What body part does a patient lose to the cruel mistress karma? Which character fears a lonely future of hand-crafted orgasms? Which possible imminent death are we in denial of? Answers to these questions and more ahead. Beware of spoilers!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 19 – “Crazy Love”

What we loved:

Shandle: I loved Alex helping Maggie. He is really such a sweetheart, down deep. (He also totally made me feel better about my own lisp-y thing.) I hope she and Dr. Handsome Radiology work out. I like that Maggie owned that she brought the thunder and explained that it was her nerves, and I’m happy that he is giving her another chance.
Kathy: Oh, Alex. His arc has been seriously amazing to watch. I love seeing him all grown up now. I really hope Maggie and McCutie have a better second date. I want to see that work out for her. Seriously, though – she is a terrible dater!


Shandle: I thought April yelling at Richard about Catherine was so great. She really has grown so much from the sort of mousey intern she used to be. I also agree with her that they are good together. I love their banter.
Kathy: OOOOoooOOOO, their kiss was so HAWT. I love seeing Richard finally really fight for someone. I never really felt like he fought for Adele.

Shandle: Poor Chef Penis. The story was hilarious. I feel bad for the guy, but how much of an asshole must he have been to get his penis cut off TWICE?! Sometimes, you get what you deserve dude. It’s called karma. In his case, karma means severed penis.
Kathy: Ha! I was dying. When Edwards was talking about it in the end, I was like, “Yes, finally. Thank you. It IS gross!”


Shandle: I loved it when Bailey and Meredith were talking about maiming their spouses. It is so true. I think we have all had those moments when we’ve been that mad. It’s part of marriage. It’s when you can have those moments and then laugh about them later with your spouse that you know you’ve found the one, I think.
Kathy: That entire part was so real. It was interesting. I felt like this whole episode was showing the OG characters and their growth.

Kathy: I loved that touching moment between April and Catherine. Also, did you notice the fancy new camera angles and speed?  I saw it when Derek left the house. It was slow mo, and I thought, OMG, is this it? Is he gone for good? Then I saw it a few other times, so I don’t know now.
Shandle: I did notice that. I thought the same thing when I saw it for Derek.


What could’ve been better:

Shandle: Edwards. I had hoped she would be all #teamurology and go off to Boston.
Kathy: I’m calling General for her. She likes all the things.

Shandle: Amelia and Owen. Amelia needs to check her baggage.
Kathy: I’m going to add to that and call out Meredith. Like, really? Why did she shit all over their parade like that? I was pretty pissed about that.

Oh shit, Shonda! moment:

Shandle: Derek. DAMMIT, SHONDA. I know she is setting us up for him to die. Amelia’s “you’ve never lost the love of your life” speech to Meredith sealed it. I hope she doesn’t drag it out, though. Just tell us next week that he’s dead. Let us mourn McDreamy and move on.
Kathy: I am in denial. I’m hoping he is just in a motel like Meredith. Please, let it be a motel. Ok, now tell me – were there any heartcrushing previews?
Shandle: There is a scene with Bailey telling her, “If you haven’t heard from him by 5 p.m. then you panic.”


What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Honestly, nothing. I don’t want Derek to die, dammit! If this is a fake out, it would be Shonda’s best yet.
Kathy: It feels too set up. I think we are to believe it is a fake out, when it’s really not a fake out. I’m still living in denial, though, so for me, it’s a fake out. Even though I know it’s not a fake out. I’m a complicated fan.


Best lines:

“I have work to do at work. I can’t do you, too.” — Meredith to Derek

“Sometimes, she can be a little crazy. I’m just not sure if I’m equipped to work under crazy.” — Stephanie about Amelia

“It wasn’t hard…I mean it’s not a big thing. I mean it was easy, I was just in and out.” — Stephanie to Avery

“Maybe no one likes me. Maybe I’m unlikable and I’ll die alone, and my vagina will dry up and grown brittle and turn to dust and just blow away in a soft breeze. And no one will know. I’m hideous. I’m a troll. All my orgasms will be self-made and hand-crafted.” — Maggie to Alex

“The man who had his penis cut off? Of course. When I heard about it, I thought of you first.” — Richard to Catherine

“The difference is we may think about it, but we don’t actually dismember our spouses.”
“Good to know.”  — Bailey and Ben

“Sometimes, it takes crazy to love crazy.” — Catherine about Penis Chef and his Choppy Wife

“I don’t know what personal stuff is going on between the two of you exactly , but whatever it is, I won’t let it compromise my patient, his care, or his penis.” — April to Richard

“Maggie, next time I’ll bring the thunder.” — Dr. Handsome Radiology

“Come back with that penis!” — Edwards


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