Who kissed whom on Grey’s, causing our recappers to declare massive douchery? What is the status of MerDer? What surprised us most about Cy and Michael’s wedding on Scandal? What is the deal with that ring Olivia wears, anyway? Answers to these questions and more ahead. Spoiler warnings!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 17 – “With or Without You”

What we loved:

Shandle: OMG, Owen’s mom is a cougar! That is hilarious!
Kathy: Get it, girl!
Shandle: Jo trying to get the leech out and getting slapped made me laugh out loud. I loved April talking to nose leech lady, telling her he would eat her brain.
Kathy: NOPE!

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Shandle: Derek coming to his senses was good, and I love how she told him she could live without him but doesn’t want to.
Kathy: Jeez, I was so relieved when she said it. I thought for sure she would tell him to leave.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: Derek’s fellow. Red hair and blue eyes just like Addison, yuck.
Kathy: I am so glad you said that! I kept thinking that the entire time.


Shandle: The leech in her nose, why? Why? WHY? EW.
Kathy: NOPE.
Shandle: Meredith lost her streak!
Kathy: I found it super interesting that she lost it when Derek came home. That’s coming back around, I’m sure.
Shandle: Oh, I’m sure. Dammit, Derek.  HE KISSED HER. HE FREAKING KISSED HER. MCDOUCHEY.
Kathy: I was so mad and hurt and felt so betrayed. Signs you are too invested: you find yourself saying “How could you do this to us, Derek?”

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: Derek kissing her.
Kathy: To be fair, he did stop the kiss. I say this in the “WE WERE ON A BREAK” Ross fashion. However, personally, I would be burning clothes on the front lawn.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Derek coming back.
Kathy: I’m hesitant. I feel like this is going to lead to more issues. I trust nothing in Shondaland.

Best Lines:

“Fifty dollars? Psh, fifty dollars. Do you know how much a full ear replantation would have gone for in my day? A hundred easy, one-twenty even, plus two weeks of night calls. You add in inflation, you should’ve offered one seventy-five at least. Fifty dollars. We can’t even go to dinner for fifty dollars.” — Bailey to Stephanie

“I’m gonna put Herbie up your nose while you sleep.” — Stephanie to Jo

“I can live without you, but I don’t want to.” — Meredith to Derek
“I call post it.” Derek to Meredith

Scandal, Season 4, Episode 17 – “Put a Ring on it”

What we loved:

Kathy: I love when Shonda does theme nights. Both episodes tonight featured two key elements: flashbacks and epic love story evolutions.


Shandle: I loved learning more about Cy’s past. I had no idea he had married a woman. Despite him being a real dick to Michael the whole episode, Cy redeemed himself at the end by not throwing Michael under the bus. When he told Michael he wasn’t alone and was honest, finally, after two marriages of lies, it showed that he has grown. And I’m never going to think about racquetball the same way again.
Kathy: The entire evolution of Cy made me not only understand him but love him all over again. Even though he is still a slimy turd. I can understand why Liv stays in his life.


Shandle: Yeah, they really do have an interesting bond. I also liked seeing what Sally has been up, her faux news job is perfect for her brand of crazy.
Kathy: Not only crazy, but legit – when she pointed to the seat and claimed it to be the most powerful she was completely right. I feel dirty after that sentence.
Shandle: Right?! Media=power. Speaking of power, I love the way Liv talked Mellie into doing the wedding. She totally manipulated her desire for power, but everything she said was true and on point.
Kathy: Yeah, and I love that Mellie did it without talking to Fitz.
Shandle: I loved seeing the history of the ring. The “sweet baby” ring. I know some people saw it as sweet and romantic. I thought it was pretty manipulative, like Fitz was staking his claim to her despite the fact that she flat out told him no. I feel like it’s a metaphor for their entire relationship; she says no and he romances her back.
Kathy: I loved knowing the whole story: Vermont, the ring, all of it. It made me want Vermont again. And now we know why she dropped the ring in her neighbor’s apartment. I don’t think she did it just for anyone. I think it was for Fitz. She didn’t have it on – she wasn’t ok.
Kathy: One last thing for me – Gilmore Girls shout out!

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: Effing Leo feeding Sally information. DUMP HIM, ABBY! DAMMIT. CHURCH AND STATE.
Kathy: Why was she not more pissed about that? What the fuck is she doing with this guy? She calls him disgusting, like, every week, and he treats her like dirt. I hate him.
Shandle: Speaking of hate: Michael’s horrible, disgusting excuses for parents. I can’t even with that. When he said he felt alone on his wedding day, it broke my heart.
Kathy: The stories of all the spouses really broke my heart. Seeing how many people Cy had hurt.

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: Cy changing his mind and not ruining Michael.
Kathy: That. Yes. Also, the comment about killing him being amateur…that made me raise an eyebrow.


What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Liv is wearing the “sweet baby” ring, and tall dark and handsome didn’t make an appearance this episode. Liv and Fitz reunion possible?
Kathy: Did you notice who else wasn’t around? The Sun. I am wondering how that will go, too. Her dream was centered around Fitz, the ring, all the things. No sun….

Best lines:

“It sounds like a shotgun wedding.”
“It is and you’re the pregnant bride.” —  Cy & Liv

“It’s impossible to find time to do something that you don’t want to do. Funny how that works.” — Liv to Cy

“A White House wedding? A gay Republican White House wedding?” — Mellie to Liv

“A leader taking a bold step towards the right side of history, breaking with her husband’s beliefs, decisively, unapologetically, publicly. Never once considering asking the President’s permission, because this is something you feel in your heart, in your gut. That politics should never stand in the way of fundamental rights for an oppressed population of law abiding Americans. That yours is the party of Lincoln, that love is love, to be celebrated, never relegated or regulated.” — Liv to Mellie

“I can’t tell the difference between you and Mother Theresa” — Cy to Mellie

“You are not me. You wish you were me. But you can’t be me.” — Mellie to Elizabeth

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