by Shandle Blaha and Kathy Kitzmiller


Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 6 – “The Me Nobody Knows”

What we loved:

Kathy: I’m going to start with Richard and Maggie this week. How freaking sweet and touching were they this week? We haven’t had much on them since their story line was exposed, it was nice to see the story finally circle back.
Shandle:That was super sweet. I really want them to have a good relationship.
Kathy: Alex and Mer, are they the new ‘dark and twisty sisters’? I love that he got her, and I love that she told him sincerely what she was doing in there after her initial “go away.”
Shandle: He is no Cristina, but he is learning.
Kathy: I loved Miranda being soft. I love when she has softer moments. You could really see how much she truly cares for Meredith in that conversation.
Kathy: I’m sorry, was that hope? Was Shonda giving us hope for April and Jackson? Well, that just signed at least one of their death certificates, I’m sure. #TrustNothing! I did, however, really like her friend basically telling her to get over herself in the observation room. Great.
Shandle: I don’t trust it, and I’m still not sure I forgive Kepner, either. I did love that she had so much faith in Jackson that she just believed he could do the impossible.
Kathy: I think I just see why she went back. She lost her baby, and there was nothing she could do to save her child. She needed to feel in control. I don’t like how she did it, but I think I get it.
Shandle: I do want to mention Callie here, too, I loved that she called Meredith out. I know we hate Perfect Penny Husband Killer, and we’re totally #TeamMer when it comes to them, but I like that Callie stepped up and told her about herself, because she needed to hear it.

What could have been better:

Kathy: I’m afraid I have far more to add here than anywhere else. Where should I begin? Oh, let’s see, how about Mer’s terrible hair this episode. It seems silly to point that out, but seriously? She is rocking a super cute bob at the moment, and they ruined it with that half pony reject of a hairstyle.
Shandle: I hated the hair. It makes her look schoolgirl-ish.
Kathy: I was over Amelia big time this episode and admittedly little over Mer, too. But only at some times. The whole bathroom scene, though, got on my damn nerves. I really hate Perfect Penny, but I felt like they both were just whining. On the subject of Perfect Penny – I did not really think until the last incident (when the patient was in post-op) that Mer was being overly tough on her. I kind of felt like everyone was barking up the wrong tree. However, that being said: Shut up, Penny, and go away.
Shandle: Penny needs to go away. I did not like the side she brought out in Mer, and I agree that she and Amelia both seemed whiny.
Kathy: Also, what was with the nicknames this episode? Bumpy, The Machine, The Guy, am I missing one? That was getting on my nerves a bit.
Shandle: I liked that. I thought the boy saying Jackson “HE’S THE GUY!” was adorable, and I’m totally referring to Richard as Dr. Bumpy from now on.

What we are looking forward to:

Kathy: Ugh. I really don’t know. I want to say April and Jackson, but I am not foolish enough to think that will last.
Shandle: I want to know about this new Dr.Accent’s past with Owen.
Kathy: OMG, yes! I completely forgot about it. Any guesses?
Shandle: I am guessing a woman is involved.

Oh Shit, Shonda Moment:

Kathy: I’m going to say their hug (April and Jackson) because it did bring tears to my eyes. It also was the moment I realized Shonda still had power over me and my soul belongs to her.
Shandle: She owns us, it’s true.

Best Lines:

“It doesn’t burn when I pee anymore.” – Maggie

“This isn’t about you two! He doesn’t have time for you two to be working out your crap!” – Nathan

“I wasn’t hopeless. I don’t know why you are.”
“Because there is nothing left to save.” – April and Jackson

“I’m saying I know what it’s like when it feels like everything is coming apart and you need something to pull it together.” – Arizona

“You were the only reason not to hire her.”
“And that wasn’t reason enough?” – Richard and Meredith

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 7, “Even the Devil Deserves A Second Chance”

What we loved:

Kathy: OMG, Susan is so damn adorable. The terrible flirting, the whole “should I wait, no I should go” scene just killed me.
Shandle: She was like a giddy school girl. It was so cute!
Kathy: It was really nice to see OPA get a new case. Granted a disgusting one, but powerful. Classic Shonda. And that wife? WHOA, she is a stone cold something.
Shandle: The Cosby parallel made my skin crawl. And the fact that the creep was Alan Matthews from Boy Meets World? Way to crush my childhood, casting director.
Kathy: Oh, man. I didn’t want to bring it up. I knew it would upset you. I completely felt that parallel and felt creeped out as well.
Shandle: I also love Liv’s line about how rape survivors are held to a higher standard, because it is sadly the reality of our world.

Kathy: Am I the only one who was kind of rooting for a Sally explosive interview with North? I was a little sad at how it turned out all nicey-nice. I really wanted some kind of scandal there – pun absolutely intended. Also, North in her scene with David when she basically told him off. It reminded me so much of her character on Arrested Development – dropping insults like it was nothing and continuing to talk. Smooth as hell.
Shandle: I wanted fireworks! But I did enjoy seeing Sally flabbergasted like that, she was sure Liz was going to out them all and then nothing.
Kathy: And while we are on the subject of David – can he ever have sex with someone without fighting with them first? That was funny as hell.
Shandle: I don’t like them together at all. I’d totally forgotten that is how he and Abby got together, too, the arguing. He likes women who challenge him. I do like that about him.
Kathy: Fitz, Liv, and Cy this episode. It was funny until it wasn’t. That last moment when she was standing on the carpet was perfectly powerful.
Shandle: It was like the band was back together again. I loved that moment when she realized her power.

What could have been better:

Kathy: Jake, the fight, the kiss – what even was that? The fact that he covered – this whole thing is going to blow up in both their faces, I think.
Shandle: That kiss was the weirdest thing ever. It is absolutely going to blow up, and I can’t wait.

What we are looking forward to:

Seriously Shonda - Ellen Reaction

Kathy: David and his new love triangle and how Abby will feel about it. Also, I could not get Ellen out of my head during their sex scene.

Shandle: Now Ellen is in my head!






Oh Shit, Shonda Moment:

Kathy: I think for me it was the final scene. There was that moment where you thought she was going to tell him everything, and then she just…didn’t.
Shandle: Agreed.

Best Lines:

“To Congress. May their heads one day depart from their asses!” – Fitz

“OPA is out of the spy business!” – Liv

“I hate the new normal.” – Quinn

“Madder than a mule chewing on bumble bees.” – Sally Langston

“He’s not the President anymore Olivia, you are.” – Cy

How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2 Episode 7, “I Want You To Die”

What we loved:

Kathy: My very first thought for this episode is, “WHO THE EFF IS THIS GUY and doesn’t he know only five people are allowed to talk in class?!”
Kathy: Spotted: Anna Belknap from CSI New York. I love her. That story line did not go how I thought it would. I thought they were going to let Nate go to trial and turn it around on the nurse after her outburst. I thought she was thinking of reasonable doubt.
Shandle: Shonda loves to keep us guessing. That nurse ruined things for him though and it made Eve have to fix it for him. The dynamic there is very weird. Saving the man who was sleeping with the woman she loves? Awkward.
Kathy: Oliver being in the office was really great. I knew it would end terribly, but I love seeing him trying to be involved to protect (at least in his eyes) Connor.
Shandle: I loved him being part of the team!
Kathy: I am conflicted about whether I loved this or not, but: Annalise and Laurel and their whole dialogue this episode. At first, I was like, wow, way to slut shame. And then I was like, oooohhh, I get it.
Shandle: She was giving her some tough love. I had the same reaction, though. I was cringing at some of her words to Laurel. I love that it was Laurel who saved the case, too.

Kathy: Laurel and Frank, man. They always leave me feeling like I just watched something really dirty and sexy. Like, I feel like I have to check to make sure all the kids are sleeping before they come on scene together. Their chemistry is just amazing.
Shandle: Frank and Laurel are insane together. Their chemistry is off the charts.

What could have been better:

Kathy: #BASHER. Is this the end of them? I get why she is upset. I also think she is putting a lot of responsibility on him. She really didn’t give him a solution. Which is fine, it happened. There isn’t anything to undo it, and I guess in Bonnie’s eyes he can’t fix it, either. So where does that leave them?
Shandle: I’m with you. I’m not sure what she wants from him in order to fix something from the past. I agree that Tiffany likely does not want to listen anything Asher has to say. Though, I don’t think they are done forever. That said, Asher’s, “I know why this is your thing.” Ugh. No.
Kathy: Bonnie and Annalise fighting was painful to watch. It was so volatile. I really thought someone was about to get shot, stabbed, or plastic bagged, and by someone, I mean Annalise. I guess that is coming, though. Yes, I am calling it now – I predict Bonnie as the shooter.
Shandle: Well, we already know she is capable of it. But despite her rage, she seems to be seriously devoted to Annalise, so I don’t know if she would kill her.

What we are looking forward to:

Kathy: Oliver – please don’t take Oliver. -Oh no, Shandle, I broke my own rule. Shonda has brought him in with all the other characters. They all officially love him, so of course something bad has to happen to him. DAMNIT! I have been Shonda’d.
Shandle: IF OLIVER DIES, WE RIOT! But you’re right. We should know better by now.

Oh Shit, Shonda Moment:

Kathy: Could it be? Have our predictions this whole freaking show come true? Is she his mother?
Shandle: She is totally his mom! It’s like we have ESPN or something. My theory: she gave him up for adoption and kept tabs.

Best Lines:

“He’s got white man’s rage. Here he is, poor and lonely, while two minorities live the wealthy life his blood entitles him to.” – Michaela

“Of course she did! Because who doesn’t ask her husband’s mistress to off her?” – Eve

“You’re messing with the wrong bitch.” – Annalise

“Don’t make me be Annalise and yell at you to do your jobs.” – Bonnie

“Me not paying attention to you is the best compliment you could ever get. Because it means I don’t have to worry about you. Go back to the office and stop being needy.” – Annalise

“I’d spank you before Walsh.” – Frank

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