Who utters the immortal phrase “poke your hontas” on Grey’s? Which death or disappearance do we predict on Scandal? Do we still ship Dabby? Answers to these questions and more! Spoiler warnings, as always.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 15 – “I Feel The Earth Move”

What we loved:

Shandle: Elevator romance! It was like a throwback to the old days of Seattle Grace with their aphrodisiac elevators. I hope this works out for Maggie. Ethan seems really sweet.
Kathy: Oh man, the elevators! I was so happy to see that this week! Felt like old times. Actually this entire episode felt very old times, did it not?
Shandle: It did. The elevators, the teasing banter, the sex. And I love Amelia and Owen coming together. FINALLY.

Kathy: Finally is flipping right. Although, I have to say the whole girl on the phone storyline was not for me. It felt way faked.
Shandle: It was really off for me, too. How did she have the hospital’s number? I loved seeing April back in action, though.
Kathy: It felt so strange – like everyone just went on with business as usual, which, fine, but it seemed cold. I expected a special solo moment with her or something, but nope.
Shandle: I love what Meredith said about being good without him but wanting to share it with him.
Kathy: Hmm, well, I was so happy – stupid happy. I know better than to be so damn happy with a Shonda moment.
Shandle: Yeah, we had a good moment, and then she ended with that phone call. Sigh. I loved that Ben finally called his sister and how Jackson helped him see the light.
Kathy: Uh, yeah, and really, Bailey? God, I love that woman. She played it so cool. “I can wait.” LOL
Shandle: Bailey was just like me when I’m mad at my husband and he wants to apologize. It was great. Oh, and Jean was hilariously inappropriate.
Kathy: I loved Jean. Callie, too. She was killing it.


What could’ve been better:

Shandle: The episode as a whole was kind of meh for me. The previews made it look way more intense than it actually was, so I was kind of let down.
Kathy: Ha! Hulu for the win this week! I had zero expectations. I really, really didn’t like the Ruby/phone call storyline. I just couldn’t get into it. Also, really? An earthquake? It seemed so minor in comparison to past natural disasters they have dealt with, no?
Shandle: Yeah, I didn’t get the point of the earthquake if it wasn’t going to be a huge disaster, but I guess that is more “normal.”

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Kathy: This gets a big fucking side eye from me. They really want us to hate him. Everyone is kind of turning on him. I feel like this is the only way for him to leave, if he leaves. If we still love him, I think there will be Christina-like backlash. But this? Cheating? Again? Like, can the man not keep it in his pants?
Shandle: I am still holding out hope that he isn’t cheating, but “once a cheater always a cheater.”


What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Seeing how Amelia and Owen’s relationship progresses. And what Derek has to say for himself.
Kathy: Amelia and Owen – whee! Can’t wait for that. Owen is so dang passionate. And Derek, I don’t even know what else to say about that. I also am really worried about what this will do for Mer. This may be the final thing that turns her into her mother.

Best Lines:

“Why don’t we all shut our faces?” — Alex to the awful family

“He was the first name that I ever loved and is the only man that I ever will love, but all I’ll be hot damned if he is going to be the only man to razz my berries.” — Jean

“You’re a grown up, doing your grown up job with other grown ups. There’s no gap, there’s nothing to lose, there’s just you being scared. And for no reason. So, choose not to be. Life’s too short to be scared. Screw the gap! So, let Ethan razz your berries.” — Callie to Maggie

“I don’t need Derek, I don’t need him in my house. I obviously don’t need him to prove that I can have 89 good outcomes in a row. I’m doing great; my kids are happy, my career is soaring. Derek going to DC did exactly what it was supposed to do, which is remind me of who I am outside of my marriage. Which, by the way, I am kind of amazing. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to share it with him. I want to tell him that I am, that we are on a streak.” — Meredith to Alex

“Who IS this??” Meredith to possible skank

“Do I strike you as the type of woman who needs protecting?” — Bailey to Ben


Scandal, Season 4, Episode 15 – “The Testimony of Diego Munoz”

What we loved:

Shandle: FINALLY! An update on Huck’s family. Seeing the three of them together was adorable. I want him to get his family back, but at the same time I’m terrified that with him talking it is gonna get his wife and/or son killed.
Kathy: Ok, I am going to catch shit for this, but I just don’t like them together. I thought I would. Like, you know when you have a craving for popcorn . . . you make the popcorn, it’s buttery and salty like you dreamt, but then you taste it and its like ew, why did I want this? It’s all sticking to your teeth, and you get that one kernel stuck in the back of your throat? That’s me with the family storyline right now. That’s just not who he is anymore, and I don’t know if he can ever be that, truly that, again.
Shandle: I get what you’re saying. Huck is never going to BE Diego again, but I think what will help him keep his humanity is his son. I don’t think he and the wife will be happily ever after, but I think having a relationship with his son will be great for him and keep him grounded. More so even than Liv. Remember how he used to watch families? Now he can watch his own and really be a part of it, it’s what he’s wanted all along, and I’m glad to see him finally get a taste of it.
Kathy: Yeah, good point. I am definitely happy about him seeing his son. I just don’t know that I like him and his wife. She won’t understand him or what he does . . . I feel like this will lead to future fights. Where are you going? When will you be home? Why do you always rush off to Liv? That sort of shit. Where as Quinn was so, like,  just do you.
Shandle: Oh yeah, that will totally be her, which is why I’m expecting her to not live past this season. Whether it’s B613 related or not, I feel like her days are numbered.
Kathy: Interesting. So, you predict death. I predict relocation/disappearing her.
Shandle: That could happen, too. It’ll be interesting to see where the story takes us with them.
Kathy: I’m interested in what the readers think. Sound off in the comments, peeps – dead or disappeared?

Scandal (1)

Shandle: Susan’s laugh was hilarious, and I liked her more this time than in the past. I think she’s going to be a surprise.
Kathy: I totally see this as a future storyline with her and Mellie.

Shandle: Rose and Lois’ story. It was so heartbreakingly sweet. I loved Liv’s story of Lois’ death.
Kathy: Oh man, her crying over the coffin? So, so sad.

Shandle: As much as I don’t like Leo, or Abby and Leo together (I want her with David), they worked really well together in this episode. The dynamic was great.
Kathy: Ugh, Leo. He was all trying to wear a white hat, and I’m watching and yelling, YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US! Stop trying to be Liv.
Shandle: He was totally trying!
Kathy: I miss Abby and David, though, so I am totally biased.
Shandle: Word. I totally ship Dabby.
Kathy: I *heart* Dabby

Scandal (3)

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: Liv and her PTSD. The flashbacks and seeing her carrying a gun around her house – that was hard to watch.
Kathy: It was hard, but well done. She isn’t really dealing, although that last scene where she takes the cushion off – that was telling, I think. The popcorn, the wine . . . she is getting there.
Shandle: She is. When they showed the wine and popcorn, I sighed in relief.
Kathy: Also, the flashes between Vermont and the sun . . . I feel like we might be getting back to the love triangle soon. Which the drama queen in me is soooo happy about.

Scandal (2)

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: Huck talking about the hole was so raw and emotional. You could see David change his mind in those moments.
Kathy: Totally. His whole demeanor changed. And when his wife cried, you could see her wearing her guilt.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: What happens with David pursuing the case against B613. AND LENA DUNHAM IS IN THE NEXT EPISODE!
Kathy: Is that next week? I’m interested in that big time. I am really curious about how in the hell they are going to pull this off. What casualties, professional and otherwise, are in store for our Gladiators?
Shandle: Yeah, David is really going to have to pull of some serious white hat magic to put B613 down and keep them all safe at the same time.
Kathy: I don’t see a world where that is possible. I can totes see it blowing back on Fitz and him being impeached.
Shandle: OH GOD! Fitz impeached and SUSAN as President! That would be hilarious and awful.
Kathy: That’s the main outcome I see happening. Her being rushed into the spot and that one question they asked her? I feel like it was some major foreshadowing.

Best Lines:

“Who doesn’t love a gay wedding?” — Susan

“The single most terrifying sentence I have ever heard: I have B613 files. I see dead people. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” — David to Huck and Jake

“He’s me. I’m Diego Munoz.” — Huck to David and Jake

“Don’t think. Thinking is for losers.” — Leo to Susan

“ It’s okay to be afraid. Sometimes fear keeps us safe, sometimes it holds us back.” — Olivia to Susan

“Does Olivia know that President of the United States does not beg?” — Fitz to Abby and Oliva

“You made a mockery of democracy.” — Olivia to Fitz

“I’m going to get the bad guys.” — David to Jake

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