We’ve all had that moment when you go into a new coffee shop for the first time and hesitantly try something you can barely pronounce by a roaster you aren’t familiar with. I call it Beanxiety: (n) the act of trying a new coffee or coffee shop for the first time. Matthew Berk and Ryan Fritzky, founders of Bean Box, may have a cure for that.

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When Berk and Fritzky decided to build and launch Bean Box, they set out not only to offer the best coffee subscription possible but to share their love of local coffees. Being in the heart of the country’s coffee capitol in Seattle, WA made that easy. They wanted to offer others what they have been lucky enough to experience daily: a tried and true tested coffee from one caffeine aficionado to another.

Choosing the roasters is a surprisingly personal process. They meet with the prospective roaster for a cup of coffee (of course). They talk about their company and their roasting style and decide if they would be a good fit for the Bean Box crew and, of course, their customers. Flavor, blend, and roast are all key in their decision. They’ve even been open to suggestions from their customers. The big thing is the love of coffee across. I love that.

The fact that they are so close to their roasters also gives them the upper hand in being able to offer the freshest coffee. Other companies often have their beans shipped to them before they are shipped out to customers. That takes time, and can lead to a lesser quality product. At Bean Box ,they pick up the beans from the roasteries themselves. Then, it’s right on to packing and shipping, all within 48 hours. This ensures that their customers receive fresh coffee. Coffee does have a shelf life, so this is especially important. The coffee is at its peak freshness within two weeks and begins to degrade quickly after that. No one likes stale, flavorless coffee. No one. Bean Box doesn’t want anyone to experience that kind of disappointment.

It’s pretty clear that their passion for quality coffee is the key to their success. In just under a year, they’ve gone from sending out around 100 bags of coffee a month to somewhere around 12,000. Numbers and tastebuds don’t lie.

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For $20 a month you get four hand-picked coffees from some of Seattle’s finest coffee roasters. You also get to experience blends and roasts from both veteran companies that have withstood the test of time as well as new and innovative roasters who are just beginning in this coffee game. If you love it, you can also order full size bags straight from Bean Box and they ship ANYWHERE in the US and Canada. No need for Beanxiety!


Melissa Stein, Bean Box’s Digital Marketing Coordinator, worked with me on this and sent me a box to review myself. First thing, I loved the little note. Sweatpants & Coffee has been ridiculously excited to work with our friends over at Bean Box.

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Now on to the flavor review.

  1. True North: Guatemalan Finca Puerta Verde

The first thing you notice is the sweet cocoa scent of the beans. It says it has notes of sweet cherry, chocolate and cocoa with a hint of green apple acidity. I could smell the apple and cherry as soon as I ground the beans. The flavor is sweet and slightly bold but very smooth.

  1. Fonte Coffee Roaster: Portofino Blend

This coffee had a much more subtle scent. It is supposed to be a darker blend with earthy, herbal notes. Grinding the coffee made my kitchen smell like I’d walked into a coffee house. There was a rich scent of freshly ground beans. The flavor wasn’t as bold as I thought it would be. It has a little bit of a bite and a flavor that lingers.

  1. Herkimer Coffee: Burundi Ninga

This one absolutely had the sweet berry scents that it boasts. It has notes of sweet red fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, as well as grape candy, apple-cinnamon oats, and clover. It smells almost like oatmeal when you open it. The flavor is much bolder with an almost acidic taste from the berries. Very flavorful with a clean finish.

  1. Slate Coffee Roasters: Brazil Sitio Groto Funda

The scents for this one were very sweet. Not bad-sweet, just sweeter than I thought possible with coffee. It actually smells like a roasted marshmallow. It does boast marshmallow, date, vanilla, cranberry, fig, and creamy milk chocolate. I don’t think my palette is equipped to taste all the things. But it is delicious. The cranberry, fig, chocolate are all hidden in the flavor. It’s sweet with just a little tart and very smooth.

Feeling like you want to know what this is all about? Have a FREE TRIAL! Check it out here.

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And to make this even sweeter, we’re also doing a giveaway! One lucky person will win a coffee grinder and free month of Bean Box!

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