Spoilers ahead. Reader beware!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 25 – “You’re My Home”

What we loved:

Kathy: I am a little too scared to love this episode at all….happy endings left and right. Yes, a few sad, but really, really happy. Meredith smiling, fade to black? What show am I watching??

Shandle: #TRUSTNOTHING! I am glad it seemed like Amelia got some closure listening to that voice mail, that and her interaction with Mer and Maggie were my favorite things.

Kathy: The sister moment really got me.

Shandle: I also loved Bailey and her ‘I am the chief!’ attitude this episode. She is my favorite.

Kathy: I loved Ben talking over his shoulder in support. That was amazing.

Shandle: They are so cute. I like that Alex and Jo fixed their relationship, too, and are moving forward.

Kathy: I love them, but I hate her. I also forget because of the time hop how long they have been together sometimes.

Shandle: And Richard and Catherine finally did it!

What could’ve been better:

Kathy: I…I don’t know what to say. I am so uneasy about this episode. April seems really selfish to me right now. I get it. She needed to heal and needed space, but this was too much. It was just too, too much.

Shandle: Yeah, I’m not a fan of April and her choices right now. First, she chooses to leave without any regard for Jackson. Then, she comes back and wants to do it again for the high? It’s not even for the right reasons.

Kathy: I still don’t really get what she is getting out of it. And when did she and Arizona become besties?

Shandle: It’s like a drug addict chasing a high. And I have NO idea when that happened!

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Kathy: The voice mail. The fucking voice mail.

Shandle: YES! It was so good though.

What we’re looking forward to:

Kathy: Um, turmoil, sadness, hate, and betrayal?

Shandle: Sobbing into my popcorn and wine?

Best Lines:

“I like this Kepner. I never thought I would like Kepner. You know, old Kepner was… there was pigtails and bunny rabbits and smiling. Lots of smiling, but Kepner the reboot, Kepner 2.0, she’s crazy!” – Bailey

“I have started a strict no workplace dating policy. They see you, all of you. Then, they come to work and they see you here, too, and you try to keep it professional and get things done, but suddenly you’re thinking, ‘I was naked on you before.’ Or ‘I wish you were naked now.’ ‘Hey, remember when you were there at my very rock bottom and I went down the rabbit hole and dragged you in with me and bared the darkest parts of my soul to you in the midnight hours? So, now let’s have a budget meeting.’ It’s a solid policy. Trust me.” – Amelia

“Dr. Miranda Bailey, chief of surgery.”
“No, chief of all these damn surgeries.” – Ben and Bailey

“I forgot I’m supposed to be her sister.” – Meredith about Amelia

“No, she’s selling the kids with the house.” – Alex

“Well, maybe I should just get a house that doesn’t get parking tickets.” – Owen

“No. Look, all that crap I said about building a life here and about putting down roots… look, I meant with you. I want a house with you, my career with you. Uh, maybe someday a dog. Maybe. It’s all supposed to be with you. I th… I thought you got that. I didn’t think I needed to say it. So, when I say that I can’t say no to my friend, it doesn’t mean I’m saying no to you. I want you and all of it with you.” – Alex to Jo

“These are your ducklings!”
“I’m sor… what?”
“Today is the first day of your new job, and you have failed gloriously. You are a teacher. Now, these interns are yours. They’re your ducklings, and you’re letting them drown!”
“Well, I want them to drown. I want to watch it.”
“Well, you can’t. You have to teach them how to paddle their stupid feet and stay above the water. They’re going to screw up. And it will never be their fault. It will always be your fault. But how you teach them will determine how they treat patients for years to come. They’re your web-footed legacy, and they’re brilliant students. Hand-selected for this program by doctors wiser than you, and they’re your responsibility. Raise your ducklings.” – Bailey and Edwards

“My husband is dead. Yeah, I’m gonna play that card. You. You walked away from Ellis, never got to be with her, and now she’s dead. Adele is dead. And you… I don’t know who’s dead for you. But the both of you are very, very much alive and breathing and driving each other crazy. And you yell and argue and fight, and you both should be thrilled to be able to do those things. I would give anything to be able to do those things. And none of those things are reason enough to not be with the person that you love, especially when there just isn’t enough. There will never be enough time. And you both know that. So whatever it is that that’s coming between you two, will you just please figure it out? Figure it out.” – Meredith to Catherine and Richard

“I will provide a safe harbor. You need a place to not be Catherine Avery. To not be decisive and set agendas and rise to the level of accomplishments that the world has come to expect of you. You need a place to fall apart. I will be that place.” – Richard

“Sir, I understand, but it’s just not fair to this other candidate, because I am going to wipe the floor with her or him. It’s gonna hurt. Getting trounced hurts, and it’ll be embarrassing, publicly and professionally, losing by that wide a margin, because I am primed for this job, sir. I deserve this job. There isn’t a single person in this room who would d-d…disagree. Disagree that I am not so ready for this job. It’s already mine.” – Bailey to Richard

“Well, you should always come talk to me. Because whatever it is, chances are, I’ve seen worse, and I am qualified to tell you how you’ll survive. You should always come and talk to me.” – Meredith

“Derek would have loved this. He came from this big, noisy family. I want this to be my last memory of this house. that’s what he wanted… to fill it with noise and people.” – Meredith

“Okay. We have to dance it out.” – Meredith

Scandal, Season 4, Episode 22 – “You Can’t Take Command”

What we loved:

Kathy: Hmmm. Ending scene? Again, though what show is this? Happy ending? Really? #TRUSTFUCKINGNOTHING. In all seriousness, though, Papa getting put in jail was pretty good.

Shandle: That was good. She outsmarted him…for now. But Mama is now out. I can see her causing problems.

Kathy: Yeah, I think we will see a lot more her next season. Which, really, I love to hate her.

Shandle: Exactly. We need one of her parents causing trouble.

Shandle: I was so happy Mellie won! But it was short lived…

What could’ve been better:

Kathy: Jake leaving? I’m glad he is alive but that mission crap? Not a fan of that. I have always been #TEAMVERMONT but that was super sad.

Shandle: I knew he was out. I just figured he’d die. I’m kind of glad he’s alive though. It leaves the option for him to come back.

Kathy: I really wonder if he was supposed to die and Shonda chose not to do that because of the uproar from Derek.

Shandle: Maybe. Maybe Shonda didn’t want to lose her entire fan base in one night.

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Kathy: Huck! What about Huck?? Quinn wouldn’t. Or would she? So many things.


Kathy: I’m going to be #HUCKEDUP all summer long.

Shandle: Me, too! I’m also bummed we didn’t even get a snippet of Fitz with Clarence signing that bill.

Kathy: Yeah, that episode was so important, and we didn’t even get a glance at it? I felt a little ripped off by that.

Shandle: And Elizabeth?! I think she planned to get rid of Cy and Mellie! Fitz totally cleaned house and got rid of them both!

What we’re looking forward to:

Kathy: I don’t even know where to start. Grey’s left us with so little and this left us with so much. I don’t know what to pick!

Shandle: I’m just gonna miss our Thursday nights and recaps every Friday.

Kathy: Me, too, love. Me, too!

Best Lines:

“You do not ask me who I am, Mrs. Grant. You ask me what I need.” – Rowan

“And while I live for justice, I don’t want to die for it.” – David

“I’m sick of being comforted. I’m sick of fighting and losing. I’m sick of him being in my way. I am not his victim. I am not his child! And right now? Right now, I don’t want to gladiate for everyone else! I want this! I want this! This is mine, Jake! I want what’s mine! I’m owed! And watch me take it! And then, for once in his life, he’s the scared kid and I’m command! And then he’s got nothing, no one! He’s trapped! Because you can’t take command, right?” – Olivia

“You’re so vain. It’s always about you, isn’t it? The problems you create so that you can solve them. The power you have to wield so that you can feel important. Did your father and I not tell you you were special enough when you were little? Did we not give you enough hugs? Aww, baby. This uppity fantasy world you’ve decided to be a part of…it’s not real, boo. Now, you need to come on back down to this planet. Where the world doesn’t revolve around you.” – Maya Pope

“You told me you are personally responsible for an actual busload of innocent people dying. My God. Virginia’s in for a real treat should you actually get elected.” – Cy to Mellie

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot you and Fitz are a team. Well, where’s your teammate now? Are you gonna tell your teammate you’ve added slaughter to your resume?” – Cy to Mellie

“She knows fairy tales told to her at bedtime by bogeymen who don’t exist.” – Cy about Olivia

“Honey… I’m gonna call you honey because I can’t remember your first name and I don’t care. Honey, you want to be reasonable about this. Because a shadow intelligence organization operating quite happily and powerfully in secret for decades inside the FBI, CIA, NSA, if there was such a thing, well, that would be like a sleeping lion. And isn’t it safer… To tiptoe around the lion? What do you think happens if you poke the lion? Whose face does the lion rip off first? I think it rips off Honey’s face first.” – Cyrus to CIA director

“But you still carry a sad little torch for her redness.” Cy to David about Abby

“It’s getting old. Aren’t you tired of it? The lying, the scheming, me running around like I’m Nancy Drew with my fingers crossed hoping you haven’t killed Olivia. Have a soul. Be a human being.”

“It is getting old. I am tired of it. But it’s my job to protect his interests and serve his needs, to spin the world and raise the sun. I can’t have a soul. If I had one, I would never accomplish a thing.” – Abby and Cyrus

“Your little stunt? Wiped B613 off the map. You killed command. You shot command to death. Luckily, your father didn’t get caught in the crossfire. Rowan is dead. But Eli Pope? Well, now, I’m just an old, innocent, doddering paleontologist who works for the Smithsonian. No one is looking at me. No one is searching for me. No one would ever even think to wonder what I’m up to. I am free. And for that, baby, daddy thanks you.” – Rowan

“You think I can’t survive this? I’ve brought down regimes, Olivia, assassinated dictators with my own two hands, shaped history with a single phone call.”
“Rowan did that. Command did that. He had power, but you… How did you describe yourself? ‘An old, innocent, doddering paleontologist who works at the Smithsonian?’ You were right. We couldn’t take command. But we can take Eli Pope. “
“Olivia, listen to me.”
“Goodbye, dad.” – Rowan and Olivia

“Cyrus. Mellie came to you. I know that. You went to the CIA. I know that, too. You arrested Olivia. You released Maya. You worked with the man who killed my son. I know everything. So, don’t lie to me. Do not lie to me! And do not tell me you were trying to protect me. Sir, please… You’re fired.” – Fitz to Cy

“This is where the ride ends. My mission is complete. B613 is gone. Command is in jail. I have delivered you home. Safe and sound. My mission is complete. And it has been my pleasure. Take care, Liv. They asked me to look out for you. Both of them… your father, the bad guy, and the president, the good guy. They both asked me to keep you safe. They both made you my mission. And I went over the line on both accounts. I’m in love with you. And if I am telling the whole truth, no matter who gets hurt, it goes like this… I am in love with you. But you… are in love with him. You are owed, Olivia. You want what’s yours? Go and take it.” – Jake

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