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Quotes | 6 Things To Know About Introverts

According to Carl Jung, introverts are people who derive energy from quiet and inward reflection. Common misconceptions about introverts are that they are socially inept or depressed. In fact, this is simply a personality type. We celebrate it.

1. Introverts can party.

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2. Introverts don’t dislike talking to people. They simply prefer intimacy to superficial socializing.

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3. Introverts need solitude in order to recharge.

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4. Introverts withdraw when they are experiencing overload, but they’re just fine.

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5. Introverts do not need to be cured, nor should they feel guilty about their preferences.

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6. Introverts love staying in for the night.

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2 Comments on Quotes | 6 Things To Know About Introverts

  1. Perfect!! Thanks for taking the time to share this. People so frequently misunderstand introverts.

  2. The thought my daughter and I share, “I’m not antisocial – I just don’t like people. ” Which we both know that to us it means we can only handle certain people for a short length of time.

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