I have to say, I’m usually a vanilla person, but there is one place I make an exception: pudding. I mean, is there anything better than a big bowl of good chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top? I say an emphatic NO! Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a bunch of flavors and textures so you don’t have to pick a favorite. After all, any homemade pudding is good pudding.

First, the basics:

The Very Best Vanilla Pudding by The Suburban Soapbox

From the website: “Sugar, half and half, vanilla, butter…..simple ingredients that just needed a little hand coming together to create the ultimate creamy, sweet bowl of heaven. The Very Best Vanilla Pudding ever.”

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Double-Chocolate Pudding by Food & Wine

From the website: “This recipe from the late, great cookbook author Richard Sax has everything one could ask for in a chocolate pudding—an intense flavor and a silky texture that’s still firm enough to stand a spoon in. For the best possible pudding, use top-quality cocoa powder and chocolate.”

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Homemade Butterscotch Pudding by Baking a Moment

From the website: Make this homemade butterscotch pudding for your family and get rave reviews! You won’t believe how easy it is, and it has the most incredibly nostalgic flavor! “

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Then, the alternative flavors:

Peanut Butter Pudding with Chocolate Whip Cream by I Wash You Dry

From the website: “The pudding is smooth, creamy, and ultra rich with a perfectly nutty balance to it. The chocolate whip cream is a simple two ingredient recipe that is light, fluffy, and pairs perfectly with the peanut butter pudding.”

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Cinnamon- Mascarpone Pudding by Pure Wow

From the website: “Lunch-box pudding often gets a bad rap. (The peel-off top doesn’t help.) But our pudding is in its own class–luxurious, creamy and finished in ten minutes (even better, it can be made the night before). We dress it up with silky-smooth mascarpone cheese and a touch of cinnamon, and serve it in little ceramic ramekins. Still wondering if things get better with age? The proof is in the pudding.”

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Coconut Banana Pudding by Certified Pastry Aficionado 

From the website: “The recipe for banana pudding was almost exactly the same but made with coconut milk in place of whole milk. The end result was a creamy banana pudding with the perfect touches of coconut. And be cause the main coconut flavor comes from real coconut milk, the flavor doesn’t taste artificial in the slightest.”

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Next, we’ll add in a little texture:

Best-Ever Rice Pudding by Delish

From the website: “This classic recipe is ripe for improvisation—try it with raisins or your favorite dried fruit, toasted nuts, or a fresh fruit compote. For vegan and dairy-free folks, try it with coconut milk!”

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Cheesecake Rice Pudding (Plus a Chocolate Version) by Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

From the website: “Cheesecake rice pudding is the only.way.to.go. Wait! I take that back! Unless you want chocolate rice pudding. And then I change my stance and chocolate is the only.way.to.go. Seriously, these two versions are the tastiest rice puddings I’ve ever devoured.”

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Homemade Tapioca Pudding by Pinch My Salt

From the website: “This decadent homemade tapioca pudding is made from scratch using pearl tapioca, milk, eggs, and cream. It is beyond satisfying and comforting.”

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And last but not least, two for the specialty diets:

Vegan Boston Cream Pie Pudding by Vegan Richa

From the website: “Vegan Boston Cream Pie Pudding Parfaits. Creamy almond flavored pudding layered with smooth chocolate. Serve as pudding cups or add other layers of vanilla wafers or vanilla sponge cake to make parfaits. Vegan Soy-free Recipe. Can be made nut-free.”

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Keto Rice Pudding by My Sweet Keto

From the website: “As I’ve already mentioned, despite all the childhood rice milk trauma, I absolutely enjoy the Keto Rice Pudding. Moreover, this one is actually a pudding, not a milky, starchy something.”

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