When Dave Racicot found himself with a counter full of the last bits of his families summer vacation he did what all great inventors do, he improvised. “All we had left was bourbon, cream, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup, ice and small amount of vanilla ice cream. Looking at the counter, I decided to play and mix it up in a blender for a bourbon milkshake, which was lights out fantastic!” From the first sip he knew he had concocted something special; something he wanted to share with everyone he knew plus some. So when he got home from his trip he hit the ground running. He was a man with a plan and Brown Jug Spirits was on its way into the world.


Dave knew that he wanted only the best ingredients for his bourbon so he began connecting with sources in Bourbon Country, for the bourbon, and contacting farms for the dairy. “Finding the ingredients was a lot of fun” he shares, but it wasn’t always easy.  “I went through Bourbon Country, asking anybody and everybody to sell me some bourbon and it was pretty hard because nobody wanted to sell what they had. After, I found a consistent source, I knew the rest would be easy.” At least he thought it would be. Finding the dairy proved to take some time as well. The standards Dave had set for Brown Jug Spirits were pretty high, “The dairy was very critical because I wanted to be able to have it approved as Real Dairy, no hormones, antibiotics and local farms and was thrilled with the group I found.”

[pullquote]”Like everything in our lives, we believe in having a little fun while we do some good!”[/pullquote]

Even the maple is real maple from a farm they found in Vermont. All the ingredients are real, fresh, and sourced from the US. “We bring all of our bourbon, maple, vanilla and cinnamon to a dairy in Upstate New York who then marry everything together with the cream and sugars. After it is all blended and to taste we bring it to a distillery in Michigan for final bottling. All of our ingredients meet the guidelines for Whole Foods and are one of the few cream liqueurs who can say this.”

Brown Jug Spirits was, and is, a family business and Dave hopes to keep it that way. But expansion has already begun. New flavors of bourbon are in the works for the very near future and the buck doesn’t stop there. Their organic company, Thatcher’s Organic Spirits, sells flavored liqueurs and small batch vodka.


So what’s the dream? “The dream is always to share some and have our guests enjoy what we create, besides the smiles from my children, this for me is very nourishing. Like everything in our lives, we believe in having a little fun while we do some good!”

He takes his coffee the way we’d imagine, “At night with a splash of Brown Jug sitting on our porch here in Savannah with neighbors and friends stopping by.” 

You can find both brands in BevMo and online.


I felt the best way to review the product was by having a little fun with it. It’s perfect for a fall night! Creamy, pumpkin-y goodness. You’re welcome in advance.


The Drunkin’ Pumpkin Iced Coffee


          8 ounces of Cold Brew Coffee

          2 ounces of Brown Jug Bourbon Cream

          3 Tablespoons of Pumpkin Butter ( I used Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter)

          ½ a teaspoon of Pumpkin Spice

          Whipped Cream and Pumpkin Cookie Butter Drizzle Optional (but not really…)

Add all the ingredients except for the whipped cream and cookie butter to a shaker with ice. Shake until well blended. Serve over ice and top with whipped cream and a healthy drizzle of cookie butter to taste. Devour, mix, repeat.



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