It’s Thursday, which means another fun-filled recap of the Shonda Rhimes lineup in preparation for tonight’s shows. Christy and MJ have a lot to say.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 10 – “The Bed's Too Big Without You”

What we loved:

MJ: This episode was hard for me to LOVE. It was so solemn and sad. Even the music felt different. Did you notice that? With the music? I did love seeing Mer get in tune at work though, and I loved seeing a little more of Bailey in a groove again.
CK: I did. In fact, it reminded me of something I had forgotten for quite some time. I used to download all of the Grey’s music from Limewire. Every week, I’d do a search on “Grey’s Anatomy” and it is still some of my favorite music, but I digress. Yes, I absolutely get what you mean. I found it all very dismal, and of course I am pissed that they are robbing me of my Jackson and April happiness. I also loved the “this could be my new person” convo between Mer and her new sister. She’s no Lexi, but it’s better than nothing.
MJ: Oh, my gosh, and her and Alex? They are cracking me up. He isn’t her person, but their banter makes me smile.
CK: It does and I love how they are twisty together. I just love that cranky bastard.

What could have been better:

MJ: I am putting this here because I am just so mad about it – April and Avery. I can appreciate the storyline because it’s a real true life story line, but come on. They really could have given them a win there.
CK: See, I spoke too soon. You’re nicer than I am. The first time I watched I was all, “You’re seven shades of asshole, Shonda!” but this time around I decided to try and give her a break. What if, and I’m just getting craytown here, but what if the baby is diagnosed type II and comes out fine? I realize that we won’t have to wait that long, but maybe this is about Jackson learning to have a bit more faith and to understand April better? I really want to believe that Shonda doesn’t hate us.
MJ: I have a feeling it will loop into April and her belief in God. Jackson in a church crying is in our future I believe.
CK: I had that same vision, too. Side note: Is he presently an atheist?
MJ: Hmmm, I want to say yes.

Greys Anatomy

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Biggest Oh Shit, Shonda moment:

MJ: Not so much an Oh, shit . . . but for me the super sad, gripping scene was Hunt standing on the grates.
CK: Co-sign. This poor guy. I feel awful for him. He makes me think of myself, and how I once broke up with someone because they didn’t want to have any more children, and now it is nearly 8 years later, and he’s married and I’m still single. Hunt is alone still, without Christina . . . and is he any closer to something that he wanted that she wasn’t going to give him? It’s just kind of sucky. Also? Such powerful imagery.

Greys Anatomy2

What we are looking forward to:

MJ: I am really loving seeing Mer and Maggie get to know each other finally. I cant wait to see that relationship grow – you know, until Maggie gets run over by a pack of rogue animals in a freak zoo escape. Because Shonda doesn’t allow truly happy endings . . . #DarkandTwisty
CK: Your hashtags are pretty much my favorite.

Grey's 3

MJ: Also, I was kind of getting a Hunt/Amelia vibe last week and now crickets?? I would like to see that develop more – I kind of love the idea of them together.
CK: I would have liked the idea of them together MOAR if it wasn’t so contrived. They were all in our business about it and then, just like you said . . . silence. That said, as long as she’s not around, no one is calling her Amy. Seriously? What the shit is up with that? She has never been Amy. Stop trying to make Amy happen.
CK: Side note: I’m a totally little Bratty McBratface for saying this, I’m sure, but she was my least favorite character from Private Practice (and that includes Charlotte!) and SHE is who I get left with? I don’t know why she gets on my nerves so hard, but . . .

Favorite lines:

“No, I’m not . . . am I?” – Callie to Rep

Grey's 4

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“We had a special ring tone. Do you want a special ring tone?” – Mer to Alex

“You were like the middle spoon in a weird spooning situation.” – Amelia to Mer

“Did we use up all our happy?” – Callie to Hunt

“She doesn’t know pause. She only knows rewind and fast forward” – Kurev to Mer


“Pause” – Jo


Scandal, Season 4, Episode 11 – “Where's The Black Lady?”

What we loved:

MJ: Ok, first I have got to give a huge shout out to my childhood. HEEEEYYYY 227! I loved seeing Marla Gibbs! She looks great.
CK: Holy crap! I cannot believe you just blew my mind wide open. I kept wondering “Who dat black lady? Why do I know YOU?!” and you just blasted open my brain-time continuum. She was one of my favorite characters everrrr on The Jeffersons. She always told George all about himself. That show also always made me wonder how in the bloody heck George and Wheezy could afford a maid when they lived in a tiny ass apartment. I guess now I can Wiki that.
MJ: HAHAHAH! I love that.
CK: But seriously, aren’t you now dying to know??
MJ: Well, yes, now I am. Now I have to find the answer.


MJ: Ok, so this episode got me! It was so terrifying! They have had dark episodes, gross ones, but this was really terrifying – I will admit I jumped a bit when Huck kept popping up all over the place. I felt like every commercial, I took a huge deep breath.
CK: I feel you. I was kind of all anxiety cat with the Secret Service surrounding Fitz.
MJ: Oh, and Tom! Pretty, crazy, jam dream-ruining Tom.
CK: You know though, I am so fond of Tom for some reason. He was the side-eye, winky, in-on-it guy, and then he was the guy that knew more than he’d say, and no, I feel he’s the ultimate “taking one for the team” dude. I think he’ll be out before too long. Somehow. I would also like him to be cleared for Jerry. He didn’t do it, and it’s silly for him to pretend he did. It’s so reminiscent of Alias (starring Bradley Cooper) 🙂

What could have been better:

MJ: This one is always hard, I don’t really have any improvements for this one. The war storyline seemed a little farfetched but it still worked for me. I will say this – they have given the Vice Pres some big brass balls. When Fitz walked into his office and he was in his chair???
CK: Yeah, that guy is just asking to be shipped off to a camp somewhere off the map. I’d shut my piehole if I were him.

Scandal 2

Biggest Oh Shit, Shonda Moment:

MJ: I jumped out of my skin when Huck was in the little girls bed. It really got me.
CK: Samesies. It was frightening. Absolutely, positively, frightening. Speaking of, don’t you wonder what Huck looks like sans his cringing, fear face?
MJ: Oddly, whenever I see a photo of him smiling I find it creepy. Like, I picture he has teeth in his pocket.

What we are looking forward to:

MJ: I found the entire conversation between the Vice and Portia interesting – another vicious cycle starting for the race to the White House. I’m interested to see how they play that out.
CK: Word. There were so many levels and facets to the whole deal, it has some compelling places it could go.
MJ: Breadcrumbs!
CK: The breadcrumbs IMO were the best part of this entire show.

Scandal 3

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Favorite Lines:

“You want your war. I want to know she is safe” – Fitz to the Vice

“In 24 hours, I will kill Olivia Pope.” – Fitz to Mellie

“Do you want to be a babysitter or a BOSS?” – Olivia to Ian

“It’s not going to work. Using me as bait. He won’t do it. Go to war. The President doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.” – Olivia to Ian

“Honestly, I don’t care. I get paid either way . . . but for argument’s sake, let’s wager. One dollar. I bet you that he will go to war for you. One dollar says he does it. Because president or not, he’s just a man. A sad, terrified man who’s lost his Olivia doll and wants her back. Call me a romantic, but I wager a dollar that he loves you, and that’s what makes the world go ’round: emotion, sex, jealousy, insecurities. Bush invaded Iraq to avenge his daddy. Clinton bombed Serbia so we’d forget about Monica. Napoleon, well . . . [laughs] Napoleon . . . [laughs] [Sighs] The president will go to war, Olivia, and he will meet our demands. History says so. Love says so. I say so. I’ll wager you that. Is it a bet?” – Ian to Olivia

CK: That was genius right there. I wonder how many people watched that, and then thought to themselves, “Wait, is that why Clinton went to war against Serbia?”
MJ: *raises hand*

How to Get Away with Murder, Season 1, Episode 11 – “Best Christmas Ever”


What we loved:


MJ: Asher and Oliver. So, so dang adorable. Soapy kisses!


Murder 1

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MJ: I also loved the flashback to the holidays. It was an interesting twist, and I was wondering if they would continue to do something like that. I feel like this will be their theme. Will it work? I don’t know.
CK: I don’t know, either. This show is a colossal question mark for me. I kind of don’t know which way is up, and I am rather okay with it. Everything that has happened so far has served to pull me in, to make me curious about the characters, to make me care about them enough to stay invested. So, it’s doing the job. That said, I kinda have no clue what’s going to happen next. It’s a class called, “How to Get Away with Murder” and they are now trying to get away with a murder? Really? It’s either utterly ridiculous or absolute genius. Considering it’s Shonda, I’ll run with genius.

What could have been better:

MJ: I’m growing to really dislike douche. I mean I already didn’t dig him, but he was like the one I liked to hate. The new slimy attitude they gave him felt really cliche.
CK: You know what I find a tad hilarious, I really had a hard-on for him in OITNB, but in this show, he’s at the bottom of the Would-Do list.


Murder 2

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CK: The whole #greepy storyline with the weird lady whose hubby has the girls in the basement? It rang a little hollow. Sure, it was all Gothika-like in its shudder factor, but it also felt a bit like filler to me. Something to go in the background of the things going on. Maybe I am just being hypercritical. I set the bar high. This show started out so strong that it will have to work hard to maintain that momentum. That, or I’m a jerk.
MJ: I kind of felt like the entire point of that storyline was to make us cheer for Analiese.




Best Oh Shit, Shonda Moment:


MJ: For me, it was Frank. I can’t figure him out. Is he a good guy, a killer, or is he is a good guy who is really a bad guy? He’s a huge wildcard to me.
CK: Well, since you brought him up, Frank is at the tippy-top of my Would-Do list. Followed by the dude from Harry Potter that needs a barber, followed by Gay Slutty Hot Face. In that order. But yeah, Fraaaaank. Baby would do a bad, bad thing to him.
MJ: Well then. I feel like I should change the text on the photo to #1


Murder 3


What we are looking forward to:

MJ: A and Nate. I thought they were a fling, but hearing that he told his wife? I don’t know, it was interesting. I am waiting for it to implode. I know it will be messy, and I kind of can’t wait.
CK: I am totally with you.
MJ: Also, the roommate story. Who knows where that is going? My money is on Rebecca being way more involved that she is letting on.
CK: I think the depth of Rebecca’s bullshit runs RULL deep. She’s nice enough, but she’s not telling us a lot of things.


Best Lines:


“He is not the man we thought he was” – A to her sister in law


“Hey, Killer” – Asher to Gibbins


“What, have none of you done something you need a lawyer for?” – A to the group


“I’m scared I might be going crazy” – Gibbins to the group


Murder 4

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Final Thoughts:


MJ: I find it interesting that ALL of Shonda’s leading ladies have the same base character. They all fell for a married man, they all are professional rock stars, and they are all a mess personally. Why do you think she does that? How does that make you feel about the leading ladies as you watch them?
CK: I have absolutely noticed that, and it’s a favorite formula of hers. It creates a weird juxtaposition of wanting to stand up for them and cheer them on, and then having to struggle with your thoughts about fidelity and not really wanting to. It’s a wicked conundrum.
MJ: It’s pretty brilliant on Shonda’s part. It is, I think, what makes her shows so strong. We get so deeply invested in the characters. We scold them, we cheer them, and we judge them.

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