Vikings has FINALLY answered our prayers with one hand and slapped us with the other. Wednesday it was announced that the second half of Vikings, Season 4 will return November 30th! The gods are really testing the faithfuls’ patience with this one!

But to honor the gods and show them how well we’ve paid attention, we will start quizzes. It will be an interactive tribute to keep our minds sharp while we wait, and wait, and WAIT. You may need to know a bit of actual history and folklore for some of these.

The quiz this week is from “Mercy” & “Yol”. Be sure to read all responses before choosing an answer. Otherwise this won’t be as entertaining.

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Leslie Gayle

Leslie is a one time CPA, wife and mom of twins. She’s an over thinker who loves karate, thunder, and travel. Her sweatpants are yoga pants and she takes her coffee with milk.

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