by Shandle Blaha and Kathy Kitzmiller

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 3 – “I Choose You.”

What we loved:

Shandle: Alex. I loved Alex in this episode. He has turned into such an amazing man and doctor.
Kathy: He really, really has. He was so immature and ridiculous. Now, he has grown so much. It’s really amazing. I loved watching everyone rally around him. He was their leader. He was leading. Also, that moment when Deluca was rambling and Alex caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection was perfect.
Kathy: Can we talk about all the tears when he cradled that little baby?
Shandle: ALL. THE. TEARS.
Shandle: I had also totally forgotten about the embryos. I wonder if Izzie ever did anything with them? Their genes together would make one beautiful baby. I’d like to get an update on her. They don’t necessarily have to bring Katherine back, but maybe have her send an email or something updating on her life? I don’t like not having closure when they just leave and don’t die.
Kathy: I also forgot all about them. I wasn’t crazy about Jo in that scene.  I felt like Alex could have explained it better, too. They are doing so well, going at a steady pace. I feel like she was rushing him. And not even really for herself, but more because of Izzie. I love that they came together, though. They get each other like no one else can.  I struggle when they leave, too. Mainly I think because the story lines are never light. So, when they leave it feels like we should hear something, at least. Especially with Cristina. I think I am still harboring ill feelings towards Izzie. I could take or leave an update on her.
Shandle: I feel like I know Cristina is thriving. We know what she is up to for the most part. Izzie is just POOF! Gone.
Shandle: Bailey! I have a love/hate feeling about what she did to Meredith and her salary. I completely understand why she did it, but what if Mer hadn’t shown it to anyone else and taken the lowball money?
Kathy: I get why she did it, too. She wanted to teach her self worth. She needs to fight for herself. So great. If this had happened with Derrek or Richard, Bailey was right. She would have been coddled.  “This is what a feminist looks like.” ←– I have that t-shirt. Hear me roar.

Shandle: Roar! Maggie was hilarious in this episode. I hate that she feels so lost, but she was so cute yelling at them about it. And the end? Hooking up with hottie intern? LOVE. Love the parallel between this and what happened with Mer and Der all those years ago. Though I was sad to learn that things between her and hottie x-ray guy didn’t work out.
Kathy: She IS the best sister. I really did not like her at all in the beginning. I thought it was going to be a jump the shark situation. Here we go again, yet another sister. Now, she feels so important to the show. She filled a hole we needed. Quippy, smart, and sweet. We don’t get a lot of that.
Shandle: Agreed. I was skeptical about her, but I love her now.
Kathy: I have a feeling I will say this every week – the music. Shonda gets me every week with the music. I want soundtracks. I need them.
Shandle: Yes, please.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: April. I have to be honest. Jackson asking if she was boiling her bunny was hilarious to me, and honestly? She is being pretty ridiculous. She wanted space. She left. He stayed. But no, he doesn’t get space when he wants it. Her hypocrisy is making me hate her.
Kathy: I agree. She is being extremely hypocritical. Jackson, however, is being super childish. Actually, they both are. When she said, “You don’t just leave,” I yelled, “Well, YOU just left!”

I’m interested to hear what Shonda fans think about A&J, where they sit now. Sound off peeps!

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: The aftermath of Maggie and DeLuca! Will they become a thing? Or was it just the tequila?
Kathy: When will people on this show learn to stop drinking tequila? I think they are adorable together.

Best lines:

“No, you walk in there and demand what you deserve. Men do it all the time. They walk in. They adjust their man parts. They get more money.” – Amelia

“Wow, this guy could do it. He cares enough about this work. This guy has it.” – Arizona

“It’s just like raising your own kids. They’re going to be who they are. We just try to give them the best shot we can.” – Meredith

“Don’t ever suggest to me that I do not stand in sisterhood with the other women in this hospital. You’ve never been four-feet-eleven-inches tall and overlooked and called “girl” by your male colleagues. You don’t know. I am woman, hear me roar.” – Bailey

“This is what a feminist looks like, sir.” – Bailey

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 3 – “Paris is Burning”

 What we loved:

Kathy: Can I start from the beginning? The look on Fitz’s face when he watched the footage was gold. Pure gold.
Shandle: That look was priceless.
Shandle: Mellie and Liv in her closet was amazing. Mellie is so bitter, but she’s right and she made Liv see things differently. More clearly.
Kathy: Mellie looking for “her hooch” makes me love her, even when I hate her.
Shandle: Exactly. Love to hate her.
Shandle: Fitz apologizing to Mellie. I’m glad he did it, and I’m glad she didn’t just accept it and not make him realize he needs takes responsibility for the sacrifices she made for him.
Kathy: It’s an odd thing, to see the characters go at each other with such force and venom, and all the while you know they really deeply care for each other.

Kathy: Huck and Quinn high fiving, that felt good.
Shandle: I loved Jake’s speech and them all getting drunk talking about being spies. It was so…normal for them.
Shandle: It is. The dynamic and layers of their relationships are incredible.
Shandle: I love that Liv told Abby she was good at her job. I need them back the way things were before.
Kathy: I need it too. I hate seeing them divided.

 What could’ve been better:






Shandle: Cyrus! Dammit, Cyrus! Things were worked out, but because he didn’t get what he wanted he threw the whole plan under the bus. He is a master manipulator.
Kathy: You forgot desperate. He is a Desperate Master Manipulator, and it scares the hell out of me.
Shandle: Watching Abby throw Liv under the bus was hard, though.
Kathy: It was, and Liv knew what was going to happen. She knew the best move, as always. That line, though – “Sit there and watch me choose you.” Tears. Straight up tears.

What we’re looking forward to:










Shandle: Mellie and Cyrus running off together scares me. But what scares me more? Jake visiting Papa Pope. WHO IS LAZARUS?
Kathy: How scared would you be if I said I missed Papa Pope?
Shandle: You masochist!
Kathy: I know, I know, I’m a little scared of myself right now.

Best lines:

“Oh look it’s the girl who can’t shut her legs, or her mouth.” – Mellie

“The plan already happened. The plan was Olivia Pope standing on that sidewalk, and with one word, obliterating any life she’s ever known. The plan was Liv requiring the same thing of herself that she requires of her clients. Standing by the one thing, the only rule that ever matters to her. What is that? Do. Not. Lie. That was it, that was her plan. The plan is done. Liv finally stood on her own. And we are done. My plan is to sit here and drink a majority of this vodka, get remarkably wasted, and watch the world end. Anyone care to join me?” – Jake

“The President is her bitch.” – Cy

“I’m looking for my hooch. You didn’t drink it, did you, Olivia? While you were sleeping in my bed liked Goldilocks?” – Mellie

“Sit there and watch me choose you.” – Liv

How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Episode 3 – “It’s Called the Octopus”

What we loved:

Shandle: Am I morbid because I liked watching Annalise getting drunk and eating ice cream while looking at crime photos? I totally liked that.
Kathy: I loved it, too. It is her process. Her wanting cookies made me laugh so hard. Binge eating sweets? Collapsing on the bed after too many drinks? Hearing a bump in the night and freaking out? Confused about what to wear? It felt like a celeb story. She is just like us! Ha!
Shandle: Holy crap! It’s like…she’s human or something!
Kathy: Wes and Annalise. Their dynamic is creepy and exciting. When they are on scene together I get so confused by my feelings.
Shandle: It’s very Oedipus Rex.
Shandle: Asher in this episode had me cracking up with every word he said. He is seriously growing on me this season. I think it may be because in real life, Matt is so wonderful.
Kathy: Asher calling Bonnie “Sexy Lady” was so dang cute. As creeped out as I am by Bonnie, I do like them together. I hate that he lied to her. His side commentary in the courtroom was echoing mine. And, Meatloaf reference for the win.
Shandle: I loved the openness about sex this episode. Sex parties, orgasms, open relationships, showing the spectrum of sexuality.
Kathy: Me, too! Poor Michaela during her rant. Laurel’s face said it all.
Shandle: Plus? Coniver and Michaela got their Os.
Kathy: D Day for everyone! I just hate to see Michaela get hurt again.
Shandle: Yeah, I’m still not sure about Levi yet. Speaking of…

Kathy: The best. I loved them drinking together. It was so fun.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I do not like that Asher got roped into working for this awful prosecutor as a mole and I especially don’t like that it came between him and Bonnie. And who the hell is Tiffany? What did Asher do that she can hold it over his head?
Kathy: I really hate seeing him do this, too. However, this is Annalise’s fault. They never let him in the inner circle. So, he doesn’t know he can go to the others for help. He had a powerful family. I think it’s some kind of clear cover up. I’m going to vote drunk driving cover up or, along those lines, covering up an accident.
Shandle: Wow, you’re right about him being on the outs and not realizing they would help him. I am hoping this season he will realize that.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Nate and Wes working together against Annalise?! Is that what leads to her getting shot? I mean, Nate obviously doesn’t want her dead since he is calling her to make sure she’s okay at the beginning of the episode.
Kathy: I really hope not, but it seems pretty clear they are up to something.
Kathy: I am loving the new mystery story line. This is how this show will stay fresh. I think we will see the foster brother come back into play down the road, too.
Shandle: Me, too. It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute either.

 Best lines: There were so many good lines this episode it was hard to choose!


“You still mad at me?”
“Why would I be mad at you?”
“For leaving you with blue balls the other night. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get back in my pants eventually.” – Frank and Laurel

“That’s how I wanna go out, yo. Laying underneath a hot woman, johnson all snug as a bug in a rug.” – Asher

“I’ll make it very clear I did not murder anyone with my vagina!” – Tonya

“Planned Parenthood says that 1 in 3 women have difficulty achieving orgasm and it’s mostly due to society sex shaming us!” – Michaela

“Men lie to us, Laurel. We don’t need to do it to each other.” – Bonnie

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