No matter how many times we’ve seen these quintessential 80s movies, if one of them is playing, we’ll stop and watch. Spray on some Love’s Baby Soft, apply your bubblegum Kissing Potion lip gloss, and break out the popcorn for an old school movie fest!

1. Pretty In Pink

Who did you root for Andie to end up with? Were you Team Duckie or Team Blane?

Stream the movie here.

2. The Breakfast Club

Who among us didn’t identify with this scene?

Stream the movie here.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

We wanted to Shake It Up, Baby with Ferris.

Stream the movie here.

4. The Goonies

We wanted to search for hidden treasure and live in the Goondocks.

Stream the movie here.

5. The Lost Boys

Hot, leather jacket wearing vampires? Yes, please. Also, we were obsessed with this soundtrack.

Stream the movie here.

6. Dirty Dancing

We would have let Patrick Swayze put us in a corner. It would have been the time of our lives.

Stream the movie here.

7. Heathers

Were you a Heather or a Veronica?

Stream the movie here.

8. Say Anything

If Lloyd Dobler showed up outside our window with a boombox, it would have been a dream come true. Still might. (Also, how great is this song?)

Stream the movie here.

What movies are on your old school favorites list?

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