Deneen Sweatpants & Coffee mug

This is the mug that the wonderful people over at Deneen Pottery made just for us at Sweatpants and Coffee. Isn’t it just beautiful? I can hear you all coveting this thing through the interwebs, and I don’t blame you. It is one of their tall belly mugs with a chocolate glaze. It literally looks like it has been dipped in perfectly smooth milk chocolate. The color is rich with the just the right amount of shine that accentuates the curves and edges that were so intentionally made. And one of my favorite things about it, other than how absolutely gorgeous it is, is the contrast between the matte emblem and the glossy sides. It really makes it stand out and gives it that handmade look. Coupled with the chocolate glaze it almost looks as if the Sweatpants and Coffee emblem has a soft warm glow. I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the coffee inside.

The shape is one that begs to be held. I have little hands and typically find that most stoneware mugs are very heavy or awkward to hold but not with this one. The rounder bottom and gentle taper to the top make holding it feel very natural. Another plus is that the wide handle makes it easier to grip as well. None of this holding it with one finger like a hook nonsense. You can easily slide most of your fingers (or all of them in my case) into the handle for a steadier grip. This is especially important when you have a fresh cup and you’re trying to sip the steaming, hot goodness. I also didn’t notice any issue with heat while holding it. Warm but not burn-my-finger-prints-off hot. Just the way I like it.

The bottom line? Our friend Niles and the artists over at Deneen did a stunning job. These mugs mean so much more to us than just someplace to put our coffee. They symbolize friendship and all the beauty that it holds.

And now you can win one for your very own!

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