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Seeking Geeks With Ink

Geeky Tattoos

Nothing proves your adoration more than permanently inking your skin. Shows us your geek love and submit your geeky tattoos! We want your Dark Marks, your love’s name in Gallifreyen, your favorite Avenger, we want it all. If it’s from your favorite geeky TV show, movie, game, book, blog or even a meme submit a good quality photo and brief explanation of why you chose your tat.

Write me at or comment here so we can help you let your geek flag fly!

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Shandle is the Chief Operations Officer for Sweatpants & Coffee. She's a traveler, bookworm, movie lover and TV junkie. She quotes Friends in her daily life and takes her coffee extra sweet, preferably in the form of a PSL.

5 Comments on Seeking Geeks With Ink

  1. I shared this on FB and to various fandom related groups as well.

  2. I have a white ink tattoo on my left wrist that says “NERDGASM” in Gallifreyan, lol. I’m going to add an angel-warding sigil (Supernatural) to my right 🙂
    Here’s the pic on my IG

    I’m also working on a 1/2 sleeve of Dark Tower art

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