmiss

    Thanks so much for sharing! Just Love for you!

    1. Barbara

      Right back atcha! Stick around for more amazing SPN content to come!

  143. Rick Dagneau

    Hi Barbara- I love your post. I just got back from Burcon myself, and I had a wonderful experience as well.

    I hadn’t been to a SPN con in 4 years, because I’d been very shy at the previous con so I didn’t have as good a time, but this time I had a roommate, re-connected with people I’d almost forgetten and made even more new friends. I am still on cloud nine about what a great time it was.

    It’s too bad I missed seeing your Sam convert shirt (love the pic BTW) as we could have squee’d together. LOL.

    1. Barbara

      I wish we’d met, Rick! Next time. I’m so glad you had a better experience. Weren’t the people just the best?

  144. Rick Dagneau

    PS. I bought a 4 ft wide banner of Jared at the auction too! Took a while to find a place for it on the wall, but . . .

    1. Barbara

      I still haven’t hung mine up. That said, I do have a picture of me sleeping under it. I figure it’s the closest I will get to sleeping with Jared Padalecki. :^)

  145. Misti McClure

    Wow! This is so awesome there really aren’t enough words but I just wanted to personally thank you for sharing your amazing experience,photos & videos! 🙂 I imagine attending an event like this would be a bit surreal and a near constant adrenaline rush. Too freaking cool.

    1. Barbara

      Thanks, Misti! It was intense and wonderful and everything you would imagine it would be. Except better.

    1. Barbara

      …guys. Sorry! The comment bot was too excited! :^)

  146. Vi

    Thank you for posting this! I really have been wondering about Comic-Con vs an SPN con. So this is excellent.

    Also, that pic of Jared seeing your Sam convert t-shirt might be my new favorite thing on the planet. Thank you so, so, much for writing this!!

  147. Sam

    Wonderful post and amazing photos! A little jealous you got to hug “THE Dean” though…lol! I love Jensen. He has truly captured my heart in so many ways…hands down my favorite actor. I am considering (somehow) being to able to afford to make it out to one of the Supercons… the Supernatural fandom is the best and I have never engaged much in other fandoms, but I feel right at home here. 🙂

    Love, love your blog! Keep it up! <3

  148. Sam

    One. Perfect. Tear. <3 He is the ONLY actor in my 20 years on this planet to make me cry TEARS during any TV show/Movie. Only animals have normally managed to make me cry… <3 Jensen.

  149. Kelly

    I think I should tune in to this show!

    1. Marie

      You should. You will love every moment of it, even as it rips your heart up and murders you. It is one of the shows that you will love every painful moment of

      1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

        Best reply ever, Marie. “…it rips up your heart and murders you.” That should be the show’s tag line.

    2. niki

      Ooh you should…
      P.S The description brought back the horror. When I saw that yellow slip I was silent for a moment. Twist is good but not that bad

  150. Jam

    This is one of the few shows that I can watch over and over, and it gets me right in the feels every time.

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      You and me both. It even hurts on rewatch! Can’t say that for a lot of programs.

  151. Sandi

    Love your list! My first worst Supernatural cryfest is when Sam jumped into Lucifer’s cage. The look on Dean’s face when his bro was gone smashes my heart to bits every time. Now, second in line, is Kevin being killed. KEVIN!!! They NEED Kevin. My butt cheeks were clenched the entire episode!!!

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      “Swan Song” was indeed brutal, Sandi. Jensen Ackles destroyed me in that episode, and Jared Padalecki was really coming into his own as an actor then, so he broke my heart as well. I will also miss Kevin very much.

  152. Miranda Therrian

    That bs first Kevin then in walking dead Herschel dies I can’t take anymore death of good characters they even killed Arthur in Merlin that never happend so I really hope Kevin is just blind

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      You and me both, Miranda! Sometimes it’s tough to be a fan girl.

  153. Amy

    I’m not sure why you claim Dean is all alone hen he isn’t. Dean always has someone in his corner at every turn. If its not Castiel, its Benny or Sam or Meg or Charlie. Even now all dean has to do it pick up the phone or open a prayer too Cas and the Angel will come running or flying into be at Deans side. Cas ignores Sams prayers and phone calls…but Dean? Dean he answers right away.

    And if previews are any indication…Dean will have Crowly at his side as well as Castiel.

    So Dean completely alone? Urban legend. A myth. .

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Dean has lost his mother, his father, his substitute father, the only woman he ever settled down with, the closest thing he ever had to a son, and numerous friends and allies, including Jo, Ellen, Benny and Meg. As of the end of this episode, Cas says he is staying away, Sam is “no more”, his honorary little sister is unreachable and his honorary little brother is dead. As we fade to black, Dean truly is alone.

      The previews do seem to indicate that he and Cas will be reunited next episode and that Crowley will be his reluctant assistant in retrieving Sam (for a price). I am truly relieved that the writers are giving Cas back to Dean so quickly. It would be even more heartbreaking otherwise.

      As for Sam’s relationship with Cas? That one has always puzzled me, too. I never expect them to have level of friendship that Cas has with Dean, but the off and on distance has always confused me.

  154. Dina

    HAHAHA You truly made me appreciate that i never had to go thru that!!!!
    funny and TRUE!
    nice job Wendie

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks Dina!!! You’re a peach for reading and commenting! Glad you haven’t had to go through it- and if you ever do- make sure you keep the tips in mind:) XO Aloha, Wendie

  155. cathy nyc

    My spin on Season 9 and 10 (?)

    Kevin is dead — at least for now.
    Dean will pray to Cas for help.
    Expect emotional reunion — a nod to Destiel shippers — unresolved bromance.
    Crowley will try to expell Gadriel but it will not be possible.
    New Team Free Will — Dean, Cas and Crowley.
    Gadriel will turn on/kill Metatron and assists Cas in getting his real grace back.
    Cas becomes avenging angel (seraph) and with Gadriel fights waring factions on Earth and gets angels back to Heaven.
    Gadriel redeems his reputation and leaves Sam.
    Expect surprise return of a “dead” character — Gabriel.
    An archangel will be needed to kill Abbadon and restore order in Heaven.
    Gadriel ascends to Heaven to help Gabriel.
    Cas and Crowley finish the trials to close the Gates of Hell. Cas sacrifices his grace (as opposed to Sam’s soul) and Crowley gains his forgiveness.
    At series end, God will make appearance as “Kevin” — God uses the prophets as vessels (Chuck).
    God forgives Sam, offers Dean salvation.
    Final scene — Human Cas arriving at Bunker. Big brothers’ hugs.
    Dean, “Welcome home.”

    1. Blah

      No way that Crowley will be accepted by Dean and Cas unless cured. Cas was already a seraph and described himself as such, though seraphs aren’t avenging angels–they’re high-ranking angels in Christianity. The concept of avenging angel doesn’t exist in Judeo-Christian religions. Bringing back Gabriel doesn’t seem likely; though of the angels that have died; I suppose he would be the most likely aside from Castiel. Abbadon. Only Chuck is God in the series–confirmed by Erik Kripke in interview. Also demonstrated by the fact that Kevin has had several nervous breakdowns. God already forgave Sam and offered Dean salvation–earlier episode (I believe Season 5). All the rest seems feasible. I just wasted five minutes in an internet forum to give my brain a break from work. Can’t tell if I just wasted my time or caused myself to be more productive.

      1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

        Not a time waster to me! I never knew about the Chuck thing, so you taught me something. I agree about Crowley. I do hope they find a way to bring Gabriel back, because I think Richard Speight Jr. is amazing and the character adds a lot to the show in terms of levity.

    2. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Wow! Lots of great ideas here, Cathy! I’d watch!

  156. Linda Stein

    Oh Wendie! I’m lucky I’ve never had the need to travel anywhere for Christmas. But you bring up some very valid points and some very real reasons why, in my family, everyone comes to MY house Christmas day! I have everything I need to survive a day with the in-laws. I have an abundant supply of alcohol on hand. I can pretend to be completely absorbed in the kitchen with preparations, even when I have everything well in hand. When all else fails and I need to escape I can retreat outside for a cigarette (even thought I don’t smoke!) or to the bathroom with a “problem” that takes several LONG minutes to address (and take my cell phone in there for good measure! LOL). I tell certain people to come anytime they want after 11:30am but tell certain other people no one is showing up until 1pm. I make sure to properly anesthetize with previously noted alcohol well beforehand.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to go somewhere and be completely stuck without an escape plan. Of course, you could say that those who come to my house fall into your article’s category. But there is a difference. While those you write about are looking for a way to escape my guests don’t have that problem. Not only are certain of them welcome to leave whenever they want, if they were so inclined they would be encouraged to do so! Happy Holidays! 😉

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      LOL Linda- you’re ending is perfect:) I suppose I need to write from the “Hosts” perspective… you bring up some awesome points- thanks for writing them here so others can read what it’s like to RECEIVE guests for the holidays! I’m sure it’s the same kind of stress… thanks for giving us an alternate view of “Home for the Holidays!” XO Aloha, Wendie

  157. Kim

    He is a wonderful actor anD seemed like a great person as well. I am still shocked over the lost of Kevin Tran on the show but also know that Osric Chau will never be forgotten.

  158. Renia

    I was in sad and in shock when I saw that last episode and he was just laying there, dead. This article made me happy. Thank you for bringing this to us and letting us know that Osric Chau is not just an awesome actor but a great human being as well. I wish I could have been there, I would have totally said it was my birthday just for the free CUPCAKE! haha

  159. cyn

    This IS an awesome book. THANK you for the link!!!

  160. Auli'i

    thank you!! Yummy!

  161. Jo Dibblee

    Fabulous reflections for the year end. Of course I would expect nothing less form you dear girl!

    1. Jen Violi

      Thank you so much, Jo, for reading and complimenting. A happy and beautiful year’s end to you!

  162. Chrissa

    I’ll have to Goodreads those I haven’t read yet. What a good list!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks Chrissa! I had a great time reading these and I’m looking forward to finishing The Boss and moving on to The Girlfriend:) Let me know if you read any that you can add to this list:) Aloha, Wendie

  163. Tay

    The expression that I’ve incorporated in my lexicon, that used to gross my mother out, but now she uses, is “He blows my skirt up” for when a guy is really HOT, inspired by Marilyn Monroe on the subway grate.

  164. Sharon

    Around here they’re “Tommy-isms” because he lives up to the “Bull in a china shop” image and if it can go wrong, he sees to it that it does! At work they’re “Bud-isms” due to the boss’s ever crazy rational or shall I say “irrational” reasons….either way, I shake my head ALL DAY!

  165. Deb

    I remember the episode of Charlie’s Angels when Jaclyn/Kelly got shot in the head. After her brain surgery, she was sitting up in bed with perfect hair and a jaunty bandage around her head!

  166. Colleen

    We use “Johnny died” lol it’s when someone tells a story about being sick/hurt and the other person has had it better/worse/bigger/better all the time. Finally you just say Johnny died. How do you top that? 🙂

  167. richard simms

    A few years ago, there was a play called [Title Of Show]. No, that’s not an indication I don’t know the name of it, that WAS the name of it. A charming play about what goes into creating and staging a play. One of the most memorable numbers in it was called Die Vampire Die! In this case, the vampire were the very voices you talk about… it was kinda awesome. So much so that Charlie and I bought t-shirts with the Die Vampire Die! logo on them.

    1. Alegra Clarke

      I am now going to use “Die Vampire Die!”

  168. Paula Morgan

    Oh, how many ways can I relate to one single blog posting?? TOO MANY!! I could have stood in front of a mirror and written these same exact things about myself!!
    I swear…I am the Queen of Procrastination!! LOLOL I can’t wait now to try and inject myself with some brain “Happy Juice”!! I look forward to your next posting!! ♥

  169. Tammy Allen

    I have been slowly picking away at 12 years of clutter from my failed marriage. Yes, failed marriage – God I love failure! Anyway, it’s seems like week after week I take another overloaded giant trash bag of donations to Casa de Los Ninos. I tell myself I’m going to sell that thing and I never do. So I’m purging slowly and methodically. I suddenly get the bug and I begin tossing. It feel so good. I have so many overwhelming goals but like you I do them in bits and pieces.
    Viva la dopamine!

  170. Beth K. Bedbury

    I love the cuddle with your goal. I do that one when I don’t want to work out, just do five minutes and the next thing you know its over.

  171. Karen Nolan Bell

    A girl after my own heart! I have spent my life (60 years, minus 5 days) not accomplishing my huge goals because I am overwhelmed by them. You finally opened my eyes to success. I hate failure, too. Usually, it’s easier to fail than to fail. Yep, it’s failure either way. I will now try to successfully do one load of laundry tonight and tomorrow I will take one thing to the thrift store and drop it off. I should have my house organized in, say, another 60 years!

  172. Casi

    I do this all the time. Then I look at what I managed to get done for the whole day and see I wrote 7000 words, got the whole house picked up, and managed to carve a big chunk out of the novel I was reading before the kid made it home from school.

    Thanks for sharing. Also, I love the picture with the strawberry miners.

    1. Priscilla Breck

      You are hilarious. You should totally write that crappy book!

  173. Debra Hearne

    I put dishes in my dishwasher today! Yahhh me!

  174. January 17: Hot Buttered Rum Day | The Cocktail Calendar

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  175. Varina Suellen Plonski

    Love this! I am a shower-taking, dish-washing, half-assed exercising rockstar! In 2012 at age 59+ I joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and wrote 50,330 words, despite having a car wreck that totaled both cars, spent 5 days doped up on muscle relaxants and spent more than a week searching online and physically for a new car. I can’t tell you how much dopamine that released at 11:58 pm on November 30th when I achieved my goal! During 2013 I spent adding to the first draft of my novel and starting revisions. Step by step, day by day I am achieving my goal and BEING what I always wanted to be – a writer! Sure, the house is a wreck. So what? I do the dishes every day, I clean the litterbox (okay, sometimes intermittently), and I do the laundry at least every two weeks. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

  176. Varina Suellen Plonski

    Bravo, Renea! I did NaNo in 2012, 50,330 words at 11:58 on the 30th despite a car wreck that totaled both cars, 5 days doped up on muscle relaxants, and a little more than a week searching for a new vehicle. I was ELATED! (If you heard a loud squealing sound at midnight that year, that was probably me!) Throughout 2013 I’ve been adding to the first draft (it grew legs, I swear! I think there are three books in there now) and editing. I know you know what a thrill it is to win that challenge. This is something I’ve wanted to do all my life, and I’m 60 years old now. (Boy, I don’t feel like it unless the weather changes…) I’ve been unemployed for three years now, lost my job in 2010, but when someone asks me what I do, I tell them proudly, “I am a writer!”

  177. Varina Suellen Plonski

    How powerful you are! Thank you for this beauty and truth.

  178. Varina Suellen Plonski

    Down here in not-so-sunny-and-warm Florida (cold spell came in from Montana, thanks!) I tend to hit either Bob Evans or Village Inn. I can get dinner, put my headphones on and crank up HALO 4, and write for about three hours with no interruptions except for the waitress asking if I want a refill (Yes, please!). Otherwise, it’s 11:00 pm to 5:30 am in my living room. After 11, even the cats don’t bug me!

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Thanks, Cece! Thanks for reading it!

  179. Dan

    Sorry, but I vote Abaddon all the way!!! Crowley’s been around too long. It’s time for a regime change. =)

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      She is spectacular. Can’t we keep them both? They would make such sassy little demon babies!

  180. Rose

    Damnnnnnnn I stopped watching the show at season 5 because I found it was getting down right boring… but it seems the show has picked up again O_O

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      It’s better than it has been in years, Rose. The boys grew up right and the angel plot line is excellent.

  181. Beth Brawley

    Crowley! Love the accent and love him on Leverage.

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Crowley’s accent? Rrrraaaooowwwrrr.

  182. tina

    is there a pudding shot with out milk

    1. Sweatpants & Coffee

      Tina, you could substitute almond or soy milk.



  184. Hot Cocktail Read: The Boss

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  185. 10 Great Moments From Supernatural, Season 9 Episode 12 | “Sharp Teeth”

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  186. Beth Brawley (@TheBethKind)

    I think you would be one interesting person to have coffee with. I always enjoy reading your Supernatural posts. And I am glad I am not the only person who still references Public Enemy as a music choice. I also enjoy show tunes, country and classical with a but of hard rock thrown in.

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Well, thank you kindly, Beth! That’s kind of you to say. My music collection is pretty eclectic. Chuck D can do no wrong.

  187. happy lunar new year // 50 things. « A Geek Tragedy

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  189. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    This so far has probably been my most favorite episode of this season. You are so right everything threw me for a loop I didn’t expect but was SO happy to ride a long with.

    Great review I”m SO happy I found your site!

  190. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    Ok, this is my ULTIMATE favorite this season, Bad Boys is my 2nd favorite.

    I love these write ups Thank you so much!

    I have hope this will be brought up eventually, but Gadrell (sp?) totally saved people for Dean, he’s not 100% bad – there is more to him than we get to see. That being said, I wish that Dean could tell Sam that.

  191. Shannon

    I rarely “lol” at a review, and you got me twice! I had issues with this episode, but it also had a lot of great moments. I am a “Sam girl”, through and through, but this was a tough one. I know they’ll bring it back around. I just need some patience. Oh, and yeah, if Sam/Jared touched my back, I might not survive…and I’d die happy.

  192. Wulfie

    I can’t remember what season it was but Dean was dying because he’d traded his soul for Sam’s life. Sam kept fighting for Dean. When D did die Sam tried to trade his soul to get him back. After that season there were a lot of shows where Dean kept having problems and it always came back to him saying what’s dead should stay dead…this leaked back to John trading HIS soul so Dean could live. …This is a recurring theme with the brothers. Sam is more like soul-less Sam, but only because he’s guilt ridden about what Gadreel did and, remember, his primary reason for doing the Trials was to be purified. He failed. So he’s added that to his list of failures and what if he’s right? What if he’d been allowed to complete the trials and had died and then the angels wouldn’t have fallen, Kevin would still be alive, etc…if he were dead. We need to remember that Metatron is a liar/story teller.

    Castiel said that he was the only one who had screwed up more consistently than Sam. He’s wrong, Gadreel did. And Gadreel, a tortured angel for screwing up at the garden. Probably a little psycho and confused…just like Sam. They have a lot in common; especially the desire for redemption. I think these things are going to play out interestingly. And in the side lines, the brothers might move beyond ‘the family business’ just being hunting and being more about each other as equals, as well as destiny in that nothing about their lives has ever really been a choice but a reaction.

    Too far? 🙂

  193. safa

    I really enjoyed your review of ” The Purge ” ! I want to agree with all you have mentioned about Sam and his desperation to seek independence ! This is something that everyone should see and know , that because Dean is not willing to do the ” Winchester business ” alone , doesn’t mean he can take Sam’s choices ! Sometimes love for your brother doesn’t justify the brutal outcome to the said brother and his life and even your friends’ lives !
    And i want to send a fruit basket to anyone who came up with the idea of Sam as a yoga trainer ! The man and his glorious body is a piece of art !

  194. Autumninbuffalo

    This mindset is exactly the kind of place Dean stands in before he leaps off a cliff. I think you are right, I think Dean will cease to care about his own safety (even more than he already does), and do a lot of really foolish/suicidal things. Dean like this breaks my heart, and Jensen Ackles is an amazing actor. Sam.. I can’t tell if he really understands what he’s doing, or if he knows, and is just too angry to care. I re-watched the clip of Dean getting ready to commit suicide (Say yes to Michael, but that was how it was it was being written/acted out), and it was all on the heels of Sam leaving him alone. Something has to give, it actively hurts to watch every episode, and I can’t be the only one who cries every time.
    No wonder the actors are pie-ing each other in the face. It has to be really tense on set, especially with actors so into their craft. Looking forward to Season 9 blooper shenanigans.

  195. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    I love all the harkens back to older episodes. I so wanted Dean to quietly smile and mutter the word… “PUDDING!” But the fact that he ate it, and it was pudding was enough nod.

    Ugh, the ending was brutal. I think you’re right, in all you stated though. Sam has always wanted Dean to be proud of him and to know he could stand on his own two feet. It’s hard to go from being a father figure your whole life to just a “brother” though. Sam needs to understand that.

    While I adore Sam, I’ve always felt his character, as the baby brother has always been a little selfish. I don’t know how to word it correctly but let’s just say I feel like Dean is ALWAYS giving himself over to care for his kid brother and others, while Sam often becomes absent in both person and mind. Not saying he doesn’t care, I know he does but he went away quite a few times to try to get away from the life, for himself and no one else. Neither is right, neither is completely wrong. 🙂

    I always love your reviews, keep up the great work.

  196. Off The Rock | Romance, take me away

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  197. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    I love this article. As a Maryland native living in Alabama it isn’t shocking to me to see how things are handled here, or how the public deals with them. AL isn’t known to be a snow state. Driving here is dangerous due to drivers without skill, or experience and the fact that no roads are treated, ever.

    I always love to be prepared and I am happy to see someone else is too. Filling up the tub is always the first thing I say when there is a disaster like this. Drinking water is SO important. Thanks for all the other tips as well!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Thanks Kelly:) I hope you are making it through these next few days okay:) Maybe we should take a crossbow class together just in case:) Thanks for reading! Aloha, Wendie

  198. Dina

    my mouth is watering!!!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      I know how you feel! With all this winter – even the pics are helping to cheer me up! Thanks for reading Dina:) Aloha, Wendie

  199. Lynnette

    Ahh, a romantic getaway sounds heavenly right about now! To just about anywhere warm, I might add!

    I met my husband on a trip to Montana many years ago now. We took long walks in fields of wheat, laid on a blanket looking up at the stars in big sky country, and held hands riding a massive combine together during the harvest! That was pretty romantic for a San Francisco girl!

    Bali sounds great, but the Bahamas sound better! I’d love to visit our friend, Bert, too!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Chief and I have talked so much about going to see Bert in the Bahamas. After this winter- I’m with you Lynnette! I need some sunshine and some beach very soon!

      As for your Honeymoon- that sounds incredibly romantic! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story:) Aloha, Wendie

  200. Linda Stein

    Oh man….with another winter storm on the way this week, any and all of those places sound like heaven. I am partial to places with beaches, sunshine, and warm, blue water. After the winter we’ve been having I might just show up on Bert’s doorstep and never leave!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      LOL Linda- I just wrote to Lynnette above that I was in agreement about visiting Bert in the Bahamas after this awful winter. 🙂 Let’s all go together and have a big ole slumber party! I’m sure Bert won’t mind. LOL Thanks for reading hon:) Aloha, Wendie

  201. Tsubasa

    I love your review! And I agree with your premonition about the direction this season will go in. But I have to say, I think Sam has already shown what he would do if Dean were dying when he didn’t even bother trying to find out what happened to him when he was in purgatory (never mind trying to save him, Sam didn’t even bother to find out where he went) – he would move on. Sam has always had an independent streak. Meanwhile Dean is almost codependent. It’s not healthy, but damn does it make for an awesome show. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.

  202. Leah

    I’m thinking Abaddon should have gotten an honorable mention but otherwise I completely agree with all of these kick ass women!

  203. Kelly @ Turned Up To Eleven!

    Thank you, thank you!!!! Meg 2.0 and Jo – they never get the respect they need.

    While I still think that Jo seemed a bit too young for Dean she was in fact the perfect match.

    And I will forever ship Megstiel. Always.

  204. Laura Sorvillo

    Will this be on tv??

  205. Laura Sorvillo

    If so,which station? Would hate to miss it,weekends are hard enough without

  206. Deborah BMorgan

    This is so true. They are and was some of the best kick assing ladies on Supernatural. I miss them all.Wish Adam would bring all the original cast back on.Men and women. It would be one awesome kick assing show beating the demons.Dean will need there help. Love them all. This is the greatest #1 show on TV.Supernatural <3

  207. Janice

    Where do we watch? I don’t see it in the TV listings for tomorrow (Sunday). 🙁

    1. Laura Sorvillo

      I,also,would love to watch…..HOW????

      1. Sweatpants & Coffee

        Laura and Janice – we’ve linked to the WinchesterBros. post in the article, but here you go – click here and it will give you all the details of how to participate: It’s not a marathon that is airing, it will be a coordinated viewing of 9 selected episodes. You can view on Netflix or DVDs or what have you, and starting at noon EST, we all begin viewing together and tweeting with the hashtag #SPNathon. Hope you guys join in!

        1. Laura Sorvillo

          Ok,got it. Thanks for letting me know.

  208. Diane

    You are my kind of optimist – authentic and real. What I find difficult about a “Chirruping cheerleader of sunshine and joy”, is when there is a disconnect between their energy and their plastered on smile. I enjoy being around optimistic people when they are real, not hiding.

  209. Mary Ann

    Great tips that are also useful for earthquake preparedness – just add a good pair of closed toed shoes to the kit in your vehicle.

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Mary Ann!
      Thanks for reading:) Closed toes shoes are such a great idea. Thanks for the tip. Many women talked about walking in the snow in their work shoes with heels and it was hard to get around- and very cold and dangerous. Great idea. Thanks for the tip:) Aloha, Wendie

  210. Karen

    As a native NYer snow and ice are no strangers to my driving experience. I’ve never needed to fill my tub but I know other areas that do and am fortunate to rarely loose power. But I love to be prepared, just in case! I live w/flashlights at the ready in every room, a case of bottled water, a full tank off gas in both my car and BBQ and enough food to feed an small (oh, alright large) army!! And a good book or 3!! Hopefully this wicked winter will soon be a bad memory and I’ll tuck away the emergency preparedness plan till next year. Thanks for sharing the tips!!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Karen-
      Thanks for sharing your experience and your tips! You’re right about the books- I did a lot of reading while we were snowed in:) Luckily we didn’t lose power as well- that would have been bad since our main heat source is gas and power would have knocked it out. I’m hoping we are seeing the last of this winter, but it looks like more cold is on its way:( Hope you are safe and warm:) Thanks for reading! Aloha, Wendie

  211. Breanna


    I loved your post. It was so thorough and I am checking out the shoes now. Could you tell me where you found your toiletry kit and the brand? I have been looking for one with a detachable section like that.

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Breanna-
      You’ll love Danskos- you can get them at any major department store- I found mine at Nordstroms, Macys, and Belk if you are in the south. The toiletry bag is Modella and I’ve seen the brand at Walgreens, CVS and Target. It maybe that you have to look around for that particular style. I would try Target’s website- it looks like they have a lot of choices here:

      Good luck! Aloha, Wendie

      1. Breanna

        Thank you so much for this information! And especially for finding that link on the target website. I had been on before but somehow managed to only find suitcases. I really appreciate it, thank you!

  212. Nanci

    Our most romantic vacation was during Dean’s leave from Iraq. We packed a few clothes, gassed up the car and headed for the coast (we lived in Corona, CA). No reservations, no plans, just drove north and stopped wherever and whenever we felt like it. Stayed the first night in Santa Monica. Got up early to walk out on the pier and watch the sunrise. Stayed the next few nights in Santa Barbara at the Spanish Garden Inn. I highly recommend

    Then just took our time heading back. We were gone for 5 stress-free days and it’s truly a time we will never forget!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      That sounds like an amazingly romantic trip Nanci:) Thanks for sharing your story:) I love Santa Barbara and have good memories of spending many happy weeks there. One day I’ll go back:) Thanks for the suggestion! Aloha, Wendie

  213. Steven C. Cates

    Richard – I’m in the starting phase of a diet – I do like you and talk myself out of snacks. I try not to even look at the snack aisles in the market, and make do with yogurt instead of desserts or the tempting bowl of ice cream ( ok – I’ll confess- I never bothered dishing it into a bowl — spooned straight from the carton).
    Good luck to you – I know I need all the luck I can dig up!

  214. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    All I can say is… If they kill off Jody Mills I will RIOT! I am so absolutely sick and tired of having all my STRONG females killed off this show. Meg really, really upset me as far as losing a character that’s been there from the start. While I didn’t always want to be on her side, I did love that she was a fighter.

    You always know you’re going to lose the ones you love the most – so heaven help me if Charlie ever dies… She’s another strong female – she fights with the power of wisdom and I bet if she’s ever brought back from Oz she’ll have some tall tales for the boys.

    PS – I feel you 100% with Lenore / Amber love her. And MEGSTIEL FOREVER!!!

  215. Auli'i

    I love to cook so I make sure I have LOTS of snacky yummys that I can have! When I don’t have those things around ( like recently because I’ve been sick ) I totally fall off the wagon. I am extraordinarily lazy so if I have something that is “allowed” close to hand I am not going to get up and walk into the garage to the outside freezer to dig for the Thin Mints I hid from the children out there. Slowly ( very slowly 6 years and 77 pounds off ) the weight is creeping off. Yah, if I was more serious I could get it off faster. Probably a lot faster but then I couldn’t have those off wagon days when the Thin Mints are calling me with their siren song out the garage. 😉

  216. Marie

    I’m 99% sure that the Dodge Sam drives in this episode is a Dodge Dart Swinger not a Demon. The Demon did not have the triangle vent windows and had a sleeker roof to back fender angle, more like an Oldsmobile. If you email me I can send you pics of each. Also on Sam’s car they removed the side molding, and I think the dart insignia on the front fender as well as the side mirrors. They may have customized it a bit, just to throw us off a bit…wouldn’t put that kind of shenanigan past the producers!! 🙂

    1. Jacob

      Marie is right, its a Swinger. If you look closely on the fender, you can see the badge that says “Swinger.” The Demon has the exact same badge, only it says “Demon 340.”

      1. Marie

        Thanks for the backup Jacob, nice to know I wasn’t hallucinating……again

  217. chelsea

    You had me at marshmallow. I want to make one right now. *Sob* no ingredients, too lazy to go get them. But these ingredients are goin’ on my grocery list immediately!

  218. Vicky

    Just a short note to thank you. Love your website and reviews. They always make my day!

  219. Sherry

    I’m enjoying your recaps so much. It was a sad week at the bunker. But nice to see Kevin again. Interesting development with Bart and Cas. Plus who was that third person with Candy and Linda? Did the Winchesters release him? Is he important? Also why is Crowley missing in action? Can’t wait to find out:)

    1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

      Yes, who is #3… did they think we didn’t notice… they know we noticed and now we have to sit on this question for weeks probably!!! 🙂

  220. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    SO excited about Ghost Facers – over the moon excited. I love those guys.

    My issue with this episode came yesterday… I’m rewatching the series for the 5th time, yeah you read that right…. and I’m on Season 3 – Dean has given his soul over to the cross roads demon and he’s going to hell in 1 year. All the arguments and issues are exactly the same as this season and yet Sam can’t understand why Dean is so upset with him wanting to end it all. Just drives me batty, but that’s the point right? They always have to have moments when they don’t see eye to eye.

    PS – Um when are we all going to discuss the fact that there were 3 prisoners. Candy, Tiger Mom and a third… no one looked to see who the third person was!!!?!?!?!

  221. Tammy Allen

    I try to do exactly that. Sometimes I plop down on the couch and blow it off, but it’s something I’ve ingrained in my head. Just do one thing. Great advice.

  222. Rebecca Napier-Brown

    Charlotte Pence is a talented poet. I always enjoy her stuff.
    –Rebecca Napier-Brown

  223. Alegra Clarke

    I’m going to go exercise. Twenty minutes. That’s all. Twenty minutes of watching a program and exercising. And then I will do what comes next.

  224. Nancy L

    I’m still looking for the hidden camera you’ve placed in my TV room. Today I cleaned the cat’s litter box. It’s the nastiest job in the house…worse than cleaning the toilets. And I picked up the living room! Two jobs in one day. Now I can get back to the important business of playing Candy Crush!

  225. Supernatural S09E14 “Some Great Moments are here” | The Alphabet

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  226. Tegan

    My off-the-cuff pleasure list:
    snuggling, pancakes, time with a book and my husband, wearing pajamas in the outside world, hot showers, cold milk, packing a suitcase, walking like a penguin, getting hugs, Christmas lights year-round… THIS IS FUN!

    1. Jen Violi

      I love your off the cuff list, Tegan! And I’m immediately adding hug reception, penguin impressions, and pancakes to my own list…

  227. Jill

    Some of mine are reading children’s picture books, making blog posts, snuggling with my little boy, snuggling with my husband, talking about ideas, and visiting gardens.

    1. Jen Violi

      Snuggling, Old Turtle, & Philosophizing (my translations of children’s books and talking about ideas)–yes! Wunderbar.

  228. Vicky

    ……wanting to hug them both tightly and smack them both upside the head, all at once. You hit that nail right on the head! Great recap.

  229. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    It really was a slap in the face episode with all the parallels between the GhostFacers and the boys…

    Anyone else want to discuss how easy it was for Dean to just stab the hell out of that kid? That human kid? My theory, the mark of Cain is taking over. Dean didn’t even hesitate, he could have simply tied the kid up, but no, he stabbed that human (even though he was a horrible human being). Very unDean like IMO. I’m really really interested to see where this all goes.

    Now we just have to “live” though the Snookie episode next week.

  230. Marilyn

    My pleasures: reading poet Rainer Maria Rilke, petting my cat, traveling anywhere, talking deeply with friends, enjoying flowers and listening to music, music, music!

  231. Jen Violi

    Beautiful, Marilyn. Thank you!

  232. Tawni

    Great writing, pal.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard it, but “It’s Not Safe” by Aimee Mann is my personal anthem. It nearly perfectly sums up the constant battle between my safety/anxiety/trust issues and disappointment with humanity at its worst, versus my idealistic urges to help people, protect innocence, and do good things. I’ve been known to sit in my car alone, cathartically crying and singing this song at the top of my lungs. That’s how much it kicks me in the heart, and how hard I relate to it.

    Anyhow… the first line of that song reminds me of the Paradoxical Commandments above. It says: “All you wanna do is something good… so get ready to be ridiculed and misunderstood.”

    Another favorite line in the song is: “You can take your own advice and try again, but a thousand compromises don’t add up to a win.”

    That line reminds me of this story, because I’m so glad younger you stopped compromising, and finally got the win you deserved (your awesome husband). And bless that wonderful lady, wherever she is right now. I’m totally sending her love. <3

    1. Nanea Hoffman

      I am going to go find that song. I love Aimee Mann. My son just read Death Of A Salesman in school and we had this talk about tragedy and heroes. He’d just read an essay by Miller on why tragedy is ultimately hopeful and I explained to him that in tragedy, the hero is fighting a battle he can’t possibly win – he’s not supposed to win – but he fights it anyway. And that is heroism. Persisting in the face of constant defeat and deciding to do good and see good – that’s the paradoxical key to happiness, I think.

  233. Fyzal

    Greeting from Malaysia and I must say I am very impressed with the way you write these 10 moments. With the First Blade gone, the adventure continues and nothing will stop the brothers from getting it back. This is about killing Abaddon.

    The rumours said season 9 will be the last season of Supernatural. I hope it is not true. I hope Supernatural will continue as long as it can giving the mixture of emotions to its fans.

    1. kadam

      Have no fear! Season 10 had already been confirmed. 🙂

    2. Barbara Doyle

      Thanks so much for your kind words! As Kadam said, Season 10 is confirmed. Which makes me very happy.

  234. Sherry

    My favorite moment is the Dirty Minded Professor I liked her a lot. I wonder if Dean went for a little cougar action. Once again I enjoyed you 10 great moments. I agree the VFX team is an excellent job on this weeks episode. Mark as Crowley good especially when he was trying to connect with Sam. So funny. Nice to see the boys working as a team and I’m very interested in the man of letters story line. I hope there are other legacies floating out there that Sam and Dean can meet.

    1. Barbara Doyle

      Ooooooh. Other Legacies! I love that idea! I’ll cross my fingers for it.

  235. Lance

    The thing that gets me with the stunt castings is, what makes the producers of Supernatural think their fans which they are normally so in tune with are interested in seeing the likes of Paris Hilton and Snooki? There are some castings which are clearly going to appeal to a certain fanbase and make sense i.e. Linda Blair and Felicia Day and some that just boggle the mind as to how they thought the fan base wouldn’t respond negatively to. Kim K, Snooki and Paris have no business in the Supernatural-verse as anything but punchlines.

    1. Barbara Doyle

      I have to agree with that, Lance. I doubt Kim K would ever be on–especially after what Jared said on Twitter.

  236. Amy

    In the end, when Dean struggles with the power of the blade coursing through him after he beheads Magnus, it is Sam who saves him from himself. It is Sam, saying, “Dean…put the blade down.” that gets through to him. Sam’s voice. Calling him home. In the midst of all this emotional turmoil, I needed to see that. To see that, in the end, the brothers still ultimately want to save and protect each other.

    I loved this. Good writing. “Calling him home” brought tears to my eyes. & I, too, needed that glimpse of love & protection. It gives us a little more hope, doesnt it?

    1. Barbara Doyle

      Thank you so much, Amy! I’m glad it spoke to you. And yes, this episode made me hopeful. The love is still there and still strong between the boys.

  237. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    SO excited for tonight’s episode. This was a great episode indeed. I do love that even though the brothers are strained currently, they will still fight for each other.

    What I’m wondering is even though the “zoo” is hidden from the naked eye, and cloaked against demons, angels etc why on earth did they just leave a zoo full of trinkets, and important artifacts AND monsters hanging there… did they learn nothing from the Initiative on Buffy??? Then again we know The Ghostfacers watched Buffy but I bet Sam and Dean never did. Whomp, Whomp.

    1. Barbara Doyle

      Oh my gosh, Kelly! I thought the same thing! Especially since the boys disposed of Crowley’s jail full of monsters. The writers need to remember: we know this stuff! And I am laughing at the thought of what Sam and Dean would think of Buffy. I wonder how much they would roll their eyes at the staking.

  238. Mary Ellen

    Barbara, great ideas that I will use to make some inexpensive cards.Thanks for sharing with us!

  239. AmyJune

    I wish I was in between those two sets of lips!

  240. Vicky

    I usually read several Supernatural recaps and reviews, but I must say that the writers of Sweatpants and Coffee tend to hit it out of the park for me. Thanks you once again.

  241. Judy Lee

    Awesome review! Well done dear lady.

  242. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    I must say Misha did an amazing job. This episode was awesome. As always your recounts are awesome too!

    I am also in the midst of season 4 (almost finished) and have recently finished watching Season 3 – so much has been paralleled in this season for fans between Dean and Sam, and flipped upside down to have the judging brother in the past (Dean) doing exactly what he told Sam not to do. I love it and hate it. I Only hate it because well, I’m a big Dean fan and I’m like DUDE you know better!!! I think the MofC is more powerful than they imagined.

    I can’t wait to see where this all leads. I fear for ex sister Julia – now that Milton was freed from what’s happening with souls, what’s to say Abby won’t come hunt her down?

    I hate that this week is an off week!

  243. Denae

    I stumbled onto your articles by accident, and I must say, part of the joy of a new Supernatural episode, for me, now includes reading your detailed and insightful episode recaps! I anticipate them everytime there’s a new episode! Thanks for discussing the episodes with panache, intelligence, and your own quirky brand of humor. Love your style.

  244. Connie

    I love fonts…and I’m always searching. Thanks!

  245. Sharon

    Where did you find your travel kit? I really like the efficient design!

  246. Dawn

    “he is the King of Pain while still retaining his regality as the King of Hell. He is an actor of the highest caliber, and he needs to be in ALL. THE. THINGS. Ever.” — as a fellow SPN recapper (we’re doing it from S1, Ep1, Crowley help us), I CONCUR MOST HEARTILY. He absolutely KILLED it in this ep. Really, they all did, but I lovelovelove it when Sheppard gets to chew on the scenery a bit. Crowley in evil mode helps heal some of the Winchester Menstrual Syndrome pain in my heart.

  247. Keʻala

    I was just asking my bartender friend for a chambord (my favorite) drink to try. This sounds perfect! Mahalo e Nanea. Perfect timing! *:)

  248. sandy

    I know exactly how you feel Wendie. I live in Mililani. I commute in that 6am traffic every morning to my job in Hawaii Kai. I make it a point to get off the rock at least once a year. I sometimes think about just leave for good. Thank you for this. At least I’m not alone. 🙂

  249. Shannon

    The Team Free Will triple bitchface? Perfection!!! You killed me with that line. Also, I’m not into Destiel, but loved that “moment” as well. Keep up the good work, Barbara!

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Thanks, Shannon! As I said, I don’t ship Destiel either, but it was a very sweet smile.

  250. Tami Bates


  251. Jennifer

    I love this article 🙂 It is so funny and well thought out 🙂 My impression of why there was the ‘Destiel’ stuff in Meta Fiction is because Metatron thinks this is the way the boys act ; he was writing the whole script, the whole show was different. I cant wait to see how this season plays out, but I never want it to be the season finale, because that means no more new episodes, lol 🙂 Thanks for making me laugh 🙂

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Wow! I never considered that it might be Metatron’s interpretation of them. Genius, Jennifer!

  252. Lisa

    Not much Sam here. What’s he thinking? How does he really feel? We can speculate, but I’d love his POV.

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      I’m always up for more Sam. Always. And I agree: I want to know what he’s thinking.

  253. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    I KNOW – When I saw Jody in the preview my first gut reaction was NOOOOO! So help me if I lose Jody I’m writing an angry letter! Or crying a lot. I am so tired of losing my strong female characters.

    Side note: Loved the Buffy wording of “The Big Bad”.

    I am currently rewatching the series again, for the millionth time and it’s so crazy how much this parallels season 4 and 5 where Sam is doing bad things, and Dean is constantly checking on him, Sam lies. Now the roles are flipped.

    I am going to miss Cas not “understanding that reference”, but I look forward to his robotic way of interoperating the references that Dean gives.

    I don’t ship Destiel, I think it’s a great concept and I totally get why fans want to see it happen, but I do feel like more than anything Cas feels his bond with Dean, and maybe truly does just want to be part of the family for real. They are BFFs no matter how you slice it. And their friendship is totally touching.

    This whole episode with Metatron narrating felt very much like the Season 5 finale and the episode where Chuck wrote himself into the WInchester Gospel. And I loved that, I miss Chuck.

    And I literally screamed YESSSSSSS OMG YES! at the top of my lungs when good ole’ Gabe graced the screen. I was SO SO happy to have him back!

    As always, excellent write up I look forward to it every week! ox

    1. Barbara Sirois Doyle

      Thanks so much! I am rewatching too (just started season four again) and you’re right–so many parallels. I love that Dean and Cas love each other without necessarily being sexual. We don’t see enough of that kind of love between men on TV.

  254. Debbi

    Ann-Marie dying in All Dogs Go To Heaven choked me up.

  255. Khushnuma

    What a well written, descriptive and rounded article you’ve written Barbara. 🙂

    I just discovered this page, and I must say, I will check out the rest of it too since I loved this article.

    PS: Yes, Dean and Cas do have a really special bond. Everyone interprets it differently. I have been watching this show since season 1 (2005), and ever since Cas was first shown in season 4, they hit it off. Whatever this “profound bond” may be, we know one thing for sure – Cas really does love Dean (and probably vice versa). We just don’t know if it is platonic or romantic.

    Keep up the awesome writing!

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  257. Keʻala

    I think Sammy is a petite version of our wiser self wrapped up in a precious little bundle. I could have used a Sammy when I was hurt and metaphorically bleeding in fifth, sixth, seventh, and even ninth grade. She is so ahead of her time and has a heart big enough to heal the world. Are you sure she doesn’t already have a Ph.D. in something?

  258. Tawni

    I love this so much. And your beautiful, brave Sammy. I’m going to share PICAS with my 8-year-old often-bullied son. So many hugs to you all… and keep fighting the Nice Fight! NICE WILL ALWAYS WIN. Because by being a nice, kind person, you’ve already won. I truly believe this. Bullies and mean people are miserable inside, and that’s not a victory in any sense of the word. It’s just sad. <3 xoxo.

    1. Samantha LandrySmith

      I can so identify with this. My 8 year old has had many experiences like this and it breaks my heart. She told me earlier this year that her A+ leader was her only friend. It’s gotten better but there will probably be more to come, especially in middle school (the 8th circle of hell). I will share your daughter’s technique with her and with my students that I counsel. Tell Sammy she’s quite a smart young lady. Thank you 🙂

  259. 10 Great Moments From Supernatural, Season 9 Episode 19 | “Alex Annie Alexis Anne”

    […] we just talk about how incredible Jody Mills is as a character? I know I’ve mentioned it before here and here but it bears repeating: Jody Mills is an excellent television role model for girls. […]

  260. Britt Winchester

    Famous final scene. Bob Seger

  261. Nikki

    Silent lucidity

  262. Toula Birmpa

    Travelling is along with reading my very own means of escape..Whether it is an exhausting 26 hour flying from Greece to Hawaii or a quick trip from Athens to our amazing Santorini island, one thing is the same…It is only the travel that matters..

    The people you meet, the places ,the smell, the light…nothing can be compared to that. I ‘d like to share with you my favourite poem of a Greek poet, Konstantinos Kavafis , ‘Ithaka’.

    As you set out for Ithaka
    hope the voyage is a long one,
    full of adventure, full of discovery.
    Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
    you’ll never find things like that on your way
    as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
    as long as a rare excitement
    stirs your spirit and your body.
    Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
    wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them
    unless you bring them along inside your soul,
    unless your soul sets them up in front of you.

    Hope the voyage is a long one.
    May there be many a summer morning when,
    with what pleasure, what joy,
    you come into harbors seen for the first time;
    may you stop at Phoenician trading stations
    to buy fine things,
    mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
    sensual perfume of every kind—
    as many sensual perfumes as you can;
    and may you visit many Egyptian cities
    to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars.

    Keep Ithaka always in your mind.
    Arriving there is what you are destined for.
    But do not hurry the journey at all.
    Better if it lasts for years,
    so you are old by the time you reach the island,
    wealthy with all you have gained on the way,
    not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.

    Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.
    Without her you would not have set out.
    She has nothing left to give you now.

    And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you.
    Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
    you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this poem. The poem captures exactly what you feel and experience when you travel- Hope the voyage is a long one. 🙂

      Aloha, Wendie

  263. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    AMEN!!! Jody and Charlie LIVE or we ALL FREAKING RIOT! I worried too when I saw the preview for this episode, that I was going to lose my dear, amazing Jody. Finally, I hope that the writers have understood that while we love the amazing men on the show, as women, we need strong female role models and characters as such on this show.

    Jody has been a favorite for me for a long time. I love Ellen, and Jo, with all my heart but Jody, she’s special. She didn’t choose this life, she didn’t understand it and with the true heart of a hunter by birth she’s taken it on!

    This episode was GREAT! I love that Jody found someone to be with, to help her, as she helps another lost soul. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Mills. I adore her.

    I can’t wait to see what you write up for last night’s episode. And your thoughts on the new spin off!

  264. Kaley Perkins


    Loved this. Total resonance. I have named 2014, “The Year of Breathing.” Right beside you, Sister!

    1. Jen Violi

      Thank you, dear Kaley! We shall breathe together. Good company. xoxo

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    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Mahalo Ke’ala! Thank you for taking the time to read. Aloha, Wendie

  267. Paula Morgan

    Oh My Goodness!! Nanea, this sounds absolutely sinfully delicious!!

  268. 10 Questions I Have After Watching Supernatural, Season 9 Episode 20 | “Bloodlines”

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  269. 10 Questions I Have After Watching Supernatural, Season 9 Episode 20 | “Bloodlines”

    […] voted last week for a spin-off set in Sioux Falls with our own Jody Mills (teamed up with Alex, her new not-vamp […]

  270. 10 Questions I Have After Watching Supernatural, Season 9 Episode 20 | “Bloodlines”

    […] also enjoyed a spin-off featuring Krissy Chambers and her buddies (as last seen in Season Eight’s Freaks and Geeks) as teen hunters, or, and this would have thrilled me, a prequel series about young John Winchester […]

  271. Sherry

    I agree with a lot of what you said. I was really bothered by the shapeshifter not shedding it’s skin. Aside from the alpha shapeshifter the Supernatural universe has shapeshifters always shedding their skin. As far as the werewolf I was able to work that out in my brain but assuming that Violet was born a werewolf instead of turned. This was also apart of the episode with Garth called Sharp teeth.

    I know that the CW is trying for a younger audience with this plot. But then why not a series about spin-off featuring Krissy Chambers and her buddies. That would draw in a younger audience. Almost how do they managing hunting while living a “normal” life in college. There was also an interesting possible relationship between Krissy and Aidan.

    I didn’t have a problem with this being a stand alone series I think that is a good thing. I had a problem with setting a series in the Supernatural world but not following the rules of that world. Like you said these changes make the monsters too powerful.

    Just like you I’m bugged by Sam and Dean not knowing about the monster families of Chicago. In addition to what you have said Sam and Dean are also camped out at the Men of letters headquarters and seriously the Men of Letters didn’t know about monster families in Chicago? Because the David and Mango have an ill father meaning that family has been in control of Chicago for a while.

    This series might be salvageable but the writers to need remember what made the original so popular and it was the relationship between the two brothers. So if Ennis and David are the Sam and Dean of this series then work needs to be done to establish that connection. Maybe with David helping Ennis from inside the family. I still think they picked the wrong story to base a series around. Hopefully they can pull this off. I want to support a SPN spinoff. But if it’s not good I’m not wasting my time.

    1. Marty

      “the writers to need remember what made the original so popular and it was the relationship between the two brothers….”

      I think there was more to it than that.

      I remember watching the first episode and looking up “Woman in White” on the internet afterwards.

      A lot of supernatural fantasy shows tend to focus on the most commonplace monsters – vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons and witches. Others, like Buffy or Angel, tend to simply make up the monsters as they go along. For the first few episodes, Supernatural expanded their horizon by borrowing from many other mythologies, folklore and urban legends – making their interpretation of the Supernatural world particularly clever.

      Then there is the fact that this was a show-on-the-road. In a lot of other series which focus on one location, it starts to seem after a while that all the monsters live in that place. Which makes it difficult to believe that no one in the town would notice their existence. Or, if they are equally frequent in other places, then no one is trying to stop them there like our resident hero does here.

      So, even though I agree that the brothers’ relationship is the bedrock, there are many other aspects that contributed to it being a great show – none of which was present in the new one.

    2. eysis

      Maybe the purebred shapeshifters dont need to shed their skin. Only shapeshifters who have breeded with humans.

      1. Marty

        Then why can’t they change their clothes with their shape – like the Alpha Shapeshifter?

  272. Tami

    Honestly? I really, really think they could have done a better job. As you pointed out there were a lot of problems with this first episode, problems that should have been addressed and fixed before it aired. I can’t believe that one human would have been able to cause that much damage. Even with the lights out, all of those monsters can see in the dark … it was asking me to suspend my belief more than I could.

    I don’t like Enis and Sam having the same background, it’s been done-multiple times. There are about a thousand other things they could have done with that.

    Without running through the whole list again, you pretty much touched on all of the main problems.

    As much as I wanted to support this, I can’t. I really feel they could have done a much better “spin-off.”

    1. NK

      I agree with everything you said , what really bothered me the most was that Sam and dean ,two brothers entering the family business of saving people and hunting things, deprived of their normal childhood and eight seasons of doing this, so all their struggle was in vain and in reality their killing all these monsters since 8 seasons meant nothing because a whole mafia of monsters just happened to escape their attention cuz they were hunting in all the wrong places??? What about the hunters network like Garth and others ? I thought the hunters were so well connected ! We already know most of the people they saved like Sarah were already killed by crowly last season so why are they bothering at all? The second thing that bothered me was that monsters are now supposed to be the good guys?? How was The Freddy Kruger character different from hunters?? I did not like Ennis shooting him to death at the end and am sorry I can not have sympathy for monsters. The last thing we need in the supernatural world is humans living in harmony with monsters

      1. NK

        And violet looked as clueless as Alicia Silverstone in clueless!

  273. Faizal Nizam

    I haven’t watched this episode. Maybe I will come back later to write better comments.

  274. Nicole Lawing

    Noooo Bloodlines was horrible! Do a prequel called “The Hunters” with a young Bobby and John Winchester and everyone else in the late 60’s early’s-70’s as young hunters. That would be wicked awesome

    1. Joelie

      I second this.^

    2. Dee

      That would be wicked! @Nicole Lawing

  275. Adina Horowitz

    You pointed out pretty much all I had a problem with especially the already established characters. I was really hoping it would have been Garth. I really did like Nathaniel Buzolic’s (David)’s one liners. I think they don’t have vamps in there because it would be to “The Originals”. Which is another great show. But I too have concerns that it may not measure up to our SPN standards.

    1. Marty

      Garth is not pretty enough to lead his own CW show.

  276. Brittany S

    I completely agree with everything you said. I was disappointed in Bloodlines and was confused throughout the majority of the episode. I think the writers tried to include way too much information into one episode. I also agree with the idea of having at least one established character in Bloodlines. Shoot, I would even like to see the detective from Maryland in The Usual Suspects transfer to Chicago and try to deal with the families. They have to bring one familiar face back to pull more fans into the show and truly make it a spinoff.

  277. Linda Hardingham

    I hated it. 🙁 It bored me to tears. Off all the fabulously rich material to spring from they chose, what, non-entities. I wholeheartedly agree with your point regarding using existing characters.

    1. wendy

      I completely agree with you, Linda. Doubt I’ll watch–if it gets picked up.

  278. Jordyn Redmond

    Please no. I was very disappointed with bloodlines. While they tried, I think it would be too distasteful to start spn: bloodlines. I love supernatural, but I don’t knew if I would watch the bloodlines version. A different idea for a “spin-off” like the previously mentioned ideas would be 10000x better. I say can it before it starts to save money, time, effort, etc.

  279. amy

    I think it would have been better if they had left our guys right out of it… their being there put way too many holes in the story…

    1. Stacy

      I agree with you. The way they “inserted” Sam and Dean into the storyline was sloppy. I kind of wondered what their purpose was in this episode. Other than to let you know that if you are tuned in for Supernatural, but it’s not really Supernatural.

  280. Flopi

    The Parallels where just pathetic, the storyline is trite and all the soup opera crap is really unnecessary.
    And WHY creating new poor characters if there are LOTS of spn characters that deserve a damn spin-off.
    i’d rather see a bobby-rufus spin-off than this.
    i literally just watched 30 minutes of the episode because of the handsome blonde, but the story was just BAD.

  281. Dacia

    It was ok…but it just seems to me like some of the other “monster” shows out there. Families warring against each other for control. I still will check it out but it did not really get my attention. Id preferred if they did a show about the Men of Letters and how they became. You could show waht they fought and studied etc.

    1. Sherry

      Dacia I really like the idea of the Men of Letter. They could show us how Henry Winchester joined the Men of Letters. Plus it would be based in the 1940s and 1950. That would be unique and interesting on TV. Instead of this overdone plot line.

  282. Sandy

    I want to say I would prefer to give this show a chance. But I was somewhat hypercritical from the start because I did not like the spinoff idea especially with the monster crime families. Then when I saw it, it reminded me of any other generic show on the CW that is not Supernatural. It felt like an episode of “The Originals.”
    It was like a soap opera. I don’t think I will be watching this show although I will probably give it one more chance just to be sure.

  283. Mayu

    My vote was for a spinoff starring Garth and the GhostFacers. The biggest problem with this… it had nothing that was reminiscent of Supernatural except the title. It was more like “The Originals”. The plot was slow moving, the characters had no chemistry, you can’t call it original since it basically does what “the Originals” kind of already does… you can’t call it Supernatural cause it doesn’t really have that familiarity to it… It was just lame. Either do it so that the cast is different but the theme is familiar (like NCIS LA did) or do a spinoff with Supernatural characters that already have a fanbase (Like Buffy’s spinoff Angel did). I can’t see this show getting picked up. It would be a waste of money because there just isn’t enough to catch the attention of Supernatural fans. Like you said: Shape shifters that didn’t need to shed skin? Since when? that part really bugged me. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who picked up on the fact – How did Sam and Dean NOT know about Chicago?

  284. JR

    I wasn’t thrilled with the episode and will probably skip the show if it moves to series. I will probably do well with the folks that already watch the other popular shows on CW. Had a twilight/vamp diaries feel to me (although I say that without having much knowledge of either of those.) and I suspect it is targeted to that audience.

    Why no vampires as a crime family? Guessing because the CW already has enough vampire themed shows.

  285. Niri

    I agree that there is possibility here… But it needs a lot more work.

    Besides the daunting task that was set up with not carrying over a pre-established character (which has been covered quite well in this article). Two things really stood out as problems in what the episode offered.

    Ennis as a hunter/lead makes no sense. What we’ve been given is not enough to invest in him as a character, let alone understand his motivation. The monster families being on the edge of a all out war makes no sense. Even if they’ve been able to keep quiet all these years, one thing has been universal about monsters – keep a low profile so you don’t attract hunters. The species alpha’s have been threatened by hunters, and yet you’re going to tell me these 5 families think they’re above that?

    It really seemed like the writers were given a list of things that were required to put into the show , and just told to ‘work with it’, and this was the result. Bloodlines could greatly benefit with another ‘supernatural’ based episode before delving into a full sole-based series. Personally, this didn’t even give me enough to care to see the pilot.

  286. anj

    I would have preferred a prequel one from the Winchester line. idk I guess we will see.

  287. Stephen Sarniento

    It kind of reminded me of a show that didn’t make it to regular tv that syfy channel showed, it only had 2 seasons called special unit 2!

  288. Lisa Doudera

    Too much drama not enough action! The boys not reacting to a human being murdered shocked me. It reminded me of The Vampire Diaries, only not as interesting. It’s definitely not a spin off! They should have made a show with our favorite peeps! What where they thinking? I agree with you.

  289. Darlene Lamar

    Bloodlines made absolutely no sense.. If they are going to do a Supernatural spinoff called Bloodlines then it should be about Sam’s and Dean’s Bloodlines… Personally I’d love to see a show set in the future where maybe one of Dean’s one night stands had a kid who grew up and somehow got into hunting.. It’d be awesome if it was a daughter and somehow she wound up with Cass then Cass could finally ‘officially’ be family…

  290. Gabriel

    I just wanted to address at question number 9… Why didn’t Sam react to Ennis killing that creepy guy? Well I believe he relates to Ennis on what happened to Jessica and Sam wanting to kill the murderer since season 1, perhaps he understood Ennis rage and thirst for revenge. Also, guys and gals, we have to be more honest… Sam has seen a lot of things and experienced a lot, like Dean would say “It’s the gig, it gets to you” And more on, if you were in Ennis shoes; holding that gun, what would you have done? I think Sam thought about that.

  291. Stanko Vincetic

    The third or 4 generation of warewouls can change when ever they wish soo gouse for shapeshiters how you did not know that but I believe in bloodlines and they should give them I season but I don’t won’t too lose SPN i hope it will be 10more seasons and Dean is the best by the way. I LOBE SUPERNATURAL and you gays very much

  292. Jenn

    Yes, on so many counts, and very rough, iMO too.
    1. Why not create a spin-off with an established character? Roger That! Sadly, my annoyed knee jerk reaction is- with female protagonists?! Yeah right!, Never happen with SPN. But to be fair on the why new characters,I felt a lot of charisma coming off Ennis, I liked him right away. I also liked the two “reluctant monsters” David and Violet and saw potential there.

    2. How did Sam and Dean not know about the monster families controlling Chicago? Yeah, I am not sure how plausible that is. It’s not even “out of the boy’s jurisdiction” I could perhaps let it slide if it wasn’t the mid-west.

    3. Why are sirens one of the five ruling families? Definitely some SPN warning signs in how they treat the ladies. What I think has potential and simultaneously annoys me is 5 rich white families trying to carve up Chicago a little finer for themselves. What could word is the allegory in it , 5 rich white families fighting to carve up the city a little finer among themselves are monsters, though as much as I like SPN, that might be a bit, well… it’s not really their thing is it.

    4. Is werewolf change driven by emotion and not the lunar calendar canon now?
    My daughter got annoyed right away on this, she actually will be happy to hear the two instances you reminded me about. We talked about the concern about spin-off that don’t follow the universe they are supposed to be from. I said, you know if the Boys acknowledge never seeing it before I’ll be satisfied. (Or, because of you reminding me of Garth, and Sam’s comment, mentioning those moments) It’s my opinion, make a separate show, and take your chances- I mean most likely fans will give it a chance, but again, no familiar characters and doesn’t spin out the SPNverse wider, a little like cheating calling it a spin off.

    5. How are shapeshifters changing without shedding their skin? Just, yes… Maybe they are just too wealthy for such an uncouth thing.

    6. Why are Ennis and Sam’s hunter beginnings so similar? This I don’t have a problem with at all. My daughter questioned it, thought it was lazy. I felt it was not to be “the Sam”, it was for Sam to relate very closely and have the conversation that he had with him. The unequivocal, get out and stay out of Hunting.

    7. Is David the new Dean in terms of great one-liners? It’s a tough job….

    8. How did a mere human, even one with silver Freddie Krueger style hands, take on an entire bar full of monsters? Yeah I am calling plot hole, too. All they needed to do what give a little more, PCP, Steroids, something. He was nuts for revenge, I’d buy it.

    9. How did Sam watch the killing of a human being and not shake in his shoes? Yeah, I might have to take another look, to see if Jared tried to play it silently since he wasn’t given any lines on that front. He and Jensen try so hard to fix character problems all the time. (The writers should be better than that- they have actually swapped lines before- sighting “that’s a Dean line” or something, and changed important actions because “they wouldn’t do that”)

    10. Why doesn’t the PadaHair get its own starring credit? ROBBED, that’s what it is!

  293. Shirley Foster

    Bloodlines needs a chance.Every show has to have a few Blunders before it gets off the ground And people need to understand this Hang in there Keep watching Until it becomes this great show that we all know it will be.

    1. Sherry

      I believe articles like this one help the writers. Because they need to feedback to know where the blunders are. They could still bring in Krissy and crew to help Ennis with the monster family thing. David could be the undercover connection to the shape-shifters and Violet to the werewolves. Cause some tension and danger within the families. That would improve the show going forward because Krissy would add a connection to Supernatural and a strong female leader. Plus they could work an Aidan and Ennis triangle for the Drama thing the CW loves. Will they do that? I don’t know Sam and Dean did say they were sending in hunters. Which hunters do they know who are still alive?

      1. Marty

        I think the show will need much more than simply including Krissy’s gang to really become an SPN spinoff.

        One of the most basic principles of Supernatural universe is that monsters are not like your run-of-the-mill criminals. They can’t simply choose not be evil and be done with it. They have certain overwhelming drives that almost always govern their actions and overcoming those instincts is extremely difficult and requires great self-restraint. We see is everytime a vampire hears focuses on someone’s neck or a werewolf hears a heartbeat. All the sympathetic monsters we’ve seen previously have had to struggle with this – and as we’ve seen before, sometimes it isn’t enough. So, showing that the protagonists of Bloodlines are simply above all that does not fit the theme of the original show.

        Similarly, hunters on Supernatural are not dumb idiots who roll into town only when someone shouts “a monster did it”. They all have different ways of figuring out if something Supernatural is going on – and if Bloodlines continues with its premise of five warring families, then expect to see a very high body count via specific monster manners. And that certainly should draw the attention of hunters even if Sam and Dean neglect to tell anyone about it.

        And let’s not get into the whole deviations from established mythology.

        1. Sara

          As the title implies I believe all these monsters were born and not made. Having such strong bloodline, I believe such self control was taught at an early age, behavior therapy perhaps. I’m sure the writers can explain more when they have more than an hour to tell their tale.

          1. Marty

            But they don’t have self-control – that’s the problem. Julian and Sal are literally at each-others’ throats the moment they lay eyes on each-other. Margo and Julian are eager to start a war. Even David, the supposed good one, changes shape for the flimsiest of reasons – like stealing exam papers. And if the human body parts in the nightclub are any indication, these monsters don’t limit themselves to animal portions either. And it has been established before how addicted and out-of-control the taste of human flesh can make them. This is simply not the behavior of someone who has been taught the value of self-control. Besides, we’ve seen pure blood monsters before – like Garth’s in-laws – and they don’t have an easy time of self-restraint either.

            Here, these people are presented as the typical rich mobster children who’ve been told that anything they want is theirs and they shouldn’t hesitate to take it. Some – like Margo and Julian – take that message to heart. Others, like Violet and David – choose moderation and restraint. However, the defining characteristic of monsters on Supernatural – a fundamental need that drives them – is equally absent from all of them.

  294. Peggy

    I’m just say it was OK, nothing like I expected, I agree with most of what you said also I was hoping to see a character from supernatural there to establish credibility I’m not sure this shows going to work. Disappointed really

  295. Cameron Jewett

    I’m just pissed off Supernatural is coming to an end but it needs to. Just don’t fuck it up!

  296. Cameron Jewett

    Want another 10 seasons. Sod the spin off

  297. Marty

    Here are some answers for you:

    1. Why not create a spin-off with an established character?

    Ans: Because the CW doesn’t want a Supernatural Spinoff – not really. In their minds, what their target audience wants is a ensemble cast, composed largely of non-human protagonists who want to be “normal”, human love interests who understand and support them no matter what they do and lots of excuses for parties. Currently on CW we have The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed and Beauty and the Beast – all of which are built on similar premise. Bloodlines is just another such script in their development room and they tacked on Supernatural in front of it to gain the loyal SPN fans.

    2. How did Sam and Dean not know about the monster families controlling Chicago?

    Ans: Because the monsters are smart, subtle, genre-savvy and know the importance of keeping their existence a secret. They understand how hunters work – they know that headlines like “animal attacks”, “evisceration” or “drained of blood” would bring swarms of hunters down on them. They have all the right cops and morticians on payroll to help them fake the evidence reports. They control the media to make sure such incidents go unreported. They are always on lookout for hunters rolling into town and the moment they get whiff of one, they set up a patzi to take the fall. All in all, they understand the paramount importance of secrecy and have multiple layers of protection and diversionary tactics to maintain the facade.

    Just kidding. I’d love to believe this, but based on the show, I just can’t. If the show does get picked up, I expect that the only hunters we see there would be bigoted, uneducated rednecks who can’t recognize a monster unless its feeding right in front of them. On this new show, I expect hunters to get the same treatment that they got on Vampire diaries – instead of being tormented, but essentially noble humans smart enough to figure out complex patterns to track down their prey, they’d instead come across as violent, gun-toting psychopaths who all just want to “kill all the monsters”.

    3. Why are sirens one of the five ruling families?

    Ans: This I find rather believable. Sirens can make people fall in love with them, so its easy to believe that they can get in a position where they control the city’s influential humans – like lawyers or politicians. If they resist their obsession with having these people “prove” their love by killing others, then they can hold on to the power indefinitely. Also, sirens can be gender-neutral – given that form of a loved one doesn’t have to be female. In fact, this could’ve been an interesting concept for the episode to explore – sirens, ghouls and shifters, all of them can change their gender, so the normal gender dynamics and stereotypical gender roles should all have simply gone out of the window. But, we didn’t get that here.

    And I’m fine with vamps not being one of the families. There are simply too many shows on TV about vampires as it is.

    4. Is werewolf change driven by emotion and not the lunar calendar canon now?

    Ans: Yes – that’s because bloodlines decided to throw out Supernatural canon and make its own. Like I said, the only reason they are calling it Supernatural spinoff is to attract SPN fans – they have no intention of staying true to the mythology.

    5. How are shapeshifters changing without shedding their skin?

    Ans: See above.

    6. Why are Ennis and Sam’s hunter beginnings so similar?

    Ans: Because the writers couldn’t come up with anything better in way of a tragic origin story. It was either – “kill the parents” or “kill the love of his life” or “kill his partner/best friend” or “kill his kids”. Killing kids or partner would require Ennis to be older, which wouldn’t fit CW’s requirement of “pretty young people”. And they need the option of bringing out his parents in future as a “surprising twist”. So it had to be his girlfriend – the 2-D character who who existed for the sole purpoe of dying to give the hero his purpose.

    However, that is where Sam’s and Ennis’ origin similarity ends. Even in Supernatural pilot, there was an undercurrent of Sam’s destiny – his past of his mother dying the same way and his desire to escape the hunting life. We don’t have that with Ennis. The writers have used the same idea – a loved one dies in a manner related to something supernatural and that’s why you get into hunting – for a lot of hunters we’ve seen – The Winchesters, Bobby, Gordon, Isaac and Tamara, Krissy Chambers, Krissy’s dad, Krissy’s posse etc. So, Ennis’ origin story is not just similar to Sam’s it is similar to that of a lot of hunters out there.

    7. Is David the new Dean in terms of great one-liners?

    Ans: Every show needs a resident quipster – the funny guy, the snark-knight, the one making all the inappropriate jokes. This show seems to have David filling that role. But as with Sam and Ennis, that doesn’t make him the Dean equivalent of the show.

    8. How did a mere human, even one with silver Freddie Krueger style hands, take on an entire bar full of monsters?

    Ans: Because the plot called for it. He was strong and badass in order to be setup as a believable villain, but when that need was over he was overpowered by the same girl he had subdued and kidnapped a few hours ago.

    9. How did Sam watch the killing of a human being and not shake in his shoes?

    Ans: Why did Sam and Dean let a hunter – one of their own – be killed? Why didn’t they kill the shapeshifter and the werewolf, when their next step was going to be going after the families? Why didn’t they atleast capture and question them about the monsters in the city? Why did they instantly trust the shapeshifter when their usual response is to be wary of all Supernatural creatures? Why did they let him ride along? (Because he wouldn’t tell them Violet’s phone number? Please, he might as well have threatened to hold his breath). Why did they let Ennis – the emotional rookie – come along when they had easily ditched him earlier?

    The answer is the same – because that would defeat the point of the episode. Bloodlines to setup all the pretty, young people with great hair as the good guys and whatever they do as automatically the “right thing”. They also wanted to establish that anyone who has or is trying to hurt them or kill them is the bad guy by definition – no matter how valid his reasons might be. And if they have to destroy the Winchesters’ characters in order to do it, then so be it.

    “I think Supernatural: Bloodlines has potential unto itself…”

    I think it has potential only if it stays true to the original series – in spirit and in mythological canon. Otherwise it’d be no different than all other such shows where different factions of non-human characters are fighting each-other for power wile a few “good” guys try to stop them – like Vampire Diaries, Originals. True Blood etc.

  298. criscross

    It annoyed me for all the reasons you state above. The biggest being Ennis killing a human. That’s not what Supernatural is about. They tried… it failed. Start again. How about the beginnings of the MoL? They’ve already got the bunker set to work with. Gil is charismatic and able to carry a series surely. The life and times of Henry Winchester. Yes, I’d watch that. 🙂

  299. Laura

    Definitely has potential,I’m interested to see where Bloodlines takes us.

  300. Leah

    Well the shifters that shed there skin where “skin walkers” not “shap shifters” and Violet was born a werewolf not turned.

  301. Brian Rubin

    Thank you for this, pretty much hit all the beefs I had with this waste of an episode.

  302. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    I feel very similar to you on all of this – I was not a huge fan of the show, David was to me, the saving grace with his one liners, then again I’m a HUGE fan of Dean (Still love Sam, but Dean holes my fictional character heart).

    *** Sam not getting more bent out of shape about the killing of a human, I think maybe he’s become slightly desensitized this season – didn’t they JUST have to kill humans on “Thinman” I was SHOCKED when they took out that kid that was causing all the upheaval. And then again shocked that they had another human death in this one.

    I will be honest, I was NOT a fan of most of this show. The acting was so overdone, the teen drama – I think I’m too displaced being a 30 something, I hope it will get picked up and I will give it a few episodes to see if it grows on me. I too wish we could have gotten an actual loved character from SPN to put into a new world. It worked for Angel, and it worked for other spin-offs in the past, maybe he’ll run into some old familiar loves but for now I feel the same as you… how did they not know about the Monster Mafia, now is it that all of this was under their noses…

    Keep up the great work – I enjoy reading every weekend! I can’t believe this season is almost over, it’s killing me.

    1. Marty

      “didn’t they JUST have to kill humans on “Thinman”…”

      I don’t think you intended it to come off like this but I’ll reply anyway.

      The guy in Thinman was a psychopath killing for fame and notoriety. As far as Winchesters were concerned, he was as bad as any other monster they’d faced. The guy here was a hunter, one of their own, doing what they do. The girl’s death was an accident (seriously, who dies from being thrown into a shed?). That is why the Winchesters standing by while he is gunned down seems OOC.

  303. Sara

    I can see why vampires wouldn’t be one of the five ruling families. In the SPN universe vampired are nomads and stay hidden, if memory serves correctly hunters even went a long while without seeing vampires and thought they were extinct.
    I can also see how we are expected to believe the hunters didn’t know about Chicago being ruled by monsters. If the police know and take care of it then it’s like the city has a bunch of Bobby Singers covering and making up explanations keeping the secrets confined to the city and whoever the cops couldn’t silence I’m sure the monsters took care of.
    IMO the SPN universe has lots to work with and no one knows everything about monsters (except Eve) and the varations to the legends we saw are noted in books and can be believable.

    1. Marty

      “If the police know and take care of it then it’s like the city has a bunch of Bobby Singers covering and making up explanations keeping the secrets confined to the city and whoever the cops couldn’t silence I’m sure the monsters took care of.”

      That would have been a very good explanation IF there weren’t too many indications to the contrary.

      1. There was a huge massacre at the night-club – but no one came to clean-up the evidence immediately. I’d think that if there were a bunch of Bobby Singers keeping the secret, their first priority would be to contain the fallout.

      2. They couldn’t contain the story because, clearly, the Winchesters heard of it and came to check it out.

      3. No one cleaned out the evidence – the place was full of human organs labeled according to the people to whom they belonged – which was what let the Winchesters to the conclusion that it was a monster bar.

      4. Pretending to be FBI is almost standard hunter protocol -but no one called the families to say “Hey, two FBI guys just rolled into town. Watch out, they could be hunters.”

      5. If the monster families had the morgue people on payroll – which would be a good idea, given that’s where evidence reports often get written – then it’d make sense that those people would keep their trap shut. But here, the morgue dude tells the two FBI dudes that Julian paid 3 grand to take a look at the body.

      6. The hunter in this episode commented that he’d believed for years that his son died in an animal attack – which could be an example of “making up explanations” that you talked about. One problem with that, we’ve seen it before that “animal attack in big city” is practically a beacon for hunters indicating that something supernatural is going on here. They probably have those very words on their search alerts – right alongside “electrical storms”, “‘cattle mutilations” and “closed room murders”.

      So, if there is a network of agents working to cover up the existence of the five monster families, they are doing such a crappy job of it that its a wonder that the hunters didn’t figure it out anyway.

  304. Tamara Caldwell

    I watched with an open mind & wanted to like it… But I didn’t. I had several “hmm” moments myself but I didn’t care enough to even rewatch the episode. Basically, I hated it, won’t be watching if it does get picked up.

  305. Thiago Pad

    I think the David’s personality more like with Sam and personality of Ennis the nearest of Dean. This became clear to me at the time that Dean and Ennis talk and act the same way when leaving the car…

  306. Karen

    My mother has long passed from this world and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her or (still) reach for the phone to ask yet another stupid question.

    Not only do I look exactly like my mother but, yep, I have turned into her too, to a degree! I say things that she said (oh no!!) and even cook like her (not a bad thing!). The one thing that I don’t share with her (but I’m working on it) was her ability for being one of the most fun, loving, forgiving, caring, generous, warm, humble people on this earth. She had a certain knack for drawing in even the most “unlovable” people and making everyone see they were only human too. A friend recently told me that my mom was “very cool, ahead of her time”. That she was!

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, she was also a very strong, formidable, not easily intimidate woman who stood her ground and fought admirably for what she believed in (all traits I inherited!). She ruled the household with an iron glove and one glance from her was enough to send me and my sisters into hiding. The only woman she’d back down to was HER mother! She also used the very Italian assault weapon on us – the dreaded wooden spoon – “because I’m not going to hurt my hands on you” when it was necessary! None of us had a death wish, so we usually cooperated! As the youngest, I was the one who gave her a run for her money!

    My mother was 22 until the day she died. She had all her grandchildren convinced of this too! I think I was 30 before I realized exactly how old she was. For her 75th birthday, the cake read “Happy 22nd Birthday”!! And it was always a source of amusement in our house. My oldest sister is now teaching her grandchildren that she’s 21!!

    Like you, I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I grew up. My memories make me sad sure, but in a good way! I’m going to keep practicing on becoming more like my mom so maybe some day someone will say I was cool too! Ahead of my time!!

  307. Mary Beth

    I totally loved every word of this – I read it twice! I may even read it again after sharing it with a few good friends. I was so captivated by this story, it left me wanting more …

  308. Alexandra

    Very moving flash fiction. I especially liked this sentence: “The orange tip of her cigarette follows in a wide arc.”

  309. Brette

    Very nice piece. I remember being a kid and feeling like certain superstitions absolutely worked and it was completely up to me to prevent someone from dying or from my mother’s back breaking if I stepped on a crack!

  310. Jennifer Martin

    I just love the way you write 🙂 It is both soothing and enthralling 🙂

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  312. 10 Great Moments from Supernatural Season 9, Episode 21 | “King of the Damned”

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  313. pamwat

    I really do enjoy your reviews. I can’t agree more with you. It was a masterful episode…can hardly wait for tomorrow.

  314. Debbie

    Absolutely love your reviews of the best show on tv! Thanks!

  315. Sherry

    I do so love reading your best moments. This was a great way to highlight the episode focusing on the different characters including PadaHair. lol Hope it doesn’t became a diva;) I will miss Abaddon, she was such an evil and delightful villain. I do agree with you on Crowley’s line about being tortured. In fact I’m going to do some shots and try to say the line after writing this. Excellent review and I agree this was front to back a grade A Supernatural episode. Sad to see the season coming to a close but excited to see which we are headed.

  316. Aidan

    My personal opinion is that the shape-shifters are second generation and there for do no need to shed their skin. I mean the shape-shifters are a family, I think its safe to assume that their father is actually their biological father and not just their adopted father

    , I think the werewolves are second generation and by their own nature have the ability to half-shift and that is the reason that they can turn when they wish.

    Also, I think that the human had other mechanics in his claw hands that helped him dispatch monsters, also the silver definitely helped.

    The reason that the sirens are the other monster family and not the vampires is because in Supernatural, the vampires tend to be drifters.

    Now that you mention it, I am confused about how the hunters never discovered the city. I think it might be that the families hid the bodies or maybe the werewolves are all second generation so they can control their transformation, the vampires aren’t a family, I don’t know what the ghouls do, the djinn hid the bodies and the shifters don’t eat people.

    Sam has killed humans in the past too. Just because they are human doesn’t mean they are not a monster. Sam hates himself because he thinks he is a monster and at the beginning of the season, he did start to try and off himself.

    I think the whole show is the new Dean because honest to god that whole show is so sassy I can’t even, right now.

    All in all, I was actually happy with it, and would like to see more, because after all the pain supernatural has caused, this has to be less painful, right…*laughs nervously*

  317. coffeegirl18

    Sam’s hair in the gif at the bottom reminds me of the Supernatural book covers.

  318. Catherine

    That was some epic Padahair

  319. tanaya90

    I am absolutely loving the direction the story seems to be headed in. But if this season ends without a Winchester hug, I’ll be heartbroken! Its hard enough to watch the brothers fight in an episode, let alone over the course of an entire season.
    And I do fear that very soon Sam will not be able to reach Dean anymore and pull him out of his bloodlust. Jensen Ackles said that the distance between the brothers is part of the reason why Dean is playing so recklessly, like he has nothing to lose. So unless the brothers have a solid heart-to-heart and deal with their issues, this could end badly. Remember this is the Blade a brother once used on his brother. If Dean does not rein himself in in time, Sam could very well get caught in the cross-fire. And we all know Dean Winchester does not need anymore guilt than he already carries around. It is a promising plot, but I’m not sure where the story is headed. With just two episodes left and so much ground to cover, I fear the brothers and their issues might get passed over.

  320. Sarah

    I am in love with your reviews and you always nail it spot on! Kudos

  321. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    Thank you for touching on the fact that while Dean is getting mega scary… I’m also more attracted to him than ever before (same happened with Evil, Souless Sam) what can I say, I love bad boys.

    My only gripe about this episode is that Abby died WAY too quickly for my liking, I wanted to see some battle between the two, but I guess the ending of this mini battle was just and swift, and clean, and messy at the same time.

    I am SO anxious for tonight… sadly I’ll be painting my new home while it’s on so I will have to avoid the spoilers like the plague! Thanks for ALWAYS doing such a great job of write-ups!

    I can’t wait to see Tessa again! And I’m anxious to see what Gadreel is up to!

  322. Tammy

    What an amazing piece! The writing brings the scene to three-dimensional life and the story stirs up emotions so artistically that I want to hold the character in the same way she holds the wounded pigeon. Brava, Cindy!

  323. Let’s Talk About Sweatpants & Coffee

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  324. Roxanne

    Clearly, I have spent far too much time in hospitals / hospices lately. This strikes a chord with me. Great piece, Meredith.

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  326. Jane Boursaw

    Love this, Meredith. Like Brette, I too remember superstitions from when I was a child. Now my own daughter has a few. You wonder where they originate.

  327. Sherry

    Great best 10 moments. Agents “Spears and Aguilera” was wonderful. I love that Cas, while knowing Pop Culture still doesn’t understand it. Yes he has every book, movie, and TV show Metatron ever saw in his head but he is still to literal with it.

    Speaking of Metatron giving Cas every book he has read, does that include Angel tablets and all god’s words? Maybe Cas doesn’t realize this because so much was jammed in his head at once and he is using stolen grace that is draining out of him. I wonder if the finale will pick up on this fact. These reference of Cas’ Metatron given knowledge appear to be added so we don’t forget this fact. That is my thought but tomorrow we will know for certain. I always enjoy reading you top 10 moments.

    1. Danielle E. Curtis

      Thank you, Charles! I’m flattered! So happy you enjoyed it.

  328. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    It’s like I knew I had to sing the first few sentences.. love it!

    I have chills from reading the last bit of this entry… ugh I am on pins and needles for tonight!!!

    I died laughing over the Spears and Agulera (totally butchered that name)… I love Cas, and while I miss his delightful “not knowing that reference” I’m also digging the little nerd inside him that’s surfacing…

    I am not ready to get kicked in the gut… Dean is full on dark side and I truly, truly fear what’s happening. Knowing the story of Able, I fear for Sam, greatly.

  329. Anne Henry

    Love the buildup, the tension, the inner thoughts and all in a short train ride of a story.

  330. my google plus account

    Hello there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any recommendations?

  331. Teresa

    Excellent review/recap!! Loved the ending comment about fries & salt!

  332. JR

    Excellent review. I appreciate the humor in the show and the continued acknowledgement of show history (ain’t that bitch quote). I am left wondering which is the miracle, that Dean died and is a demon, or Sam’s realization that he had been acting like an idiot. Or perhaps that hell is the savior and heaven is helpless at current. Either way, I can’t wait for the next season because when Dean does have his next burger and fries, there will be salt.

  333. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven

    Hellatus – perfect word for this wait for season 10.

    Ugh, I sort of had a feeling something was coming, something demonic but I was STILL floored when he opened his eyes and I screamed “NOOOOOO!” (my husband thinks I’m crazy).

    I cannot wait to see where this leads Dean next season. He and Crowley howling at the moon together. Dean has basically become a knight of hell, THE knight of hell. I can’t imagine what Sam and Cas will need to go through to fix this.

    I did see that Mark has been signed on as series REGULAR for season 10 not just a guest star. Ladies and gents, let’s hold on to our hats, our seats and our tissues… Season 10 is taking us boldly where no show has gone before… wait, you said Trilogy, wrong STAR thing… that’s Trek, but you feel me, right?

    PS I was sad about Gaddy too… Even though losing Kevin killed me, I was seeing Gaddy turn around, he just wanted to do what was right but was so misled by old Tron.

  334. Fort Worth Lon Smith Roofing Reviews

    Falling Skies recap | “Be Silent and Come Out”

  335. jeanine barone

    Very nice! Flash fiction can be very powerful.

  336. tomi l wiley

    Simple, elegant, poignant and true – this essay made me think differently about faith and what it means to me. I love the thought of dying each day (or hour, or minute) for the sake of rebirth, for change, for growth. Lovely – thank you, Terry.

    ~ tomi

  337. Terry Price

    You are incredibly kind, Tomi. I appreciate your words and thoughts more than you know. I’m grateful to be published here and even more grateful that words have resonated. We’re all in this together. Always, Terry

  338. Brooke

    It seems to me that Disney is always trying to tug on our heartstrings, making me a softy since 1984. Lion King is one that still makes me choke up and I’m 30 years old and should know better. And “Mother… mother…. mother wake up.” from The Land Before Time.. sniffle. Thanks for the emotional flashback.


  339. Nancy

    Okay…sign me up for the Jody and Charlie live or I riot club! I swear…not kidding…I sure hope the powers that be are listening. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dean and Sam…and Cass…and Crowley…but the guys need someone to care about them and I just don’t think they (or the fans) can loose The Sheriff after Ellen and Bobby…nor could they handle the guilt of Charlie after Kevin Tran… I’m sure the writers can find plenty of ways to make them suffer with other characters. And while we are at it…a spin-off with either of those two brilliant women…allowing for ample crossover episodes…would suit me just fine!

  340. D. Scott Meek

    I love hornswoggle, andIi occasionally use it, such as “I sent that Namibian Prince $1000 like he asked but I got no millions. Hornswoggled again!”

  341. How I started calling myself a Writer

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  342. Marie Beswick-Arthur

    The author has achieved a balance many fail to establish: evocative imagery, intimacy, and lots of breathing room so that the reader can capture the character’s childhood to adulthood in one calm wave and achieve a view of the scope of life and sphere of influence of each mentioned guest in the story . The red scarf: a subtle yet powerful image that allows a reader many imaginings of the generations who wore and or used the head cover.

  343. Mary Homer Ahtone

    As I read your blog, I felt a kindred of spirit, I too struggled to work it all out
    on my own as my experiences as a youth haunted me for years, sometimes
    influencing how I would respond as an Adult. I had been taught to give my
    burdens to the Lord and not shoulder them alone, which worked when I
    wasn’t confronted head on into a crisis, at which time, I usually crashed
    with full frontal impact, only to work out the “Why” and “Whithalls”. Life
    is like that sometimes. Looking back, it was the valleys that helped me
    become the person I am today. The ‘mountain top experiences’ gave me
    the freedom to be me, colored in rainbows, butterflies and angels to hoist
    me up till the next impact. I love who I am, was and have become, I hope you can do the same. God bless.

  344. PatRice

    Empowering. This is the word that sums up all my feelings after reading this. I see portrayed here the deepest of emotions and thoughts that all people can relate to, those that many will not express as some might consider them to be “weak” or “not right”. This is a courageous work. I loved reading it!

  345. Brooklynn Breeann

    Such a great story, the love and support he has for his brother makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And also thinking about how I need to show more love and support toward my own siblings <3 Good read!

  346. Your Sister

    Such a gorgeous story of love and support. If only more people would cherish the things that REALLY matter in life more often instead of the most expensive handbag, the most popular celebrity gossip or the best car to drive. (Seriously?) Such an inspiring story. Thanks, Kati, for bringing this to our attention! 🙂

  347. Myla

    This is beautiful. I have vitiligo and as long as she has a loving and supportive circle your daughter will thrive regardless. Who she is will shine brighter.

    1. Amy McElroy

      Thank you Myla, for your kind words. I want my daughter love herself and to know there are others in the world who will accept and love her as she is.

  348. 10 More Songs to Listen to While Saving People & Hunting Things

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  349. SherriLynn

    Excellent choices! One of the attractions of #Supernatural is the phenomenal music
    I hear. Reminds me of my younger years. Bob Seger is a favorite, as are many others on the lists you’ve compiled. I know I have most of them on my iPod already, listed under #Supernatural. Would love to see a Part 3.

  350. Angela B

    For a part 3: definitely SoundGarden – Fell On Black Days and Alice In Chains – Rooster

    Or you know the whole 9 years worth of music 🙂

  351. mari

    Many blessings to u and her.I had my own medical woes and I have faith and hope she will get thru this.

    1. Amy McElroy

      Mari, thanks for your good wishes. There’s a supportive community out there if we listen to each other. We all have our struggles, and I wish you the best with yours, as well.

  352. Patty

    Fell on Black Days by Soundgarden…used in a couple episodes but used beautifully in the episode “Southern Comfort” by far my favorite montage ever!!

  353. Brenda Lewis

    Great tunes have had most of them on my ipod for a couple of years

  354. Michelle Caroline

    You’re missing “Shambala”, by Three Dog Night. In season two (episode two), “Everybody Loves A Clown”, you can hearing the song blaring from a radio while Dean fixes the Impala.

  355. Lia

    Fast pass! Fast pass! Fast pass! While you shouldn’t plan every detail, you want to utilize fast pass for your MUST DOs! If your kid (or you…) are dying to meet Elsa and Anna, get a fast pass! It’s not worth the tears or the 3 hour wait.

  356. Dean Moggy


  357. Karen

    Sounds wonderful. I haven’t been to Hilton Head in more than 20 years. I have to admit that the older I get, the less of a beach person I am, the sun, sand, heat and humidity just take a toll on me. But maybe visiting early on in the season would be the ideal trip. Thanks for sharing – it’s something to look into for next year!

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      Hi Karen:) It was lovely in early June- not hot at all, almost a little chilly on the beach. I don’t even think I took off my hoodie and I wrapped up in a blanket. But It was really nice… perfect weather. Hope you get back:) Aloha, Wendie

  358. Jun Tsuruta

    Both places have their on uniqueness and beauty . I was raised in North Carolina and spent many summers at the SC beaches and now live in Oahu . I truly am enjoying everything that the islands can provide . Great waves , climate , people , etc .

    I loved the beach in SC for its food , low country food possesses is own unique spiceness that I love and the southern fried chicken, flounder and hushpuppies are amazing. I also am fascinated by the watching gators in their own habitat .The heat ,humidity , snakes and mosquito are things I could do without .

    1. Wendie Burbridge

      HI Jun,
      We were sorry we didn’t eat out a bit, but my husband packed food for a week, and we had a great kitchen, so we did a lot of grilling and cooking on our own. But next time we will do the food tour b/c it sounds ʻono! We luckily missed the heat and humidity so we really enjoy ourselves. 🙂 Thanks for the food tips and for sharing your dual island experiences:) Aloha, Wendie

  359. Gloria

    You’re so beautiful and I so needed this. And just happened over here, too! Killing time at the car dealership, trying desperately not to watch Judge Judy. Thanks, Universe Guy. And you, Jen. XO

    1. Jen Violi

      Thanks so much for reading and responding and affirming, Ms. G. Big love.

  360. Lauri Leaverton

    What I needed this morning, too. Inspired me to write. My dad had a mild heart attack this morning and feelings are jumbled. This helps. Thank you.

    1. Jen Violi

      Lauri, much love to you and your dad and wishing you peace in the midst of the jumbled feelings. So glad this helps & thank you for saying so.

  361. D Zotian

    Beautifully written. Know that you helped that woman just by talking to her and showing her a supportive relationship CAN happen. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but someday the light bulb will click for her – and for others who have read your words.

    We all have to try to stand to help those women who are falling down. If we stand, we can help them up.

    1. Jen Violi

      My thanks to you, D, for reading and responding, for affirmation and reassurance and solidarity. Big love.

  362. Nieve Andrea

    Oh your son sounds so much like one of my best friends!!! He must have been just as special when he was your son’s age (he’ll soon be 18 now, he’s such a lovely soul…). Actually both of my best friends have Asperger’s, him and another friend who is like a sister to me… I found about Asperger’s through them mainly; they tell me anything I ask them because I want to know or understand, and they do the same with me asking me about the ways of typical people (although… to be honest, many things I just don’t understand about typical people either, but then we just laugh). I find their views of life fascinating.

    These two special souls have a different view about physical contact and friendships, I guess every Aspie is different too. They’re just plain free and open about honest friendship, when they know it’s true… and when I talk to them about this and how some other people who have Asperger’s say that they don’t want to be touched, we’ve come to the conclusion that it might be because they haven’t found the right company… although we’re not sure about it yet. I’d like to know a bit more about these things and how we can help other people understand each other.

    Thanks for your words and your son’s, it’s a wonderful article. 🙂

  363. Kylie

    ohhh… can I add one… 🙂

    Your 2 year old is able to name the show after hearing only the first couple of words of the theme song…. my nephew… true story… My sister pretty much watched friends and nothing but friends for a few years there apparently.

    Also… Hi Shandle… YAY for your first feature….. 😀

    1. Shandle

      Thanks Kylie! Sounds like your nephew is learning the important things in life! <3

      1. Kylie

        Yes… I think so… His Dad got hold of him and he is a 10 year old Star Wars obsessed kid now… much to my sister’s dislike… she is still yet to see even the original movies even though she lives with three males who love them…

        1. Shandle

          I’ve actually never seen them either.

  364. Kathryn O'Sullivan

    Thank you for the invitation! I look forward to speaking with you and the readers/listeners!

  365. coffeegirl18

    I shared this on FB and to various fandom related groups as well.

    1. Shandle

      Thank you for sharing it around!

      1. coffeegirl18

        Nevermind you’re in the same group and already posted. LOL. *headhand*

  366. AyHy

    Such an interesting and compelling story.

    I found myself thinking a lot about the entirely different effects that violence had on Rebecca and the narrator. Rebecca was traumatized by the violence, paralyzed by fear. The narrator is satisfied by the violence; feels his own broken nose and thinks “I can live with that.”

    What causes the disparity?

    Is it the intent behind the violence? That the reasons “whoever he was” hurt Rebecca are less valid than the reasons the reasons Rebecca hurt the narrator?

    Is it the nature of the violence? Is sexual violence inherently more traumatic than “merely” being beaten up and spit on?

    Is it the nature of the individuals? Does Rebecca naturally think of herself as a victim while the narrator naturally thinks of himself as a martyr?

    If it’s the nature of the individuals, does it have anything to do with their respective sex? When women and men suffer violence, are men less likely to feel lasting trauma?

    Has the man “saved” the woman from the trauma of the violence against her, by allowing her to transfer it to him? Is he, essentially, a martyr, offering up the integrity of his body so that women can reclaim the integrity of theirs?

  367. Joe

    Agree on that -digital publishing is keeping reading alive , but I still like the hard copy 🙂

  368. Kendra

    This is such a wonderful list. I think I’ll have to play this on a loop or something.

    BTW Are any of you attending #VanCon?

  369. How to Custom Hoodies

    Design your own hoodies for your college graduation class or sporting activity group.

  370. Sue Ann Gleason

    Oh how I would love to be part of THIS hop! Two of my favorite things, books and CHOCOLATE. Can’t wait to check out The Enchanted. I’m also a sucker for books with beautiful language and depth. Thank you for that.

  371. Tammy Allen

    This hit me in the gut before I knew it. I started questioning myself in the way I need to. What is it that I want? This gave me a diving board into self reflection and revelations my deepest desires and a moment of self awareness. Such a gift.

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  374. Wendie Burbridge

    The book “His Captive Bride” is free on Amazon- either follow the link in the article or go here:)

    Enjoy! Wendie

  375. Kat Connnors

    I have a white ink tattoo on my left wrist that says “NERDGASM” in Gallifreyan, lol. I’m going to add an angel-warding sigil (Supernatural) to my right 🙂
    Here’s the pic on my IG

    I’m also working on a 1/2 sleeve of Dark Tower art

    1. Shandle Blaha

      Thank you Kat! I’m having trouble saving that email, could email it to me at

  376. Catherine Stine

    What a gorgeous tattoo! I related to a lot of things in your story, including the eating disorder (for me, it was anorexia in high school). I also got a tattoo a while back, and for me it was my Art Mark, a branding of sorts that symbolized my commitment to the writing and arts communities. I designed it myself and it still symbolizes that creative mindset to me.

    1. Alegra Clarke

      Thank you! I am working on my next design and it is also a commitment to my writing/creative community! A tattoo is such a powerful & personal rite of passage.

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  378. Lisa

    Thanks for the recommendations! Summer is a great time to enjoy some “popcorn for the brain.” That’s my family’s term for a book of no particular social or literary redeeming value. Analogous in that it may not have a lot of nutrition, but it sure is tasty and fiber (reading) is good for you!