Who needs a punch in the face on Grey’s? Why are Poptarts now ruined? What did we learn about Mellie’s sister’s clever use of animal fats on Scandal? What is Papa Pope up to now? Answers to these questions and more ahead. Spoiler warnings as always, so proceed with caution!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 18 – “When I Grow up”

What we loved:

Shandle: I loved Meredith’s talk with Maggie about being so blessed she wanted to punch herself in the face. I’ve definitely had those moments with other people telling me how blessed they are and wanting to punch them, and even wanting to punch myself.
Kathy: It was weird, wasn’t it? Seeing Mer all happy and gushy, looking through the window? I loved it.
Shandle: Yes! And Jackson pushing his “Plastics Posse” is so nerdy and cute. I loved how he was fixing the cop’s face at the end and talking about Mark and how he wanted to pass it down.
Kathy: I love that he is trying to pay tribute to him like that, and I was really glad to see him and April kind of “normal” or rather, their new normal.


Shandle: I was also really impressed with Bailey’s ethics as a doctor this episode. She didn’t let the personal back story get in the way of her oath. The mother made an incredibly hard decision, but from what Dan said about her sons, saving him is exactly what he would have wanted.
Kathy: It was really nice to see at least one person being like that. I was super disappointed in the rest of the staff.

Kathy: Edwards. DED
Shandle: Dr. Edwards asking out the high school kid. I snorted, that was so funny. Oh, and Alex and his inappropriate x-rays. It’s nice to see hints of the old Karev popping up.
Kathy: Oh, Alex. He is such a dick, but such a loveable dick.

Shandle: I loved that the little girl was so sure of what she wanted: to be a doctor. I felt like saying “YOU GO GIRL!”
Kathy: I think I said this last week, but I am loving all the location scenes from the past. We talked about the elevators, and this week? The big overlook walk way. So many things have happened there! Do you think this is a personal foreshadowing since there has been a lot of talk of the show being canceled?
Shandle: I don’t think it’ll be canceled, but I do think they are winding down slowly to prepare us for the inevitable end. I doubt they’d pull the rug from under Shonda and cancel without letting her end the series the right way. They seem to respect her and her work too much.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: Derek and Amelia. While I loved most of their sibling bonding moment, I hated what Derek said about love destroying you. What the hell is that? Love should empower you, make you bold, happy, strong. Not destroy you. This isn’t an angsty vampire drama. No one needs to be destroyed by love. I feel like his speech about wanting to be home and enjoy his life and Meredith being all “blessed” is just setting us up for Shonda to kill him off. #Trustnothing.
Kathy: I guess I kind of think of it in a “destroy the preconceptions you have about yourself and empower you to be who you really are” way? And yeah – I think that is how it has to go. No one ever just leaves. #TRUSTNOTHING! Also, how interesting would it be if the Addie clone showed up. You know, like Addie?


Shandle: If AC (Addie Clone) shows up, I hope Mer grabs her by her perfect ponytail.

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: For me it was Bailey asking the mother, and then her deciding to give the liver to him.
Kathy: For me it was Mer being all happy and sunny instead of dark and twisty. It’s creepy. Sweet, but creepy.
Shandle: It was a bit creepy.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: I’m intrigued by Callie and this Officer Dan romance that seems to be blooming.
Kathy: That WAS interesting. She has always said it’s about the person, not the sex, so maybe love is in the air.

Best lines:


“You know those very happy cheerful people, who have everything? And when the fact that they have everything comes up, they act very humble and they say, ‘I’m just so blessed.’ Those people. You want to punch those people in the face. I’m one of those people now. This morning I was standing on my porch of my perfect house looking in the window at my amazing children and my amazing gorgeous husband on the way to my amazing job. And I thought to myself, I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I am just so blessed.”

“I really want to pummel your face in right now.”

“Right? I would beat myself up. Except I’m too tired from…”

“Were you about to say you’re too exhausted from all the great sex you’re having?”

“I am just so blessed.”

“I’m going to walk away from you now.” — Meredith & Maggie

“You work for your sister?!” — Little kid to Derek

“A healthy little Poptart. A fetus that’s popped. A baby that’s born from its mother’s womb.”

“You just ruined Poptarts for me.” — Arizona & Alex

“Take away the story. Take away the good guys and the bad guys. It’s a child who needs an organ and a patient who has one to give.” — Bailey to Meredith

“You’re hot for teacher. Let it happen.” — Jo to Stephanie

“He called it ‘The Moment’ when a kid would back himself into a corner and it would hit the fan so bad that there is no other choice but to turn it around. End up in lock up, or dead. Brett would say, ‘That’s when you can get them Dan, that’s when you can turn them around.’ And this would’ve been it for Jared, and Brett would’ve been here to help.” — Dan to Meredith & Callie

“They won’t know who to thank, so I would like to say thank you.” — Bailey to the officer’s mom

“I want to do that, you know, pass it on to someone, the way he did for me.” — Avery about Mark

Scandal, Season 4, Episode 18 – “Honor Thy Father”

What we loved:

Shandle: I loved how twisty turny this episode was. The whole time, we think Jake is this bad guy, and then BAM! Everything you know is wrong! I thought it was weird that he didn’t kill Charlie when he had the chance. He just ran. Then Liv is telling Huck not to lie to her, like a mama scolding a child.
Kathy: The whole time I was all “Say it ain’t so Jake!!” and then in the end, I was so relieved.
Shandle: It was definitely a ride on the emotional Shondacoaster.


Shandle: Mellie’s sister! I loved seeing more about where Mellie came from, her history, and her past with her father. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. That dinner with her talking about animal fats and how she uses it to make soaps was gross and hilarious.
Kathy: I really, really want to know “the dirt” she has on her! I can’t wait to see what shitstorm that brings….
Shandle: I love how Mellie told Fitz she needed him to be her: the chipper, flattering one to dissolve the tension.
Kathy: And then he DID it! So, so great.
Shandle: And what he told Harmony about Mellie was so true. She has been trying to fill a void.
Kathy: Yeah, true and sweet.

Shandle: Papa Pope showing up at Liv’s door with Russell: what the hell?! Is Russell one of Papa’s minions, or just a sucker who showed up at Liv’s door at the wrong time?
Kathy: Oh, Papa Pope, you tricky tricky dick. I don’t know. I can see it either way. I think the look of fear on his face is to deceive us into thinking he was cornered, but I think he works for her dad. Some form of twisted protection in Papa’s eyes?
Shandle: Maybe. I know we learned he “lied” about his name, and what are the chances of him being at that same bar again, the same time she was there?
Kathy: I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to Papa. He is like his own version of Big Brother.
Kathy: OOOHHH, can we get a Bones shout out? Them sitting on the monument drinking coffee?  I kept saying “That is NOT your spot!”


What could’ve been better:

Shandle: How did no one (I’m looking at you Huck) think to check for bugs in David’s office?!
Kathy: THANK YOU! I was shocked. How many times have we seen them walk into a room, the same room, over and over, and check it every damn time??
Shandle: RIGHT?! Even my husband was like “Shonda couldn’t have written this episode. There are too many holes!”
Kathy: You know, the side plot and the big arc both felt very UN-Shonda.
Shandle: Once it ended it all made sense, but the whole time we were both like “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!” She’s a tricksy one.

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: David’s assistant! I did not see that coming. She seemed so sweet and innocent.
Kathy: That moment, seeing her under the table? I was mouth gaped open.


What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Papa Pope is back! What does that mean for David’s case?
Kathy: Screw the case. What does this mean for David’s life?

Best lines:

“I love her politics! Not so crazy about her husband’s. Used to be a Republican.” — Mellie’s sister Harmony

“We’re on the edge of a great storm here. There’s a strange wind. It’s too warm. You know it’s coming. It’s scary. But when that storm clears, when Harmony leaves the sky will be bright, and the world will be right, and we will find little flowers growing under the wreckage.” — Cyrus to Abby

“He’s like a storm chaser in a van, hurling down the highway, face pressed up against the windshield, grinning wildly, waiting for everything to go to hell, wanting to be there when it does.”

“I’ve been in that van.” — Abby and Liv about Cyrus

“Quinn where are you?”

“Drug store. Tampon run.” — Liv & Quinn

“I am better than you.” — Mellie to Harmony

“How sad were you when Radioshack went under? Did you cry? Be honest.” — Charlie to Huck

“You want to do my job? Every day you have to decide between something terrible that you hate and something horrible that you hate. Either way, people are going to hate you.” — Fitz to Mellie

“No one’s ever hated you. Even when they disagree with you, they love Fitzgerald Grant. That face, that voice. You’ve got that thing that makes people love you, and I don’t.” — Mellie to Fitz

“You don’t know us until we’re making you scream.” — Huck to David

“I’m your assistant. You know, I file things. I’m good at filing.” — Holly to David

“What do I tell every one of our clients? Do. Not. Lie. Do not lie to me. I knew I had to tell our clients that, but I didn’t know I had to tell you. To tell Quinn.” — Liv to Huck

“We’re the good guys, but you won’t always be able to tell.” — Jake to David


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