Ms. Andry’s Bath House began during a late (or early depending on how you look at it) night session of insomnia. While Alex (Owner and Head Alchemist at Ms. Andry’s) lay awake during the witching hours of a late November night in 2015, she couldn’t help but think of funny pun-named products. “The name Soaprah popped into my head. Weird puns have always been one of my favorite things,” Alex shares, “and over the next few days I became obsessed with combining the names of my feminist heroes with funny bath and beauty related names.”

Soon Alex found herself polling her friends on Facebook. Utilizing the other creative minds in her life to help her figure out (laugh about) what people thought of, smelled, felt, when they heard these women’s names. Each of these characters she was mulling around had to have a defining scent. Something that would make you think you must have just missed Hermione Grainger walk out of the room.

But Alex hadn’t always been the punny creator of comical bath products, “I’d spent the past few years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer,” she says, “and art wasn’t turning out to be very lucrative (who would’ve guessed right?) and so Ms. Andry snowballed from hilarious social media conversation into fulltime business by March.”

Owning your own business is no cake walk though. With great business comes great responsibility and Alex is hitting it head-on. “Every bit of marketing, making new products, testing, packaging, buying supplies, etc. is up to me and comes out of our family budget,” Alex explains. It’s a balancing act between having to make quick decisions and not making any bad ones all in the same breath. She admits that most of her time is spent reading about cosmetic chemistry and skincare ingredients. Finding out what other companies are working on or using helps her understand even more about the industry and the moves it’s making. She’s still using Facebook to talk to real people about what they’re actually looking for in the products they use.

But nothing hits the shelf before it’s been tested out by Alex along with her family and friends. “I start with small batches, test it myself, pass it out to friends and family, and then eventually it either sells or it doesn’t.”

The future is big and ambitious over at Ms. Andry’s Bathouse. Alex has big dreams and an even bigger desire to spread the good. “ My goal for Ms. Andry’s is to become a company that not only feeds my family, but employs folks as well. I want to create jobs for women and nonbinary folks, with disabilities and nontraditional needs, and a work environment that supports and encourages creativity and openness” Alex writes. But the list doesn’t stop there. She wants to spread encouragement and body positivity, body acceptance and variety in the media market.

“Be Honest,” is her motto. “My company isn’t perfect because I’m not perfect,” she says. That doesn’t mean lesser than in the quality assurance department, it just means that she gets that sometimes things happen, whether they’re in her hands or en route to the customer, and either way she’s going to make it right and open up that line of communication.

And of course, how does she like her coffee? “With tons of milk and sugar! Barely recognizable as coffee” (I’ll let that slide) “I am the furthest thing from a coffee elitist. Blend it up into a frappucino, top it with piles of whipped cream and caramel and glitter and magic and I am a happy gal!”


The Review

Alex sent me a little array of some of her favorites right now and they range anywhere from $4-8. Everything is really affordable especially when compared to just going to the store looking for similar products.

Holiday Spirits Pina Colada Bubble Bath $8

This bubble smells like what I imagine the tropics smell like; sweet coconut, pineapple, and a little bit of vanilla. I used a few good squirts to get a lot of bubbles going. My skin felt soft and there was no irritation at all (I have sensitive-ish skin). She has a lot of different scents in her store and you can check them out HERE. Unfortunately she’s fresh out of this scent BUT there’s a few Holiday scents HERE for $4.


Don’t Want No Scrubs – Sugar Plum Fairy Sugar Scrub $4 (Reg. $8!)

The sugar scrub smells like pixie sticks! It took everything in me not to try and taste it (I didn’t, I swear). When I first used it I was a little worried about if it would feel sticky and if the scent would linger as strong as it did when I smelled it. It was exfoliating without being abrasive. The sugar is a little bit finer than other scrubs so you don’t feel like your skin is being ripped off. After the shower the smell was light and had changed scent a bit in a good way, more like a body spray. There’s a scent for everyone HERE.


Michelle Obalma – Spiced Blackberry Tea $7

Not only did I get a good giggle out of the name of this one but the scent is lovely. It’s spicy with just a little bit of berry and a fresh brewed tea smell. It glides right on and a little goes a long way. My hands felt soft but not oily. You’ll have to try it to see for yourself! And of course you can even find more from the Mrs. right HERE.


Vanilla Mint Lip Butter $5

The lip butter has a really light mint scent. I’m a mint lover so I wish it had a little more presence but it has the slightest bit of cooling and it did keep my lips hydrated. It also has this nice sheen to it. Not quite gloss but shinier than a balm. It has a nice thick consistency and isn’t sticky. There are only two lip butter flavors in the shop but there are also tinted lip butters and lip scrubs HERE.


Over all I’m looking forward to seeing what else Alex is going to have to offer. And if you are anything like me you’re probably clicking on the links as you read (those prices are a steal!) BUT I don’t want you guys to miss out on this great Promo Code Alex gave us!


Use Promo Code: COFFEECOFFEE to get 10% off your entire purchase.

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