When I found out that there was a The Office-themed coffee roaster with a coffee selection named after a popular bit by Michael Scott, I had to try it. 

I love The Office. I mean, my monthly column here is called, “That’s What She Said,” in which I discuss serious topics with a healthy dose of innuendo. I gave everyone Nine Reasons to Love The Office before it was cool. The show became quite cool in 2020, with an estimated total of 57.13 billion minutes streamed last year alone. That’s billion with a B, my friends.

So yeah, give me an Office-themed anything, I’m going to check it out. I present to you Boom Roasted by Electric City Roasting Co. of North Eastern Pennsylvania. Here are five reasons why you should try this coffee. 3-2-1, do it!

Reason #1 – The Location is Legit

Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute:
The call it Scranton!
The Electric City!

The Electric City Roasting Co. is located near Scranton, Pennsylvania, where The Office is set, of course. We know this from the “Lazy Scranton” number performed by Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute in season three. This song is a parody of Saturday Night Live’s “Lazy Sunday,” with these two main characters pointing out the best and brightest (pun intended) of the Electric City. If anyone was even going to attempt a coffee based on The Office, they should be located in or at least near Scranton.

Reason #2 – The Company is Run by Women

Michael Scott: Alright you know what? That’s it. Conference room, five minutes. Women’s appreciation.
Jim Halpert: Wait a second, how are you qualified for that?
Michael Scott: Oh, I donno, James, did I come from a woman? Have I slept with a woman? More than one?
Dwight Schrute: Less than three.
Michael Scott: That is not current.

The Electric City Roasting Co. is recognized as a Women Owned business, and sells a coffee called Women Producers with beans from farms owned and operated by women. The tagline of the company is, “Incredible coffee starts with incredible people” from producers to consumers. Sustainable relationships and business practices are top priority. 

Reason #3 – Strong and Slightly Sweet

Angela Martin: You need to do something about your coffee breath. 

This coffee will give you coffee breath, and that’s a good thing. You want coffee like you want men: strong and long-lasting (also, that’s what she said). The slight sweetness is a bonus. 

I’m used to drinking dark roasts, with beans that are oily and almost black. The Boom Roasted beans are a pleasant milk chocolate shade of brown, and I thought to myself, how good can this coffee be? 

The answer: really good. Don’t let the color of the beans fool you. The flavor is well-balanced and smooth, strong enough for morning and pleasant enough for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Reason #4 – A Lovely Finish

Michael Scott: Kinda sorta an oakey afterbirth.

While Michael was referring here to red wine, I couldn’t help but think of this quote – one of my favorites that I now always use with wine…and coffee – as I drank Boom Roasted. 

When brewed and poured, this coffee has a rich, dark color. I brewed it both in French Press and in my run of the mill 12-cup coffee maker, and it is consistent in flavor and smoothness. This roast doesn’t have an oakey finish, but it does have a surprisingly slightly sweet finish. Think hint of caramel, and I mean a hint – not overpowering. I found it exceedingly pleasant for a coffee to end on an upswing instead of trying to beat my tongue into submission. 

Reason #5 – It Has Been Declared

Michael Scott: I didn’t say it. I declared it.

I declare that this coffee is good. I didn’t say it, I declared it. Make your own declaration by going to Electric City Roasting Co. and trying Boom Roasted yourself…while watching The Office.

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